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Janeu Sanskar: Upanayana Muhurat 2020 Dates | Yagyopavit Sanskar Muhurat 2020

Last Updated: 9/25/2019 4:53:54 PM

Upanayana (Janeu Sanskar) Muhurat 2020 – the tenth of the sixteen samskaras, Upanayana Sanskar, is an essential part of the Hindu way of life. Hence, below, we are providing a detailed list of the auspicious Upanayana Muhurat 2020. You can now choose the Yagyopavit 2020 dates, that best suits your needs, as well as learn more about the Yagyopavit Sanskar 2020 which is another name for Upanayana Sanskar.

Upanayana Muhurat 2020 Dates

Date Day Month-Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
15 January Wednesday Magha K. Panchami Uttara Phalguni From 07:15 to 12:10
27 January Monday Magha S. Tritiya Shatabhisha From 07:12 to 14:37
29 January Wednesday Magha S. Chaturthi Purva Bhadrapada From 10:46 to 14:29
30 January Thursday Magha S. Panchami Uttara Bhadrapada From 07:11 to 13:20
26 February Wednesday Phalgun S. Tritiya Uttara Bhadrapada From 06:50 to 14:53
28 February Friday Phalgun S. Panchami Ashwini From 06:48 to 14:45
11 March Wednesday Chaitra K. Dwitiya Hasta From 11:42 to 13:58
13 March Friday Chaitra K. Chaturthi Swati From 08:51 to 13:50
26 March Thursday Chaitra S. Dwitiya Revati From 06:18 to 15:20
3 April Friday Chaitra S. Dashami Pushya From 06:09 to 13:57
9 April Thursday Vaisakha K. Dwitiya Swati From 06:02 to 14:23
26 April Sunday Vaisakha S. Tritiya Rohini From 05:45 to 13:23
3 May Sunday Vaisakha S. Dashami Purva Phalguni From 05:39 to 12:08
4 May Monday Vaisakha S. Ekadashi Uttara Phalguni From 06:13 to 15:04
25 May Monday Jyeshtha S. Tritiya Revati From 07:54 to 15:57
27 May Wednesday Jyeshtha S. Panchami Punarvasu From 07:28 to 15:49

Yagyopavit Sanskar 2020

The Upanayana Sanskar, also known by the names Janeu Sanskar or Yagyopavita Sanskar, is one of the sixteen samskaras that the Hindu scriptures mention. With this ritual, a boy progresses from his childhood and enters adolescence. To mark this ascension, a priest ties a janeu, which is a full weave of three streams of threads, from the child’s left shoulder towards their right wrist.

The Sanatan Dharma considers that with this ritual, the boy grows closer to God. The Sanskrit words Yagyopavit consists of two words: Yagya and upavit, thus meaning getting the right to do yagna and havan. By ‘getting the right’ it means attaining the knowledge and learning methods of worship, rituals, and more. It is believed that after this Sanskar, the boy is reborn and only after wearing the janeu, his introduction to dharma (religion) is complete.

Calculating The Upanayana Muhurat 2020 Dates

The Sanatan tradition describes a shubh muhurat for every auspicious task and function. This is because it is believed that when you begin a crucial job in a promising time, it has better chances of success and positive results. In the same vein, we need to know the correct Upanayana Muhurat 2020 for this significant sanskar.

Specific dates falling between the months of Magha and Jyeshta are especially auspicious for the Yagyopavit Sanskar Muhurat 2020. These include the Prathma (Pratipada), Chaturthi, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami, Trayodashi, Chaturdashi, Amavasya, and Purnima (first, fourth, seventh, eighth, ninth, thirteenth, fourteenth, new moon, and full moon, respectively). In addition to the Upanayana Muhurat 2020 Dates, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are the best days, while Sunday a medium, and Monday least favourable day for the sanskar. While calculating the Yagyopavit 2020 Dates, one must remember that they don’t fall on a Tuesday or Saturday, as these are inauspicious days for the ritual.

Simultaneously, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Pushya, Dhanishta, Ashwini, Mrigshira, Punarvasu, Shravan, and Revati nakshatras are auspicious for this sanskar. According to another rule, one can conduct the Yagyopavit Sanskar in any nakshatra except Bharani, Kritika, Magha, Visakha, and Jyeshtha.

Upanayana Muhurat 2020: When Is Upanayana Sanskar Held?

Yagyopavita Sanskar 2020: Ordinarily, one conducts the Janeu Sanskar for any child, when he steps foot into adolescence. However, under the prevalent caste system of Hinduism, this phase occurs at different ages. For example, a child born in the Brahaman clan will have his Upanayana Sanskar at the age of 7 years, whereas a Kshatriya will have his at 11 years. In the same vein, the Yagyopavit Sanskar for a Vaishya child will happen at 13 years of age. In any case, the sanskar should be complete before the child becomes of marriageable age.

What Is A Janeu?

A janeu is a thread of yarn composed of three streams of threads, and each weave has three further intertwined strings. It is easily recognizable as it is always tied from a person’s left shoulder towards their right wrist.

  • Why Three Streams

The three streams symbolize the Tridev – Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. They also indicate the pitra debt, deva debt, and rishi debt; as well as are symbols of the three gunas – Sattva, Raja, and Tama. The three streams are like the three parts of the Gayatri Mantra, and of the four ashramas, they are the token of Brahmacharya, Grihastha, and Vanaprastha. In the fourth ashram, Sanyasa, they take off the janeu.

  • The Nine Strings

Each stream of threads in the janeu contains three further strings, making them a total of nine. This number symbolizes the navagraha (nine planets). It also indicates the external pores of the body, which are one mouth, two nostrils, two eyes, two ears, and the canals for urination and excretion.

  • The Five Knots

Five knots are tied in the janeu indicating the five yagnas, five senses, five karmas, and Pancha mahabhutas.

  • Length Of The Janeu

A janeu is 96 fingers (Angul) long, and this means that the wearer has to learn 64 arts and 32 types of studies. These 32 streams of the curriculum include the four Vedas, six Vedangas, six philosophies (shad darshan), three sutra granthas (collection of aphorisms), and nine Aranyak. On the other hand, the 64 arts include architecture, cooking, painting, literature, handicrafts, sewing, embroidery, weaving, and more.

  • Mekhala, Kopin, and Penalties (Danda)

Mekhala, also called Munja and Kardhani, is the thread that is tied around one’s waist like the tie (nada) of a pant/trouser. Simultaneously, the Kopin is their loincloth, and they are given a staff for Penalties (Danda).

Mantra To Chant In Upanayana Muhurat 2020

यज्ञोपवीतं परमं पवित्रं प्रजापतेर्यत्सहजं पुरस्तात् ।
आयुष्यमग्रं प्रतिमुञ्च शुभ्रं यज्ञोपवीतं बलमस्तु तेजः।।

yajñopavītaṃ paramaṃ pavitraṃ prajāpateryatsahajaṃ purastāt ।
āyuṣyamagraṃ pratimuñca śubhraṃ yajñopavītaṃ balamastu tejaḥ।।

Significance of Yagyopavit Sanskar 2020

Every tradition, ritual, and sanskar in the Hindu religion has a deep value associated with it. In the same vein, the Upanayana Sanskar is also crucial, because it abolishes all the sins of previous births of the child. From an astrological point of view, the three streams of threads in a janeu signify the Trideva. Hence, the janeu is very pious, and in case it is defiled, it should immediately be changed following the proper rituals.

As per astrological scriptures, the one wears the janeu gets the blessings of the navagraha (nine planets). This belief comes from the nine strings in the streams of threads of janeu which symbolize the nine planets: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

Upanayana Sanskar 2020: Rules To Remember

  • On the day of the Janeu Sanskar, one should organize a Yagya, under the Upanayana Muhurat.
  • The boy, for whom the Yagyopavit Sanskar is being held, sits for the Yagya with his family.
  • On this occasion, the child wears unstitched clothes and holds a danda (staff) in his hand.
  • He wears a yellow cloth around his neck and khadau (clogs) in feet.
  • After Mundan (shaving off all the hair on the head), only one braid is left.
  • Next, give the child, the Mekhala and Kopin together.
  • During the Yagya, one prepares the janeu with special rituals and methods.
  • Next, they colour (stain) the janeu yellow.
  • In the end, the child wears the janeu after Guru Deeksha (ordination).

Upanayana Sanskar 2020: Rites & Rituals Method

Before beginning the Janeu Sanskar, all the hair on the child’s head is shaved off. On the day of the Upanayana Muhurat 2020, the boy first takes a bath. Then they apply sandalwood paste to his head and body after which, the Havan preparations begin. Now, the child sits for Ganesha Puja (worshipping Lord Ganesha) and Yagya, in his underclothes. They chant the Gayatri Mantra ten thousand times to invoke the Gods and Goddesses. The boy now takes a vow to follow the learning of the Shastras and observe fasts. Afterwards, he sits with other boys of his age and eats Churma, and then retakes a bath. A mentor, father, or any other elder of the family then recites the Gayatri Mantra to the child and tells him that, “From today, you are a Brahman.” Next, they give a danda (staff) to the boy, as well as tie the Mekhala and Kandora, and the newly-anointed Brahmin asks for Bhiksha from the people present. Post dinner, the child ‘runs away’ from home because he is “going to Kashi for studies.” Soon afterwards, people will go and bring him back by tempting and bribing him in the name of marriage. Now the rituals are complete, and the boy a Brahmin. These were the rituals of Yagyopavita Sanskar 2020.

Specific Rules Associated With Yagyopavit Sanskar 2020

  • One must always wear the janeu before commencing any auspicious task.
  • This is a mandatory sanskar for marriage, as a wedding is not possible without it.
  • The wearer should tie the janeu to their right ear while using the loo.
  • Post-six months of wearing the upanayana, or in case any of its strings break, it should immediately be changed following all rituals.
  • Moreover, one should also change it after the sutak for birth or death ends.
  • To clean it, turn it around your throat and wash it.
  • Keep it pious.

We Hope That This Article On Upanayana Muhurat 2020 Was Helpful For You! Thank You For Being A Part Of AstroCAMP!

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