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Uranus Transit Horoscope 2010

Last Updated: 6/26/2010 4:42:27 PM

S N Rao
Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun and is known as one of the "ice giants," along with Jupiter, Saturn. It is not considered in Vedic Astrology but it is given a lot of attention in Western astrology. A lot of research has been carried out in the west on this planet and amazing results have been predicted through the position and placement of this planet. It is the 1st planet which is farther from Saturn and the first planet which we cannot see with our naked eye.

Uranus is given the qualities similar to Mercury. It is also known as the higher octave of Mercury. It signifies the mind and its lightning speed ability to think. It is not governed by logic. It represents the spirit and the free will of the individual. Mercury’s influence on a person will give logical ability to think and act in a systematic manner, whereas Uranus influence on the person will give lightning quick ability to decide without any rationale or logic. It can be linked similar to the sixth sense in an individual. Both Mercury and Uranus signify knowledge, the difference is that a person with strong Mercury knows the reason for the effect, whereas a person with a strong Uranus knows the effect but does not understand the reason for the same.

Uranus is considered Strong in a native if it is found to be on the cusp of the birth chart. If any planet is placed with Uranus or aspected by Uranus then it gives strong results to the native. During progression if any planet makes an aspect to Uranus then it gives sudden results. Good or bad results are felt depending on type of aspect. Transit of Uranus on any birth planets also triggers events suddenly for the native.

A strong Uranus in a native gives high intuition. It signifies anything that which is sudden, unexpected and out of control in life. Its symbol is "X". Uranus brings with it a new way of looking at things. Uranus rules unexpected change, upheaval, revolution. It is the symbol of total independence and asserts the freedom of an individual from all restriction and restraint. It is a breakthrough planet and indicates talent, originality and genius in a horoscope. Uranus symbolizes unpredictable change, intuition, genius, individualism, independence, freedom, social reform, rebels, inventions, electricity, and the joining of the personal to the collective consciousness and the group mind.  In the physical body it rules electrical nerve impulses

In astrology Uranus rules Aquarius and is considered to be exalted in Scorpio and true to the saying - The Aquarian age - A new age is ushered in when the vernal equinox enters a new constellation. From the mid-20th into the 21st century you can see signs of the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age in telephone, radio, TV, computers, radar, electromagnetic waves of all kinds.

Transit Uranus has entered Aries in May 2010. It will be there at 0° Aries in June, July. It will turn retrograde and enter Pisces in Aug 2010. This period is considered to be very important as it marks the beginning of a new cycle. Uranus completes one cycle in 84 years. Since Uranus stays seven years in each sign, its effect in Aries is collective and global, rather than individual.  The following general results can be seen for various signs –

Aries - This makes the person very odd and eccentric in his habits, so that he seems to delight in doing exactly the things that are against the conventions and customs. He always finds an original way of doing things, different
from that of all other people, and is very self-satisfied in his opinion that his methods and ideas are better than anyone else's.

Taurus - This indicates loss of reputation, exile, and estrangement from one's kin and country, much sickness and confinement in hospitals.

Gemini - This brings about strange and eccentric friendships with people of an original, creative, or inventive turn of mind who will be of benefit to the native.

Cancer - This creates sudden and unexpected changes in the employment. The life is full of sudden changes for better or worse according to the other planetary aspects prevailing.

Leo - This position gives a progressive and independent mind, or an original and inventive turn, sometimes amounting to genius; the intuition is highly developed. This position of Uranus also indicates trouble in travel, particularly on voyages, and danger of accidents.

Virgo - This position gives sudden difficulties. This is not a good period. It can also bring sudden and unexpected legacy. There is a possibility of spiritual transformation.

Libra - This position gives sudden marriage, business contracts, partnerships, romatic relationships. This is not a favorable position for those related to law and legal professions.

Scorpio - This position makes the native nervous and high strung. With respect to employers and fellow-employees this position makes the person very irritable; he is brusque and abrupt to all connected with his work and therefore liable to be in trouble in employment or with employees.

Sagittarius - This position will in the first place give some very unconventional affairs. It usually leads to a clandestine relationship contrary to the laws of the land. There will be trouble with children.

Capricorn - The native ought to leave their place of birth as soon as possible for they cannot succeed there. Both the parents and their whole neighborhood and environment will be antagonistic to them.

Aquarius - This position strengthens the intuitional abilities of the person, and gives a certain predisposition towards what is commonly called psychic faculties. It helps the person to cultivate spiritual sight

Pisces - This indicates a restless and unsettled state of the finances of the person. There will be many ups and down. Such a person is unable to protect himself against the sudden and unforeseen losses, or gains. There will be difficulty in accumulating wealth.

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