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Using Astrology in Medical Science

Author: S N Rao | Last Updated: Wed 28 Dec 2011 1:17:53 PM

By S N Rao

Using Astrology in Medical Science Unlike any other science oriented towards a particular field, astrology is a multidimensional science depicting the branches of knowledge from matrimonial, mundane, electional, horary, medical etc. We find that the body is enshrined with the control of so many subtle forces. The study of astrology lies in the analysis of these in relation to the planets. In fact before the advent of modern medical science, in ancient times the physicians were advocated compulsory knowledge of astrology and its relevance to various diseases apart from administering the medicines on different lunar days and on different stellar day.

With all its modern technology and its command of medical science many times the doctors find it difficult to diagnose. Whereas astrologically, merely by casting a horoscope (even without a stethoscope), with deep analysis not only the disease existing can be identified but also the disease likely to be arising in future can also be known. Astrology goes many steps further than medical science as the disease likely to arise can be observed from the Dashas well in advance unlike the medical science detecting the disease after affecting the person. The greatest wonder of astrology is that the position of planets in the horoscope of a native throw light on the health of the native and the horoscope also reveals with fairly good accuracy the types of disease likely to arise to the family members like husband, brothers, mother, father etc. at a given time which is impossible even to the slightest extent in medical science. This is in reality, the enigma astrology commands.

Every human body is prone for diseases of various nature. It is possible to determine health through astrology. In order to find out the disparities in the body by the imbalance caused by the influence of planets we have to know the significations (karakatwa) of the planets and the results of their action and interaction. The planets play an important role in determining the type of disease. The planets are assigned different diseases by their nature. The rashi’s and various stars are also assigned different diseases on various parts of the hody.

Below Chart depicts the various parts of the human body and the diseases assigned in astrology

Possible Disease for native born in different Stars (lagna star and Moon star):

  1. Those born in Ashwini are prone for periodical fever.
  2. Bharani born are prone to disease/ dysentry.
  3. Those born in Kritika star are likely to suffer from intestinal connected disease causing constipation and diarrhoea alternatively.
  4. Those born in Rohini are prone for piles (Anorectal disorders).
  5. Those born in Mrigashira star are prone for indigestion.
  6. Those born in Ardra star suffer from Mandagni i.e. weak digestion.
  7. Those born in Punarvasu may suffer from cholera.
  8. Those born in Pushy a suffer disease of tastelessness (Anaroxea).
  9. Those born in Ashlesha are prone for anemia.
  10. Those born in Makha star have breathing problem and diseases connected to various problems of respiratory system.
  11. Those born in Purvaphalguni star are prone to cough (dry or wet).
  12. Those born in Uttaraphalguni star Leprosy or skin disease.
  13. Those born in Hastha star are prone to diabetics of various types.
  14. Those born in Chitra star giddiness and partial loss of consciousness.
  15. Those born in Swathi star are prone to eye diseases.
  16. Those in Vishakha star ear diseases are caused.
  17. Those born in Anuradha star diseases of the nose.
  18. Those born in Jyesta star diseases of the mouth which includes diseases of teeth, tongue, lips, pallet, gums and throat.
  19. Those born in Moola star tuberculosis of any type.
  20. Those born in Poorvashada star formation of stone in urinary tract.
  21. Those born in Uttarashada star are prone for disease connecting to vomiting.
  22. Those born in Shravana star suffer from tastelessness disease.
  23. Those born in Dhanishta are prone to suffer from pains caused by vatha disorder like sprains, rheumatism etc.
  24. Those born in Shathabhisha star are prone for bilous diseases.
  25. Those born in Poorvabhadra star are prone for any of the phlegmatic disease.
  26. Those born in Uttarabhadra star diseases developed from fatigue are caused.
  27. Those born in Revathi star are prone for diseases developed from boils and wounds.

Some of the combinations for a good health in a native is given below

  1. If lord of Ascendant, Jupiter or Venus occupy a kendra the native's son will have wealth and a long life.
  2. If there are no malefic planets in kendra and Trikona and if lord of lagna is in the 4th and Jupiter in 8th, the native will do punya karma (good deeds) and live long without disease.
  3. If the lagnadhipati is in a moveable sign and aspected by benefic planets the native will be well built, wealthy and be happy with all types of enjoyments.

Similarly some of the combination for bad health is given below

  1. If the native is born within the ambit of five ghatikas of the lagna, he will enjoy happiness and will have a weak body.
  2. If the lagnadhipati occupies dry or Nirjala Rashis and conjoins with lord of dry signs and if the lord of the lagna occupies 8th house of a dry Rashi, there will be too much problem for the body and the native becomes slim and weak. Nirjala Rashis are Kanya, Mithuna and Simha. Also some say except Kumbha, Kataka, Meena, Tula and Vrishchika.
  3. If the Navamshadhipathi of the lagnadhipathi occupies a dry sign and if lagna is a dry sign with many malefics the native will be slim and weak.
  4. If the lagnadhipati is associated with a malefic the native will suffer from ill health.

Astrologically, to know whether a native in his life will be sick or not the 6th ,8th and 12th houses of a chart should be analysed to get a glimpse of the conditions of the native’s health. Astrologically, the above diseases can be kept under control or cured by propitiating the devatas and by following procedures as scripted in the ancient texts.

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