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Your stars decide your Valentine!

Last Updated: 2/13/2010 6:20:11 PM

Pt. Rajesh Kumar Sharma
If you have it [Love], you don't need to have anything else, and if you don't have it, it doesn't matter much what else you have. Love is a divine energy. Love is an expression that comes from our inner heart and it also provides affection and possessiveness to people.
On 14 February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Although the entire season of Vasanta (spring) in Indian culture conveys the message of love. But it is now trend that Valentine’s Day is being celebrated by lovers. 
It is nothing wrong to express your feelings weather it is Valentine’s Day or season of Vasanta. But according to Astrology, this pleasure is possible only when stars are in your favor.
Love between two people is influenced by the position of stars. It is only our stars that influenced our liking, disliking and interest. A modern love marriage hails from Gardharva Vivah.
If two people fall in love, failure or success of relationship depends upon the connection of fifth lord, seventh lord, ascendant lord and twelfth lord. A powerful third lord is also very much required for love. It encourages partner to express his or her feelings. If fifth lord and seventh lord conjoin or aspect each other, it confirms love. Fifth house is a house for love and Seventh house is a house for marriage. Mars-Saturn, Mars-Venus, and Moon-Venus conjunctions also promote love.
In case of love, twelfth house should also be noticed in birth-charts because twelfth house is also considered an important element for marriages. If ascendant, fifth and seventh house are also favorable apart from twelfth house, a person definitely falls in love.

Some important love yogas:
1. Ascendant lord should be connected with fifth house, and fifth and seventh lord should be linked anyhow in birth charts.
2. Ascendant, fifth and seventh house and its owners and Venus and Moon, influences marriage and love relations directly. Any connection between ascendant or ascendant lord with seventh or seventh lord or fifth and firth lord indicates love marriage. Weather relationship will be success or not, it depends upon the good or bad position of the planets.
3. Mangal in fifth makes love marriages. If Rahu exists in fifth and seventh house there are possibilities of love marriage. If Mars is in seventh house in Aries sign, it indicates love marriage. If seventh and fifth house lord exchange nakshatra, it also indicates love marriage.
4. If fifth lord and seventh lord are connected with twelfth lord in any manner e.g. exchange, conjunction or aspect
5. According to Jamini astrology, conjunction of dara karaka and putra karaka also indicated love marriage. Connection of fifth lord and dara karaka also indicated love marriage.
If position of stars is not favorable for love relationship your proposal could be a disaster for you.

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