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Valentine's Day : Venus-Mars consortium

Author: Sri Sudip Roy (Shastri) | Last Updated: Sun 14 Feb 2010 2:17:38 PM

Sri Sudip Roy (Shastri)

Venus and Mars play key role in any female-male relationship. Different combination of these two planets determines the nature of native, his/her perception about love/romance and, leads the outcomes of relationship till the end, good or bad whatever it is.  The triangular heart/love sign (symbolic Venus) fixed with an arrow (symbolic Mars) speaks for itself about the combination!

Venus relates to our aesthetic sensibility, women, our sexual organs, physical/natural beauty, aura, peace, purity, gifts, comforts, cars, motor cycles etc. Mars on the other hand relates to war, focus, weapon, male, aggression, administration, decisions, avarice, emotional violence etc.  Mars-Venus consortium (association) generally relates to sexual vitality, fantasy, creative exposure, un-common feeling, adventure and ingenuity. Venus and, Mars are earth’s closest inner and outer planets respectively.  In our natal horoscope, these two planets can make a number of meaningful combinations. But the square formation, 180 degrees apart and sharing a common sign is what makes it special in the matter of love life. The planet which travelled greater path in a particular sign, rules over the other to give the combined effect. If it is Venus, the outcome will be better in terms of creativity, the native will be an honest lover. If it is Mars, the native may still be an honest lover but by nature he/she will be prone to sexual vulgarity, quarrelsome and, a dictator, shall be exposed to provocation. But in no case, it (Venus+Mars) depicts the success of love.

If this combination in native’s chart is afflicted by Rahu, it can even lead to rape or molestation. If this combination is afflicted by Ketu, there can be conspiracy involved with love or romance. Women having such combination with afflicted Ketu or Mercury in 7th house were often deployed as spy in WW-II despite their career in different field such as, nurse, clerk etc. Such combination afflicted by Saturn leads to imbalance of love, separation, murder/suicide of one or both partner, poverty making the love flying through window. So many times we come across such news through media. The infamous tale of Rizwanur-Priyanka Todi in Kolkata last year is a good example to quote. Rizwanur Rehman had Venus-Mars afflicted by Rahu and Saturn. Mars-Venus act behind whenever such affair occurs which suits the remark like, "Duniya loot gayee aurat ke peechhe". Despite the fact that these planets leads to “love at first sight” type situations, fantasy, infatuation etc, these combination often becomes the main reason in altercations, resulting to death or even war. Remember the “Helen of Troy”? These combinations are only responsible in blind love and great historical wars of mankind where the cause of war had been woman. 

In some cases, this combination can make a noble and learned person, experimenter, scientist, adventurer, spiritual Guru, even astrologer depending on benign presence of Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury and Ketu. Person having such combination finds vast area of interest in all walks of life. 

As per me, the meaningful combination of Venus with Mars makes love/romance/fairy tales/erotic stuff. The outcome of such affair in most cases may not necessarily be a pleasant one! So Valentines Day celebration is just expression of love among private folks and not meant to be celebrated in open like other social festivals. Saint Valentine’s intended philosophy is utterly dishonored in today’s world where romance is promoted, to fulfill interest of making money.

Hare Krsna..!

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