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Principles Of Vastu Shastra For Healthy & Prosperous Living

Last Updated: 8/19/2010 12:41:11 PM

Pt. Vaibhava Nath Sharma
Vastu Shastra is part of astrology, it is a vast science and is very important for every human being to follow its basic rules for their well being. It starts with the selection of a plot to the complete science behind the proper construction of the building, viz house, factory, industry, institute etc. etc. for better result in the form of health, prosperity and growth. Vastu Shastra is not the science which we can be practiced for a day or for a time being, it is the science of managing the cosmic energy levels at different part of the building, based on specific rules for each zone/ sector. 

It goes with the daily life as Yoga and other Vedic Sciences. As per the Vastu Shastra Epics & Vedas “Vastu Purusha” is the Lord of Land & is considered to be originated from the sweat of Lord Shiva’s body.

Whenever possible one should always try to follow the Vastu principles as violation of these principles does disturb the harmony of one’s life. Few to mention are, plot direction depending on the horoscope(kundli) of the person buying the plot, direction of the hills/ heavy constructed area, water bodies (Rivers, Ponds), cremation places, highways, factories, temple, hospital or police station , if any in the surroundings , they all influence the Vastu of the place in one way or other way.

Vastu principles varies depending on the purpose/ usage of the building. Very interestingly the principle of vastu for the same building will be different depending on whether the building is used for Hospital, School, Residential, Commercial, Factory etc. In any of the case of usage of the building the positioning & the direction of different rooms, kitchen, bathroom, toilets, store, worship place, plays a major role to keep the harmony in the lives of the people working/staying in the building.

The first & the foremost principle to be followed is the direction of the entrance of the building. Usually East & North directions are considered to be the best directions for entrance of the house, but this may vary in rare cases depending on the horoscope (kundali) of the owner of the building. So, before deciding the entrance of the building the consultation of the horoscope of the owner is suggested.

For the better prosperity & harmony of life the basic principles to be followed are:

- The Master Bedroom should be in the South West (SW) zone of the house
- The Worship(Pooja) place, Meditation Room should be in the North East (NE) zone of the house
- The Study room for all must be in the North East part of the house
- The Kitchen should be in the South East (SE) zone of the house
- The children’s room should be in the North or East part of the house
- The female child’s room should be in the North West (NW) corner of the house
- The Toilets in the house must be in West or South direction of the house.
- The Bathroom must be in North direction of the house.
- The Store Room must be in South West direction of the house.
- The direction for the Dining room is West
- The direction of the Drawing room is North or East part of the house
- The direction for Guest or Servant room is the North West (NW) part of the house

Important point to be noted is that if you require a working place to used as your office at your home then it must be the South West corner of the house. This is suggested to have proper hold over your business & family both.

The centre point of the plot or house has very auspicious position in Hindu Epics, this is known as “Brahm Sthana” - The centre part of the “Vastu Purusha’s Body.” This is the place from where the positive energy moves in and out of the house. This area must be kept clean, garbage collection, toilets or store room is not suggested/ allowed in this part of the house. This area must be kept open to air for the movement of cosmic energy. It is suggested that this area should not be covered with construction, pillar or wall. Any construction in this part of the building can be very dangerous & harmful for the people living or using this building.
To consult astrolger Pt. Vaibhava Nath Sharma, Please click here
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