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Venus Enters Scorpio on Jan 1st 2011 : Effect on all signs

Last Updated: 12/16/2010 4:27:49 PM

S N Rao

The passage of planets in the sky over the natal planetary positions is known as Transits. Each planet circulates the zodiac within its fixed planetary positions. It has been ascertained that the passage of any of the planets over any of the natal planets positions do affect somehow the individual.  Therefore, Transits has became of the most important prediction tools in Astrology. In fact not only the passage of the transiting planet over the exact position (degree in the zodiac) of the natal point is important also its passage over certain parts of the chart in relation to that natal point is very effective. These transiting planets energize the latent potentials promised by your natal horoscope, and trigger the behavior and events which then become a part of your daily experience.

Venus spends about three weeks in each natal house. Venus is the planet of love and material pleasures, so that its transits bring different degrees of enjoyment. The effects are felt as subjective experiences rather than as urges to action. Transiting Venus is retrograde for about one and a half months each year. During that time the affairs affected by Venus may be slowed down or delayed. Venus represents love, relationships, values, social urges, art, beauty, creation, attraction, luck, personal magnetism, money, nurturing mother love, sensuality, bonding energy, harmony and merging.  In the physical body it rules the kidneys, urinary tract, the venous blood and system, the throat, the larynx, and general physical attractiveness and magnetism. It symbolizes the force of attraction, bringing things together to form a more perfect, complete and stable whole than that which previously existed in parts. In human beings this attractive force manifests as love: for others and for beauty. Through Venus we relate to others, appreciate the aesthetic principles of balance, harmony, color and sound, and learn to cooperate.

Venus will enter Scorpio on 1st Jan 2011 and will be there till Jan 30th 2011. During this period the effect on various individuals will be as under.

The planet of love and money is in the house of sex and debt. The effect of this transit is multi-faceted and multi-layered. In the physical realm, it represents sex and shared resources/finances. In the psychological plane, it represents power struggles within our own psychological makeup and our ability to embrace the "darker" version of our self without it overpowering us. On a spiritual level, it represents "death and rebirth", transformation, regeneration -- the need for something to "die" in order for a "rebirth" to occur -- as in a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. These periods are generally the most difficult but are also the most powerful. Allow Venus' transit in this house to transform our sexual relationships, especially if there are sexual hang-ups or lack of confidence in the sexual arena. On the financial end, allow it to teach us the value of investing and lowering debt. However income will increase during this period.

This period brings love to the marriage. The passion and lost love will be resurfaced during this. An old flame will be rekindled and relationships with ex flames will be re-ignited. This period also gains importance to all manners of partnerships (including business), committed relationships, and known enemies. Increasing financial ventures with partner/s may be a focus now.  There will be distress, great apprehension, adversity, loss of money during this period.

This period will give the need to service our loved ones and those who are in need. Social causes will be revisited. Health, busy work, comfort in routines, and finding order in the details are also given importance during this period. This period might encourage a little overindulging, slacking off from exercise, forgetting to follow healthier health habits, or forgoing them altogether. Find the fun, pleasure, and enjoyment in living a healthy lifestyle, following a balanced diet, and doing exercise that satisfies the body as well as the soul. However health needs to be looked after carefully especially if you are diabetic.

The love planet pays a visit to the love and romance house. Love fills the air and the drama comes with it. The need for self-expression may be so great that a dramatic flair embody our interactions in our love/intimate relationships. This period also ignites creative projects, fun, playfulness, and children. Allow this transit to awaken creativity, spark love, boost confidence, and/or bring simple pleasures back into your life. There will be happiness due to children during this period.

This period brings up issues involving our relationships with family, beautifying the home (buying/selling a house, moving, re-financing, re-decorating, remodeling, etc.), or our private life (the need for quality time and pampering the self). Call up your mom and chat her up a bit. Book that spa appointment. Stop at a salon, Beautification of the self etc. Take the family camping this weekend. Have movie night at home with the kids. Domestic happiness will be felt during this period.

This period will give you prominence in communication about love. Thinking about love, Writing about love, Talking about love, Stuck with thoughts of love. This will ignite passion within you and you wish to express your thoughts, communication, writing, speaking, thinking, planning, and ideas to your partner. For those with siblings (biological or otherwise), this period is favorable for renewing relationships and interactions with them. This period encourages social interaction, finding pleasure in mental stimulation, and enjoyment in sharing ideas. Be a social butterfly this period. Learning can be fun. It supports a more outgoing and sociable personality. Happiness and financial rise is seen during this period.

This period will give prominence and represents our material possessions, income, value system, and self-worth. Finances, income, property value, or buying home furnishings may dominate our desires now. We may also face some issues regarding what we value in life or how we value our "self". What is it that's worthy of our love, devotion, and caring? Income will increase during this period.

This period increases self-confidence, heightens self-awareness, gives emphasis on beauty (both physical and aesthetic) that surrounds our life, and offers opportunities for success in both business and social arenas. This period will give a prominent focus on the self, our self-image, our being, our potential. This is a great period to reinvent yourself with a new look -- buy a new outfit or two, try out a new 'do, step it up with a new pair of shoes. Overall happiness will be felt during this period.

This is a good time for solitude and aloneness. A very nice time for spending quality time with the Self. You have to learn to give the love and attention the physical body requires. This period poses a challenge to taking important decisions about the future. This period will give importance to our subconscious, solitude, spiritual consciousness, secrets (ours and those kept from us), hidden enemies, and represents institutions like hospitals and prisons. This period might require a period of "aloneness" in order to "recharge" and sort through issues being presented subconsciously and psychologically. Venus, specifically, visiting the twelfth house might highlight issues of love and the sacrifices we willingly give for its sake. However this is a good time for visiting distant locations and settling abroad away from your relatives. There will be increase in wealth during this period.

There will be benefits from friends and colleagues. The possibility of love blossoming out of a friendship with the opposite sex is also high. This transit will give importance to our friendships and associations, as well as our awareness of societal/global issues and our individual responsibility to it. This is a great period be seen, be heard, and be out at social or business gatherings. Meet many people. Build your networking/contacts list. Make new friends. Get re-acquainted with old ones. It's a celestial license to party. There will be mental distress but gain of money during this period

This period gives an opportunity for an office romance. But you will need to tread carefully. This transit gives prominence to our professional pursuits, long-term goals, and our public reputation. Venus' transit here gives a boost in self-confidence, increased favor with superiors/colleagues/peers, and a general good feeling about our future and the achievement of our goals. There will be loss due to religious merit, the native may indulge in irreligious acts. There will be want of happiness

This is the time for falling in love with a dashing someone with a killer accent. You will be highly attracted to an exotic beauty. This is also a good period for making money through foreign ventures. This period gives prominence to travel, publishing, and personal growth (spiritual or otherwise) through higher education and cultural experiences. Venus' transit in Scorpio encourages travel hence go on that vacation you've been putting off and learn from others. You might just find your own personal travel guide that shares with you more than the scenery and history. There will be happiness and gain during this period.
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