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How Venus Controls Love Life

Author: - | Last Updated: Tue 2 Jul 2013 3:00:29 PM

Venus, Astrology

The conjunction of Venus and Saturn is very favorable in Ascendant. Saturn balances the zealous Venus. Venus and Saturn in the Ascendant attract the native to other peoples wife. Afflicted Venus in ascendant makes a person rude. Venus and Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) in the ascendant will lead the native to love marriage. For women, Venus and Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) being aspected by Mars or Herschel becomes a cause of a secret marriage against the society.

For women, when Venus is aspected by Sun, Mars or Herschel causes anxiety for parents. When afflicted Venus is in the third house, the native will have stressful relation with his wife. It also indicates that he will be flirty by nature.

In the fifth house, Venus Indicates general happiness, prosperity and sensual pleasure. The person will be loyal and loving toward his wife.

The combination of Venus-Mars, Venus-Ketu (Descending Lunar Node), Venus-Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node), Venus-Herschel are responsible for providing sensual pleasure and passion. Afflicted Venus makes a person jealous and insecure for his wife. If Venus is conjoined with a malefic planet then it indicates that the native will have an unhappy married life.

Square or opposition of Sun or Herschel to Venus in the fifth house in a female horoscope makes her outspoken gaudy manner. Also, she may have a regrettable affair in school or college.

In the seventh house, Venus indicates a very happy and prosperous married life. It also indicates the native will be blessed with a very good looking wife. He will enjoy a very good love life. Strong Venus, which does not have a malefic effect, shows a wealthy wife. Further, Venus in the seventh house shows love and affection in the relation and gives a happy marriage with a beautiful, intelligent and loyal wife. Venus gives best results in Taurus, Libra and Pisces.

Mars aspecting leads the native to have a number of relationships with different women. Venus in Cancer and Scorpio is not favorable and gives more than one wife. Moon and Jupiter increase the good qualities of Venus.

Venus rules the sensual impulse. Venus in the seventh house would lead the native to go to any limits to satisfy his sensual desires. However, Venus being aspected by Jupiter would not show similar results. Afflicted Venus makes the native have relations with many women.

The combination of Venus-Mercury with other evil aspects can be a threat to the life of the wife.

A combination of Saturn in the first house and Venus in the Gandant Yoga will make the native get intimate with a woman who cannot bear children. The position of Venus in the seventh house of Navamsa, Saturn or Mars and is being aspected by them. This indicates that the native might live with another persons wife. Moreover, the Venus in the seventh house, where Scorpio is posited. This indicates a negative sign for life of the natives wife. Also, this indicates that the native will not like his wife visiting her parents house. If Venus is aspected by the benefic and is posited in its seventh house then the natives wife will be endowed with beautiful eyes, lovely hair and fair complexion. In its eighth house, Venus is conjoined with the Yamakantaka Yoga, which indicates happiness and love in marriage.

For women who have a great influence of Venus in their horoscope have wealthy husbands. Venus provides happiness and prosperity to women especially in their youth (18-36 years). Venus in Pisces is considered highly fruitful and is also responsible for hitting the Menstrual cycle early. The combination of Venus-Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node), Venus-Sun, Venus-Moon, Venus-Jupiter brings happiness to husband.

Afflicted Venus develops negative feelings like jealousy, envy and anger. Natives relation with the opposite sex might also lead to separation and distance.

Venus posited in the ninth house will lead to a happy and prosperous family life. Native is adventurous and likes to travel a lot. This position of Venus makes a person religious and spiritual. It also shows inclination toward music and arts. The native is compassionate and successful due to the position of Venus in the ninth house. The native is highly qualified who travels a lot to foreign locales. It is likely that native will go for an inter caste marriage and the girl could be his teachers or Purohits daughter. Also, the native can occupy a senior position in military.

When the Venus is afflicted in the ninth planet, the native will be inclined toward immoral activities and negative thinking will rule his mind. Also, there are chances that you will get intimate with immoral women.

Posited in the tenth house will get you intimately close with women. Also, it shows that you will get a lot of love and care from your mother, wife and sister. Venus will be very fruitful with average efforts if it is strong and vice-a-versa.

Afflicted and posited in the 11th house, the native might face financial troubles.

Posited in the 12th house Venus will make you get involved into a love affair. It also makes ones life romantically active. The person is passionate, tender and susceptible.

The combination of Venus and Mars makes the native malign his reputation by not conducting himself as per the social norms. It is likely that such an evil aspect will get you involved with a woman which lead to differences with your wife. Also, it makes a person lazy and low in character.

For women, Venus in the 12th house indicates that the native should go for an early marriage. Evil aspects of Mars, Saturn and Herschel might lead you to an affair. Venus with Mars, when aspected by the Mars, will make the affair public. It might force you into a wed lock due to the fact that your partner is expecting a baby. Also, it makes a woman attractive and beautiful.

Being between Malefics in the same house and in the adjacent house, Venus will disturb your married life badly. Also, severity of the affliction causes deterioration in your wifes health. Placement of malefic planets in 4th, 8th or 12th house is not good for the wife and her health. However, if there are benefic planets instead of the malefic houses, the native will enjoy a happy married life.

Being aspected by or conjoined with malefic planets, Venus indicates that life of wife is under threat. The following combinations are also not good for the wife of the native. When Venus is in conjunction with a malefic planet in 5th, 7th and 10th house, when Mars and Saturn are aspecting Venus or it is in their house; then it is likely that the person will be intimately close with other peoples wives. Also, when Venus and Moon are posited opposite to Mars and Saturn, then the native is likely to be without a wife.

Venus shows married life of a person. Seeing the relationship between Mars and Venus, one can easily judge a persons married life. Mars indicate men and rule energy whereas Venus indicate women and rule beauty.

The conjunction Venus and Lord of the 7th house shows the passionate edgy behavior of native. If Venus is the Lord of the 7th, and debilitated, combust or conjoined with a malefic or debilitated planet and is in the malefic D-60 chart, the native will have emotionless and reckless wife. If Venus is the Lord of the 7th house and is strong in a benefic Navamsa or in a friend's or exaltated Navamsa, conjoined with a benefice in his own house and benefic D-60 chart, the native's wife is very talkative and warm hearted.

Different factors change the effect of Venus on the native. For example, when Venus is aspected or conjoined with Jupiter, it gives the native good looking, moral and well behaved wife. Being aspected by a malefic planet, Venus makes natives wife short tempered and immoral. If there is a good conjunction of Venus-Saturn in a horoscope, then it makes one truthful, strong-minded, and confident. For men, Venus-Saturn conjunction makes native wealthy.

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