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Venus retrograde in October 2010 : Effects on all sign

Last Updated: 8/29/2010 1:33:47 PM

VGR Pavan
Venus (Sukra) the planet for art and love is turning on retrograde on 09-10-2010 (Swathi Star) and comes to direct motion on 17-11-2010(Chitha Star).  Before understanding the effects of retro gradation the following is the nature of this beautiful planet.

Venus is a cool, soft, polite and noble natured planet.  Though she is nearer to the volcanic Sun, still she is soft tempered and peaceful planet.  She controls everything related to entertainment amusement and enjoyment. All forms of arts, vehicles , luxuries, women and their products, chemicals, information technology, business (general), real estate,  colors, perfumes, costly jewelry and ornaments, silk garments an thing which will increase the status and esteem of a person, pets, love affairs and sexual life, spouse, legitimate and illegitimate attraction between opposite sexes, vision, skin, reproductive organs (if afflicted problems related to these organs ) are the some of the significations of Venus.

As observed by Prof. K. S. Krishna Murthy the strength of Venus is increased in recent times.  We will find a number of music and dance academies in every nook and corner.  Opportunities for entertainment are increasing day by day.  Craze for fashion and bikes among the youth are rapidly growing.  No one is ready to live even with a small discomfort.  Thus it is clear that the rays of Venus are showing much influence on mankind.  The following is the categorical effect of Venus’s retrograde motion on the 12 ascendants.
1. Aries / Mesha : For these people it is a tough time to maintain relations with spouse or business partner.  Possible misunderstandings and lake of affection are the main hurdles.  Delaying journeys, information from other parties and blocking of goods in transit are the main problems for the business people.  Marriages are not recommendable during this period.

2. Taurus / Vrishaba : For these people receipt of loans or lending of loans or bank overdraft is the main problem.  All efforts to secure funds may not prove fruitful.  However vehicle loans are freely available but at higher rate of interest.  Higher expenditure, purchase of home appliances may happen.  Urinary troubles, diabetic problem may cause panic.

3. Gemini / Mithuna : New business opportunities fruitful love affairs and child birth are the good news for these people.  Break journeys, visiting to holy places, loss through speculation may also happen.  Lack of concentration on education, distractions, health problems to the first child are the possible adversities.  People struggling for chance in film industry will be disappointed.

4. Cancer / Karkataka : delay in purchase of land or vehicle, health problems to mother, pressure in work location are the alarming areas for these people.  Admission in educational insinuations may be delayed.  Efforts to rise home loan may be at vein.  Disappointment in domestic life separation or enmity with friends may also happen. 

5. Leo / Simha : Delayed contracts, loss in agreements or journeys. Younger brother or sister may face health setback.  Transfer or change in place may be postponed. Superiors at work location may face accidents or severe problems suddenly. Father may be hospitalized or may go in a long journey.  Monetary gains due to the spouse are delayed. 

6. Virgo / Kanya  : Monetary pressure, delay in sale of property, disturbances in family life are some of the negative results for these people. One should be very careful while paying cash for Vehicle or House. Education may be slightly confusing. Monetary benefits for mother may be delayed and younger brother/sister may have problems in his/her family.

7. Libra/Tula : These people are worried more about their appearance and fitness. They may have rashes on face or chin spoiling their beauty. Insult feeling, guiltiness and inferiority complex may develop during this period. One may be interested to make journeys but they may be postponed. They feel tired, restless and also sleepless. They try to purchase peace at any cost. Over thinking burn their energy.   It is the time to think about themselves rather than about others..

8. Scorpio/Vrischika: These people spend more than their earnings. They are likely to separate from their family; they may have difference of opinion with spouse also. Long journeys may prove unfruitful and troublesome. Investments during this period may not yield good returns. It’s better not to reveal your secrets to anyone. One may be rash and careless while spending for entertainment and decoration purposes.

9. Sagittarius/Dhanus: For these people friends or elders may not up to the expectations and it is advisable not to rely upon them. Gains are much delayed or even if you earn you will spend most of the money before the retrograde motion finishes. One may feel nervous about the outcome of some examination which may be postponed. Its better not to expect more results during this time follow wait and see mantra.

10.  Capricorn/Makara: For these people it is a testing time in their career. There may be uncertainty about his transfer or appraisals.  Superiors (especially ladies) may behave like ring masters, Very less recognition for the work done, one will try their best to change the job location but mostly they remain unchanged. Ill reputation because of bad rumors and time to be open rather than secretive.

11. Aquarius/Kumbha: For these people it is a mixed period, at first there may be delay in career front but at the time of completion of retrograde motion. If you are a new entrant then you may slowly get the impression of your superior. Decision relating to your higher education may be uncertain during this time. Arrangements for your abroad travel will be slow and frustrating you. Clearing Visa and other formalities may be uncertain.

12. Pisces/Meena: For these people most of the time is frustrating and irritating. Because many of the things may not move in the anticipated direction. Prestige may be at stake for the mistakes made. Properties through will may cause litigation. Tendency to take improper decisions about one’s career and it is better to postpone the same.

The above are some of the anticipated effects of the retrograde motion of Venus. To have solace from the negative results one may follow the below suggestions:

1) Chant Venus (Sukra) Dhyana sloka for 20 ties a day during the said period.
2) Offer white colored flowers to Goddess Lakshmi on Fridays.
3) Distribute white colored sugar sweets to girls less than 9 years of age.
4) Gift light colored clothes to orphans/blind people on Fridays.
5) Donate food to cattle (in a dairy)

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