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Venus Transit In Leo (October 1 - November 3, 2015)

Author: Acharya Raman | Last Updated: Mon 29 Jun 2015 2:08:45 PM

Venus will transit in Leo on October 1, 2015 and it will remain like this till November 3, 2015. This will definitely bring some changes in your life. But, what kind of changes these could be? Know more by reading the astrology predictions of astrologer “ Acharya Raman ”.

Planet Venus is transiting in Leo on October 1, 2015. The lord of fiery sign Leo, Sun is a friend of Venus. Venus stays for approximately 20 days in a sign. Venus is having its authority on beauty, lust, luxuries, expensive items and addiction. In whichever house it resides, it affects the results of that house.

The natives of different zodiac signs may have to face its following effects:


Huma Qureshi

We forget about much required relations, love and togetherness in today’s hectic life. But, till how long we will keep on working as machines. These expressions of love are considered good for Venus, so they will also prove to be good for you. Enjoy your love, go for dating. Use facebook, whatsapp and other dating sites, what are you waiting for? Nature has selected some really special moments for you, go enjoy them.

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Kushal Tandon

We all want to look good. But, when somebody visit to our home, it should also look good like us, then only the impression can be created. Now a days people don’t miss a single chance of criticising others. So, this is the time to spend on decoration of home and vehicle. Change the curtains, carpets, sofa & cushion covers to give a refreshed look to your home. You and your guests both will like it. All your works will continue with a normal pace and profits will come, so don’t worry about that.

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Expression of love is very important, otherwise its realization will happen after years. If you have feelings for someone, this is the right time to express them either through whatsapp, facebook or face to face. This is for sure that most of the people will get good news in return. Or if it will not happen, you can search for someone else. Both these situations are in your favor. Relations with others’ will remain smooth and money will come on a regular pace. So, don’t let your feelings buried inside you.

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Freida Pinto

New sources of income will develop, whether you are engaged in business or doing nothing. Either money may come as a reward from somewhere or you will earn it. So, forget about all the financial problems and enjoy with your relatives and friends. Express your feelings and listen to others as well. If you are in love, you are going to enjoy this phase very much.

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Kader Khan

This is a royal sign, natives of this sign generally remain very popular among their relatives and friends. When Venus will come in your ascendant, it will improve your personality. People will appreciate you and praise your perfume, clothes and glasses as well. Search for love is also going to come to an end very soon, just express that you are feeling alone. You will see that soon time will fulfill your desire.

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Kirti Sanon

Sometimes we want to spend time alone only with ourselves, but in case of Venus, we go out with the one we love. There are many benefits of doing this, one can feel the true happiness and enjoy to the fullest. But, take care while travelling otherwise small thefts may happen. Go for an outing even if you are single, you might meet your sweetheart there. You are only required to reduce expenses and avoid addiction, after all your body belongs to you.

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Venus in eleventh house is likely to give you numerous benefits like new friends, new relationships, happiness and much more. After all everybody wants happiness and a good amount of money in life. But, this is not possible always, so it is important to take the full advantage of time. Maintain a good social rapport and try to take as much benefit as you can from people. You will see a better coordination with people of opposite sex. So be happy, good days are just round the corner.

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Everyone’s desire doesn’t get fulfilled. Good and bad days are a part of life and it is impossible to rescue from this truth. But, your good days are here. Your seniors and colleagues, all will remain happy from you. You may also get a reward or words of appreciation. But, don’t forget that nothing is static in this world, everything keeps remain changing. So, don’t be arrogant in your good days and don’t regret in bad, as this is a part of life.

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Ninth house is related to distant or foreign journeys, relations with foreigners, business, export-import and more. So, people related to these fields will surely get benefits. Others may get the love of their life in a distant place. Their relationship is likely to last for long, they may also think for marriage. Don’t worry about finances, money will keep on coming. If you are in love, time has come to tie the nuptial knot. Your popularity is also likely to increase this time.

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Eighth house is generally known for unfavorable effects, but arrival of Venus makes it a little beneficial. You may get back the money. You may get a surprise from your life-partner. If issue of divorce is proceeding in court, you may get a great amount of money. You may get benefits due to an old policy. You may also likely to get a hidden source of income. But, Venus may increase the desire of sex, you need to control yourself, otherwise it may lead you to a wrong direction. So, move ahead by ignoring all these evil things.

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Venus in seventh house will remain highly auspicious for you. Your personal activities will become more joyful and sexual desires will increase. This situation is good for your married life. You will feel happy and excited. You will find a lot of peace in dating. You will spend money on amenities. Benefits will come from friends and relatives, they will also help you a lot.

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Your behaviour will remain great with colleagues. You will enjoy with everyone. Everyone will like you. Your servants will also take good care of you. You will spend on your pets. Minor problems may come in your love life. You may also likely to spend on your vehicle. But, stay cautious from enemies. Try to maintain a distance from those who feel jealous from you. Keep in mind that an intelligent enemy is better than a stupid friend.

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Acharya Raman

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