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Vidyarambh Sanskar Muhurat 2014 - Vidyarambh 2014 Muhurat

Last Updated: 1/2/2014 3:01:37 PM

Vidyarambh Muhurat, Vidyarambh Ceremony

Vidyarambh Sanskar Muhurat 2014 gives the date to start your education. Every child has to have the chance to go to school; to take the first step into shaping a future; to become strong and independent. Well, Vidyarambh Sanskar Muhurat 2014 is the first step for many achievements to come.

Vidyarambh Sanskar Muhurat 2014

Vidyarambh Sanskar Muhurat, is the occasion of beginning ones education which is the most important aspect of ones life. The best gift for parents would be to see their child to grow into strong independent individuals. The stepping stone for this is education or Vidhya. And the day this beautiful and most important part of a child’s life begins is called Vidyarambh Sanskar Muhurat. Vidyarambh Ceremony is the ritual of starting a child’s education. The time and day decided to conduct this ritual is given in the Vidyarambh Sanskar Muhurat in 2014. We, at AstroCAMP, see the education of our future India as most important and priceless; and for this very reason, we give you the Vidyarambh Sanskar Muhurat 2014, so that you pick the best of the time to start off your child’s education.

In Vidyarambh Sanskar, the child is introduced to the world of alphabets and numbers in the most auspicious Muhurat of Vidyarambh. When performing Vidyarambh Ceremony in 2014 there are a few things that should be taken care of like time and day. We should never perform Vidyarambh ritual at the time of Chandra and Tara Dosha. However, it is considered very auspicious if either Taurus or Gemini is posited in the 7th house, while a benefic planet is placed in the 10th house and the 8th house vacant. Below given table contains the Vidyarambh Sanskar Muhurat for the year 2014.

Vidyarambh Sanskar Muhurat In 2014

Date & Month Tithi Day Special comments
17 January Magh Krishna 1 Friday Dwitiya conjoining in Pushya
20 January Magh Krishna 4 Monday In Panchami
22 January Magh Krishna 6 Wednesday Before Bhadra (In Shashthi)
26 January Magh Krishna 10 Sunday Other than Bhadra (In Anuradha)
2 February Magh Krishna 3 Sunday Tritiya conjoining in Purva Bhadrapada
3 February Magh Krishna 4 Monday In Panchami
5 February Magh Krishna 6 Wednesday In Shashthi
10 February Magh Krishna 11 Monday After Bhadra
16 February Falguni Krishna 1 Sunday In Dwitiya
17 February Falguni Krishna 2 Monday Before Bhadra
19 February Falguni Krishna 4 Wednesday In Panchami
20 February Falguni Krishna 5 Thursday Ahoratra
21 February Falguni Krishna 6 Friday In Swati
24 February Falguni Krishna 9 Monday Other than Bhadra (In Mool)
26 February Falguni Krishna 12 Wednesday After Vyatipaat (In Dwadashi)
2 March Falguni Shukla 1 Sunday In Dwitiya
3 March Falguni Shukla 2 Monday In Dwitiya & Tritiya
5 March Falguni Shukla 5 Wednesday In Ashwini
12 March Falguni Shukla 11 Wednesday After Bhadra (In Pushya)
13 March Falguni Shukla 12 Thursday In Dwadashi
16 April Vaishakh Krishna 1 Wednesday Dwitiya conjoining in Swati
20 April Vaishakh Krishna 5 Sunday In Shashthi
24 April Vaishakh Krishna 10 Thursday Other than Bhadra
25 April Vaishakh Krishna 11 Friday In Shatabhisha
2 May Vaishakh Shukla 3 Friday Tritiya conjoining in Mrigashira
4 May Vaishakh Shukla 5 Sunday Ahoratra
5 May Vaishakh Shukla 6 Monday Shashthi
9 May Vaishakh Shukla 10 Friday Ahoratra
11 May Vaishakh Shukla 11 Sunday In Dwadashi
18 May Jyeshtha Krishna 4 Sunday In Panchami
19 May Jyeshtha Krishna 5 Monday Ahoratra
23 May Jyeshtha Krishna 10 Friday Other than Bhadra
25 May Jyeshtha Krishna 12 Sunday In Dwadashi
30 May Jyeshtha Shukla 2 Friday Ahoratra
2 June Jyeshtha Shukla 4 Monday After Bhadra (In Pushya)
4 June Jyeshtha Shukla 6 Wednesday In Ashlesha
8 June Jyeshtha Shukla 10 Sunday Bhadra’s Sun in Chitra
9 June Jyeshtha Shukla 11 Monday Other than Bhadra
15 June Aashadh Krishna 3 Sunday Before Bhadra
18 June Aashadh Krishna 6 Wednesday Before Bhadra
22 June Aashadh Krishna 10 Sunday After Bhadra (In Ashwini)
29 June Aashadh Shukla 2 Sunday Ahoratra
30 June Aashadh Shukla 3 Monday In Tritiya
2 July Aashadh Shukla 5 Wednesday Before Vyatipaat

More On Vidyarambh Sanskar Muhurat In 2014

Vidyarambh Sanskar can be started in the most auspicious Vidyarambh Muhurat in 2014 with the offering of prayers to the Goddess of education - Saraswathi, and Lord of knowledge - Ganesh. After seeking blessings, the teacher introduces the child to his/her first alphabet. While doing this, the Guru sits in the East direction and the child is made to sit in the West. After Vidyarambh Sanskar, the teacher is presented with new clothes, money and sweets; while the child seeks the teachers blessings. The most appropriate time to begin a child’s education is when the child turns 5. But, now-a-days, the age limit has come down to 3-4.

Nakshatra, Tithi & Day For Vidyarambh Sanskar Muhurat In 2014

As per astrology, Ashwini, Swati, Chitra, Shravan, Abhijit, Hast, Pushya, Revathi, Anuradha, Jyestha and Punarvasu are recognised as auspicious Nakshatras (constellations). While 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 10th, 11th and 12th are recognised as good Tithis (dates) for Vidyarambh Sanskar in 2014; and Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday are recognised as the auspicious days according to the astrology.

We hope, our Vidyarambh Sanskar Muhurat 2014 has come of help to you. Give your child the best education and set the path for their bright future.

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