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Sun Transits into Taurus : Horoscope

Author: Acharya Ram Hari Sharma | Last Updated: Fri 14 May 2010 3:02:18 PM

By Acharya Ram Hari Sharma

Sankranti days (the day of Sun changing the sign) is very significant in Indian culture. It is considered to very pious in India. On the Sankranti days, people take holy bath in river Ganga and usually worship lord Vishnu on Sankranti days. It is said that if someone donates a thing on Sankranti days, he gets that thing in multiplied manners.

Vrishabh Sankranti is the day of transition of the Sun, the solar powerhouse, into the Taurus sign. This event generally happens during 13th to 15th of May every year. This year Sun is changing its sign from Aries to Taurus on May 15 in the early morning hours at 03.07:02. As per astrology, this Sankranti day is falling on Pratipada.

Panchang details of this day:
Date: 15 May 2010
Place: Delhi (India)
Lunar Month: Nija Vaishakh Shukla
Tithi: Pratipada (10.73 % Left)
Vedic Day: Friday
Nakshtra: Rohini (Mo) (92.82 % Left)
Yoga: Atigandda (Mo) (69.97 % left)
Karan: Bava (Su) (21.46 % Left)
Sun Rise: 05:31:11 (May 14, 2010)
Sun Set: 19:00:05 (May 15, 2010)
Ayanamsa: 24:00:7.04
Sidereal Time: 18:16:03

When Sun transit through Taurus, it becomes most active. But as Taurus is a fixed sign, so things start moving a bit slow. During this period, mother earth gets maximum heat from Sun. This is a symbol of great tap being made by earth to provide the fruit in form of rain in upcoming months. In mundane astrology, the occurrence of Vrishabh Sankratni is very significant. Ancient astrologers used to observe the day carefully to predict the rain in coming season. They were very accurate in predicting the weather conditions of upcoming season too. It helps farmers in deciding the future crops.

In predictive astrology, Sun’s transit plays a pivotal role in forecasting various things. The following results are generally seen by the people of certain signs while transition of the Sun through Taurus while there is no Vedha from other planets in Gochara.

Aries: For the Arians, Sun transiting through 2nd gives challenging situation on the monetary front. During this month, you may not get desired result. Minor health problems may arise.

Taurus: Sun will transit though 1st house. It indicates mixed results. During this month, you should be extra conscious about health, especially those who are engaged in physically works. Disputes among family members cannot be ruled out. At working places, superior may not like your work. So be calm and offer water to Sun daily with any Surya Mantra.

Gemini: Sun will transit through 12th house. You should be extra careful in dealing finance. Loss of wealth is indicated. Those who are directly connected with finance dealing should handle it very carefully. Some unnecessary allegation may usurp, therefore be cautious.

Cancer: Sun will transit through 11th house. Auspicious results are seen to Cancerians. This is the time to meet your boss for any new projects. Your position will be recognized by superiors.  There may also be some enhancement in your prestige. You can accept gain through many sources.

Leo:  Sun will transit through 10th house. It is quite favorable period for you. You can accept promotions or commendations by superiors. This is perfect period to raise a new horizon. Those who are in government jobs will get honors and awards from their departments.

Virgo:  Sun will transit through 9th house. Sun in ninth house does not give auspicious results. It may create some problems at working places. They may face some false allegations. Your ideas may clash with that of your family members. Change of places may occur during this period.

Libra:  Sun will transit through 8th house. The Sun's transit through the eighth house could incur loss and bodily suffering. You may suffer with diseases like blood pressure, piles, homoroids stomach related problems. Extra care is required.

Scorpio:  Sun will transit trough 7th house. No good results are seen. Wife and children’s health may deteriorate. Numbers of enemies may increase. Superiors may not like your work. Inauspicious results are foreseen. Traveling is on cards, but no fruit from traveling is indicated.

Sagittarius: Sun will transit through 6th house and it will give you success in every field of life. You will start overcoming all the obstacles in life. Enemies will be suppressed. Overall, it is an enjoyable time to you.

Capricorn: Sun will transit through 5th house. It will block the chances of success in competitive exams. There may be differences between you and children. Your children may not give ear to your advice also. Stomach related problem may arise. Be careful with health and children related matters.
Aquarius:  Sun will transit through 4th house. It blocks happiness and comforts. Family relations get worsen. Mental tensions may increase. Avoid arguments with seniors and well wishers.

Pisces: Sun will transit through 3rd house. It gives generally auspicious results. Your position and authority level might increase. Financial gains are on the cards. Your good work will be recognized by seniors. Good time.

To consult Acharya Ram Hari Sharma, please click here.


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