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Wedding Time Determination by Astrology

Last Updated: 3/5/2012 1:57:33 PM

wedding time, marriage time

By S N Rao

Marriage & Relationship fructify in the sub-periods of planets signifying marriage/relationship. Therefore, it is very important that we understand the method of analyzing the dasa (main period) and bhukti (sub-period) results. The results of the general significations of the sub period lord depend upon its strength, placement, conjunction and aspects to the same. The significations of the house of placement are activated when transit planets create benefic or malefic influences on the sub-period lord, depending upon their functional nature whether benefic or malefic. In the sub-period of a planet, the following significations are activated:

1. The general significations of the planet. For example the Sun rules father, social status, position with the government, male child, digestive system, heart, blood pressure, etc.

2. The significations of the houses where the planet is placed.

3. During the sub-period of a planet all the impacts on the house, i.e the sign in which it is placed, the house in which it is placed, the constellation in which it is placed and the sub in which the planet is placed, can be determined. A strong functional benefic planet either in natal or transit influencing the sub period planet through positive aspects would be blessing the native with good or very good results.

Venus and Jupiter are significators of marriage for males and females, respectively. Venus—the house, sign and sub-division of signs, it is placed in, the planets it is conjoined with or aspecting it should be judged for males. Good aspects to marriage significators from eleventh house are much stronger than from other houses. Fruitful signs on the cusps of the 1st, 5th, and 7th houses are conducive to early marriage/fruition of love affairs.

Seventh house—the sign on the cusp, planets in the house and in trine or square to it as well as those in 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th to it alongwith those aspecting the house exert influence on it.

The lord of the 7th house —the sign and sub-division it is placed in and planets associated with or aspecting it modify the effects for better or worse.

The planets closely influencing the 7th house through aspects create positive or negative conditions for marriage. Marriage can take place in the sub-periods of the strong planets placed in the houses signifying marriage. These planets become additional secondary significators of marriage. If the dasha planet and the significator of marriage are strong and there is no affliction to the houses signifying marriage, the marriage takes place in the sub period. A positive influence from transit position of planet activates marriage. The good strength of Venus hastens the process. Jupiter's passage through the 2nd house is productive of monetary gain and if Jupiter be the lord of the 7th house or posited there (in 7th) in the nativity or Jupiter's passage through the 2nd synchronises with directions of marriage, there may be gain from the alliance. Saturn's passage through the 7th house may bring about quarrels with the loved one or wife/husband. There may be some sad affairs, if the prevailing directions are also unfavourable, but if Saturn be lord of the 7th house, this would not be evil. It may bring about marriage if the current period so indicate.

The delay in marriage is caused by:

  1. The close influence of the functional malefic planets or the most malefic planet and secondary significators for marriage
  2. maha dasha planet signifying marriage being weak or badly placed and/or afflicted by the most malefic or a functional malefic planet.
  3. When the maha dasha planet and sub period planets are weak and/or are afflicted.
  4. When the lords of the eighth and/or twelfth houses are weak, badly placed and are afflicted. The influence of the functional malefic planets delays while the influence of the most malefic planet delays inordinately and/or denies. The malefic influence of the most malefic planet cannot be mellowed without persistent performance of the appropriate astral remedies.

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