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West Bengal Elections : Dadi or Didi this time?

Last Updated: 5/11/2011 4:56:28 PM

West Bengal Elections

By VGR Pawan

This is the ironic phrase which we find everywhere in the internet regarding the West Bengal elections. After reading an interesting article regarding them, I tried to figure out the outcome of this battle. I want to know “whether Mamata Banarjee will become the CM of west Bengal or not?”

As we all know west Bengal is a fort for “communists” for almost half of the century, but recent incidents are causing some anxiety in their camp. Mamata Banarjee showed significant difference in “panchayath” as well as “Parliament” elections. Whether her momentum continues or not is to be decided yet.

I am trying to predict the result through the principles of KP. Here Ascendant will represent “Mamata” whereas the 7th house stands for CPI.

As usual the 6th sub lord shows loss to the opponent whereas gain to the person represented by the Ascendant. If the sublord of this 6th house is connected to 6-10-11 houses especially at the sub level there will surely be victory.

Here the 6th sub lord is Jupiter; he is in the star and sub of Kethu. Kethu is in the 9th house whereas she was in the star of Mars and also denotes its sign lord Mercury both are in 7th house. At first this is not a favorable testimony, but Kethu was aspected by Saturn from Ascendant being lord of the 6th and deposited in the star of Moon lord of the 11th in 10th house. Therefore Kethu is strong through Saturn and enables Jupiter to turn into a benefic at least in the dasa of Saturn!

The 10th sub lord of power and authority is again Jupiter! The above interpretation holds good. The 11th sub lord is Venus lord of 2 in 7 in the star of Mercury and sub of Saturn. Mercury is lord of 10th in 7th house whereas as Saturn is the strongest significator for 10-11 houses. Hence 10-11 houses are strong.

Lastly if we check the 12th sub lord we find that it is Saturn! This is the marvel of KP, earlier we had a doubt whether 6th sub lord is strong enough for “Mamatha” or not. But by cross checking the 12th sub lord we are clear that as she cannot lose at the hands of Communists then she must win against then and 6th cusp supports her. Saturn in the star of Moon and own sub made him strongest for 10-11 houses.

Here there is one important point which should be assessed carefully. The dasa Bhukthi lords Saturn and Mercury are strong for Mamatha banerjee (Mercury though in 7 he is in the sub of Saturn the dasa lord and strong planet for 6-10-11 houses). But the anthara lord is Sun lord of 12 is in 8 in the star of Venus and sub of Mercury both being in 7th house. Then how can we say that there will be victory for Mamatha in such a weak anthara period!

Our wise teacher Sri KSK ever told that if a planet say “A” is in the star or sub of a planet who is indicating certain event then that event will happen in the conjoined period of the said “A” and star lord or sub lord. This hint is worth millions for us.

Here Saturn is strong and mercury in his sub is a benefic as Bhukthi lord will never say no to dasa lord he must offer the result of Saturn. Similarly Anthara lord will never say no to the Bhukthi lord especially if is in the star or sub of anthara lord. Therefore Sun being in the sub of Mercury who is the Bhukthi lord must obey him and offer the result promised by Mercury.

Incidentally the star on May-13 is “Uthara” a constellation ruled by Sun in the sign of Mercury. Sun is in own star and moon sub. Mercury will be in Kethu star and Venus sub. Saturn will be in own sub. Therefore transit supports the conclusion.

Therefore it can be said that in spite of strong “opposition” by the communists the Trinamool congress leader Mamatha Banarjee, supported by the congress party, will win the battle and become the Chief Minister for West Bengal.
The above article is of academic interest only the public verdict is ultimate.

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