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What is Scientology?

Last Updated: 12/14/2011 1:08:28 PM


It is difficult to summarize the above said expression since it encompasses a huge amount of material and ingredients. Scientology is a religion that offers a definite path leading to a complete understanding of one’s true spiritual nature, one’s relationship to self, family, groups, mankind, all forms of life, the material and spiritual universe and the Supreme Being.

Similar to other religions it believes in life beyond death. It also prescribes certain ways and means by which one can attain salvation and immortality in the hereafter. Traditionally “Salvation” is understood as going to a heavenly place after death which is expressed in different ways under different religions. Similarly there are certain religions which believe that it is not a place one goes to but it is a state of being. For instance Zen Buddhism, Hindu Lamaism, Gnosticism and Scientology believe that your salvation is a state of being and not so much a place you go to.

One must note that Scientology believes in the transmigration of the soul. Scientology like Hinduism of Lamaism seeks to break free from the endless “death and birth cycle”. It further seeks to break free of the constantly perishing body and the physical universe and to attain an independent spirit.

One must consistently remember that all religions certainly have ways and means to attain salvation. For instance the Path to salvation in Christianity is belief and affirmation of Jesus as your personal savior. The Path in some Buddhist and Hindu religions contains certain meditation techniques and importantly in Scientology people undergo a process known as the “Bridge to Total Freedom.”

The Bridge is a set of processes or techniques that a person undergoes. This is called “auditing”. Scientology consists of a body of knowledge which branches and develops from certain fundamental truths namely that man is an immortal spiritual being, his experience and journey extends well beyond a single lifetime, his capabilities are unlimited even if not presently realized.

It is important to remember that Scientology addresses the spirit and not the body or mind and believes that Man is far more beyond a product of his environment or his genes. The spirit travels beyond the usual course of life. This discipline essentially teaches an individual to be good and further that his spiritual salvation is contingent on his acts how he reacts. Under Scientology one is not expected to adopt a religion or a path since its ultimate goal is true spiritual enlightenment and freedom for all.

It is pertinent to realize that Scientology follows a long tradition of religious practice. Its roots lie in beliefs and aspirations of all great religions. Interestingly though it draws on wisdom of some 50,000 years, it is apparently a new religion which has developed fundamental laws of life and which has devised a technology that can be applied to help people achieve a happier and more spiritual existence.

In this new millennium, most individuals have no real grasp of the factors that govern their existence. And yet, simply stated, if they had a greater understanding of themselves and their fellows, they would be able to improve conditions and help themselves and others to live happier lives.

To realize that there is life beyond the material existence and that one must consistently make efforts to move beyond that material existence is important and required. Your surroundings, your approach, your aptitude and attitude should collectively realize that journey beyond the term of life can be beautiful only when the foundation is laid during life. This is the purpose of Scientology: to enable Man to improve his lot through understanding. It considers Man to be a spiritual being with more to him than flesh and blood.

Scientology believes that an individual advances to a degree where he preserves his spiritual integrity and values and remains honest and decent. It holds that since man is basically and essentially good, he is capable of spiritual betterment. And it is the goal of Scientology to bring him to a point where he is capable of sorting out the factors in his own life and solving his own problems.

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