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What might be the fate of Gaddafi?

Last Updated: 5/10/2011 2:42:25 PM

What might be the fate of Gaddafi

By VGR Pawan

Libya is witnessing a severe wreck as there has been a serious fight between the stylish dictator Gaddafi and his rebels supported by UN. Billions of dollars of assets and innocent civilians were smashed into ashes. Forces made it clear that this tug will continue till they pin down the dictator, whereas the later is trying hard to repel ferociously and retain his reign. In this scenario an urge came to my mind to know the fate of Gaddafi and immediately I took the horary map for analysis as follows:

Here I assumed that the ascendant will denote the dictator (though he is foreigner to me who reflect in the 9th house). The following are the rules which we should bear in mind while analyzing the map.

As per KP if the Ascendant co-rulers especially the sub lord is connected with the Maraka & Badaka houses then life span is very less.

Ruling planets at the time of judgment will be the significators for Maraka-Badaka houses if span is less.

We have to check the transit and verify whether the significators for death house are transiting in the stars and subs of dire malefics or not. This is to be done if we find that the life will end in less than a month. (This is my opinion).

Now reverting to the map we find that the ascendant was co-ruled by Sun-Kethu-Kethu as sign-Star-Sub lords respectively.

Sun is in the 9th house (Badaka house for Leo asce.) in the star of Venus and sub of Saturn. Venus is lord of 10 in 8 and Saturn is lord of 6-7 in 2nd house (2-7 houses are Maraka houses). Note that Sun is lord of the 2nd house also.

Kethu is in the 11th house but conjoined with Moon lord of 12th house. Kethu is in the star of Mars and sub of Mercury. Mars is in 9th house whereas Mercury is very close to the 9th cusp! Further Kethu was aspected by Saturn from the 2nd house.

Therefore the co-rulers of the Ascendant are strongly connected with Maraka and Badaka houses. Hence life span is very less!

Ruling planets at the time of Judgment are Sun-Kethu-Mercury-Jupiter. Sun-Kethu was discussed earlier. Mercury was close to the 9th cusp in his own star but in the sub of Jupiter in Badaka sthana. Further Mercury rules the sub on 7th cusp. Jupiter is in 9th house in the star and sub of Kethu in 11. Though this is a good point but Kethu was with 12th lord Moon and deposited in the star of Mars who rules the star on 7th cusp and sub on 2nd cusp and occupies the 9th house. Therefore he also turns to be a malefic.

Present dasa-bhukthi lord is Jupiter, as said above not strong. In this bhukthi Mars anthara lasts till 31, May-2011. Mars is in the star of Kethu and sub of Moon. This period is highly dangerous for the dictator.

Five planets are going to transit in the star of Kethu, before the end of May. During this month 15th, 18th and 20th are dangerous dates.

As per my horary analysis chances for the survival of the Libyan leader are very remote and the period ending on 31-05-2011 is threatening for him.

Let us see what will be the decision of that “Almighty” before whom I bow.

To consult astrologer VGR Pawan, please click here - Horoscope Reading by VGR Pawan.

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