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Will I be a Millionaire? Will I become Ambani?

Author: Suchitra Das | Last Updated: Wed 16 Nov 2011 12:51:28 PM

millionaire, success, astrology

By Suchitra Das

Astrological analysis of success & fulfillment of desires

Most of us in the materialistic plane aspire for success, achievement, easy gain and fulfillment of our desires. Whether horoscope analysis through Hindu Astrological methods can predict about all these and tentative timings? Answers to all these are, no doubt, in the affirmative. In fact, people visit astrologers mostly to know all about these. To answer to all these astrological queries, the eleventh house of the natal horoscope first comes into focus. Side-by-side, study of Hora Charts, Dashamsha, Labhamsha and Ashtakavarga, Planetary Periods/Sub Periods/Sub-Sub Periods, Transits, etc. are essential to predict the timing and the extent of fulfillment. The 12 houses and their planetary lords of natal horoscope govern all the events in the life of an individual nativity. The placements of any lords of these 12 houses are considered favourable when placed in 11th house of the natal horoscope. A strong 11th house indicates success and fulfillment of intents without any struggle. For example, if 10th lord is strongly posited in 11th house without any affliction indicates easy success in professional career/quick promotions, etc.

Study of Ekadashamsha is a step forward in exploring and micro-analysing the promises of 11th house. I am aware of erecting three types of Ekadashamsha charts and delineating results there from. A strong Ekadashamsha indicates easy income with little efforts or no effort like from inheritance, gift, lottery, sweepstake, stock market, any kind of speculation, gambling etc. It also indicates the adverse trait of a person whether he is engaged in the bad habit of taking bribes or accumulating easy money through financial corruptions, etc. As such, Ekadashamsha is also called Rudramsha when the financial greed of a person knows no limit because such person always land them in serious troubles for easy gain and later-on punished. Influence of afflicted Rahu in 11th house and Ekadashamsha mostly give such type of unlimited greed and temptations for income through shortcuts by indulging in fraudulence means /cheating. This Divisional Chart also indicates unexpected happenings.

A glimpse of few important factors examined in Ekadashamsha

  1. Ekadashamsha Lagna and 11th house.
  2. Position of Jupiter who is the natural significator of wealth, expansion and happiness.
  3. Placement of planets in Ekadashamsha with reference to Indu Lagna.
  4. The disposition and strength of Indu Lagna lord in Ekadashamsha.
  5. Existence of planetary combinations for wealth. Large number of such combinations indicates huge wealth.
  6. Moon should be unafflicted and well disposed in order to instill purity and sagacity in mind for following righteous path.
  7. Number of planets in Kendra and Trikone houses of Ekadashamsha including 2H & 11H.

Tentative indications of houses in Ekadashamsha

1H: Individual gains or losses.
2H: Gain or losses through family/blood relations.
3H: Gain through communication (writing/speaking), siblings, etc.
4H: Gain though moveable and immovable properties.
5H: Gain through children/expenditure on children, speculation, lottery, stock market, intuition, etc.
6H: Income through commission, medical services (other than hospital), legal services, etc.
7H: Gains in partnership, public dealings, etc.
8H: Gains through inventions/discoveries, inheritance, gifts, etc.
9H: Gains through father, preceptor, etc.
10H: Gain from rendering services to the Government, Monarchy, etc.
11H: Nectar of all gains.
12H: Gain from overseas/foreign collaborations, hospital etc.

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