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Know about Yogas for becoming a Doctor

Last Updated: 12/18/2010 2:23:47 PM

Suchitra Das

Significator planets related to Medical profession

When Sun, Mars and Mercury are strongly placed in the watery signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and form a relationship with the Navamsa tenth lord, the person gets success in the medical field. Sun produces Physician and Mars makes one Surgeon or a reputed Dentist. The influences of Jupiter over such planetary correlation boost up the significations and chances of a person to a tremendous high.

Analysis of Profession through Atmakarak Planet

If auspicious planets aspect Atmakarak planet, Sun or Rahu, the person runs a business of medicines. If they have an auspicious influence, the person gets success in the medical field. The Atmakarak planet is the one, which has highest degrees in a Natal Horoscope (excluding Rahu and Ketu). It is most commonly used term in Jaimini Astrology and put into practice for making predictions.

Yogas of becoming a Doctor

 If Sun, Mars and Mercury or Sun, Mercury and Jupiter form a conjunction with the ascendant, second, fifth or tenth house in the Virgo, Scorpio or Aquarius sign, the person may become a good doctor. Sun makes a person self-confident and Mars makes him courageous. Jupiter is a divine planet that permits a person to administer medicine to another person curing him in a humane manner. Moon permits a native to deal with poisonous substances and watch people to suffer in agony of pain and diseases.  

 When Sun is located in tenth house and forms a conjunction with Mars and Venus, the person becomes a surgeon. This Yoga motivates the person to move ahead in this field with confidence.

 The conjunction of Sun and Saturn in tenth house helps the person to become a child specialist. However, it is also said that if Saturn and Sun form a conjunction in any house, the auspicious results of that house is ought to get affected.

 If Mars and Saturn form a conjunction in tenth house, the person becomes a dentist. Hence, for a person to get associated with medical field, the tenth house/lord should form a relationship with the house of diseases in his birth chart.
 If Mars is in tenth house and in Libra sign, the person becomes a surgeon.

 If Venus and Mars form an aspect relationship or conjunction and Sun aspects them, the chance of a person of becoming a surgeon become eminent.

 Conjunction of Venus and Moon and aspect of Sun on these planets makes a person a physician.

 The correlation of Sun, Venus and Moon with sixth or twelfth house of a horoscope influencing the house of profession can groom a person to be Gynecologist & Obstetrician.  

 As the Medical Science itself is a vast subject, there are several such astrological yogas and varying factors in astrology in diverting a person in various fields of medical science.    

 These yogas are general in nature and should be applied as verbatim while analysing a horoscope and making predictions. 

Last but not least, as it is said to be dangerous of taking self-medication without under the able guidance of a physician, the same principle applies in case of astrology, too. One should deter from predicting future and take astrological remedies of his own especially, the gemstones, on the basis of sketchy knowledge of the subject because the same may prove to be counterproductive inspite of getting the desired result. It is always advisable to consult an expert astrologer when the question of astrology is concerned.

To consult astrologer Suchitra Das, please click here.
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