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Muhurat 2020 | Auspicious Timings 2020

Last Updated: 9/25/2019 12:19:29 PM

muhurat 2020Muhurat 2020: A muhurat is the auspicious time, in which, when we perform essential tasks, there are higher chances of attaining desired results. That is why one always calculates Muhurat for all Vedic rituals and worship. As a matter of fact, all the major sixteen samskaras (Garbhadhan, Punsavan, Seemantonnayan, Jaat Karam, Namkaran, Nishkraman, Annaprashan, Chudakaram, Vidyarambh, Karnavedha, Yagyopavita, Keshanta, Samavartana, Vivah, and Antyeshti) of Hinduism begin before the birth of a native and end posthumously. According to astrology, planetary constellation favourably affects the work done in a Shubh Muhurat. This specific time creates the most advantageous conditions for the aforementioned job.

Muhurat 2020

As specified in the shastras, one should organize every auspicious function and ceremony, especially the 16 sanskars in a Shubh Muhurat. Below is the list of the samskaras and their Muhurat 2020:

  1. Vivah Muhurat 2020
  2. Annaprashan Muhurat 2020
  3. Karnavedha Muhurat 2020
  4. Upanayana Muhurat 2020
  5. Vidyarambh Muhurat 2020
  6. Griha Pravesh Muhurat 2020
  7. Mundan Muhurat 2020
  8. Namkaran Muhurat 2020

What Is A Muhurat?

The Shastras describe the significance of Muhurat in detail. A Sanskrit shloka about the same goes:

काल: शुभ क्रियायोग्यो मुहूर्त इति कथ्यते। मुहूर्त दर्शन, विद्यामाधवीय
kāla: śubha kriyāyogyo Muhurat iti kathyate। Muhurat darśana, vidyāmādhavīya

Meaning, the time which is worthy of doing some auspicious work in, is called Muhurat. The calculations of Muhurat 2020 depend upon the Vedic Panchang, which is a composition of five (panch) parts (ang).

Many texts and scriptures were composed by sages, Rishis, and astrological scholars on Muhurat. These include Muhurat Shastra, Martand, Muhurat Chintamani, Muhurat Mala, Muhurat Ganapati, Muhurat Sindhu, Muhurat Prakash, Muhurat Deepak, and more.

दिनस्य यः पञ्चदशो विभागो रात्रेस्तथा तद्धि मुहूर्तमानं।
नक्षत्र नाथ प्रमिते मुहूर्ते, मौहूर्तिकारस्तत्समकर्ममाहु: ।। - श्रीपति

dinasya yaḥ pañcadaśo vibhāgo rātrestathā taddhi muhūrtamānaṃ।
nakṣatra nātha pramite muhūrte, mauhūrtikārastatsamakarmamāhu: ।। - Shripati

As explained in Muhurat 2020, according to the calculation of Vedic Panchang, a Muhurat lasts for about two Ghati (48 minutes). However, this is only true when both day and night are equal, or in simpler terms when the day is 12 hours long, and so is the night. In such a situation, there are 15 Muhurats in the day and an equal number of them at night. In the same vein, when there is no uniformity between the duration of day and night, the number of Muhurats also varies.

Calculating Muhurat 2020 With Panchang

In Hinduism, along with the Muhurat 2020, one also considers the Panchang for the month, Tithi, day, date, and nakshatras. As a matter of fact, the calculations for Muhurat of every festival and celebration in the Hindu religion also depends upon the Vedic Panchang. The Panchang consists of five parts, namely, Date, Day, Nakshatra, Yoga, and Karan.


Just as there is a date in the Gregorian calendar, similarly there is a Tithi in the Vedic Panchang (As explained in Muhurat 2020). However, the big difference between these two is that a Date begins at midnight (12 o'clock) and changes at 12 o'clock the next night. However, usually, a Tithi prevails from one sunrise to another. Many a time, two Tithis can also fall on the same day. In this scenario, the Tithi which had no connection with a sunrise (i.e., could not see a sunrise) is called Kshay Tithi.

Similarly, when a single Tithi continues for two sunrises, then that is called Vriddhi Tithi. One month (mas in Hindi/Sanskrit) has thirty tithis, out of which 15 belong to Krishna Paksha and 15 to Shukla Paksha. The last date of Shukla Paksha is called Purnima, and that of Krishna Paksha is Amavasya.

  • Shukla Paksha – Pratipada, Dwitiya, Tritiya, Chaturthi, Panchami, Shashthi, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami, Dashmi, Ekadashi, Dwadashi, Trayodashi, Chaturdashi, Poornima.

  • Krishna Paksha – Pratipada, Dwitiya, Tritiya, Chaturthi, Panchami, Shashthi, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami, Dashmi, Ekadashi, Dwadashi, Trayodashi, Chaturdashi, Amavasya.

There are many rituals that one should not perform on specific dates. For example, one should not organize the Griha Pravesh (housewarming ceremony) on Amavasya or Poornima as it is not auspicious.

Muhurat 2020: Vaar (Day)

A day is called Vaar in the Panchang.

There are seven days in a week - Somwar, Mangalwar, Budhwar, Brihaspatiwar/Guruwar, Shukrawar, Shaniwar, and Ravivar (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday respectively). Here every day has its own nature, and due to their unique characteristic, a Muhurat is determined. For example, many religious rituals should not occur on Tuesday. Therefore, while calculating Muhurat 2020, the day is also taken into consideration.

Muhurat 2020: Nakshatra

The 27 nakshatras have a great significance in the Vedic Astrology. Each of these nakshatras has a specific nature, with which they influence the native, born under it. Thus they are taken into account every time an astrologer calculates a Shubh Muhurat 2020. Below, we are describing these essential details about each of these 27 nakshatras:

Nakshatra Zodiac Sign Ruling Lord Deity Degree Range
Ashwini Aries Ketu Ashwini Kumars 0 - 13:20 degree
Bharani Aries Venus Yama 13°20' to 26°40'
Krittika Aries-Taurus Sun Agni Aries 26°40' to Taurus 10°00'
Rohini Taurus Moon Brahma Taurus 10°00' to 23°20'
Mrigashira Taurus - Gemini Mars Soma Taurus 23°20' to Gemini 6°40'
Ardra Gemini Rahu Rudra Gemini 6°40' to 20°00'
Punarvasu Gemini - Cancer Jupiter Aditi Gemini 20°00' to Cancer 3°20'
Pushya Cancer Saturn Brihaspati Cancer 3°20' to 16°40'
Ashlesha Cancer Mercury Nagas Cancer 16°40' to 30°00'
Magha Leo Ketu Pitras (Ancestors) Leo 0°00' to 13°20'
Purva Phalguni Leo Venus Bhaga Leo 13°20' to 26°40'
Uttara Phalguni Leo - Virgo Sun Aryaman Leo 26°40' to Virgo 10°00'
Hasta Virgo Moon Savitr (Surya) Virgo 10°00' to 23°20'
Chitra Virgo - Libra Mars Tvashtri - Vishvakarma Virgo 23°20' to Libra 6°40'
Swati Libra Rahu Vayu Dev Libra 6°40' to 20°00'
Vishakha Libra - Scorpio Jupiter Indragni (Indra+Agni) Libra 20°00' to Scorpio 3°20'
Anuradha Scorpio Scorpio Mitra Scorpio 3°20' to 16°40'
Jyeshta Scorpio Mercury Indra Scorpio 16°40' to 30°00'
Moola Sagittarius Ketu Niritti Sagittarius 0°00' to 13°20'
Purva Ashada Sagittarius Venus Apas Sagittarius 13°20' to 26°40'
Uttara Ashadha Sagittarius - Capricorn Sun Vishwadeva Sagittarius 26°40' to Capricorn 10°00'
Abhijit Capricorn Mercury Brahma Capricorn 06° 40' to 10° 53' 20
Shravana Capricorn Moon Vishnu Capricorn 10°00' to 23°20'
Dhanishta Capricorn - Aquarius Mars Vasu Capricorn 23°20' to Aquarius 6°40'
Shatabishak Aquarius Rahu Varun Dev Aquarius 6°40' to 20°00'
Purva Bhadrapada Aquarius - Pisces Jupiter Ajaikapada dev Aquarius 20°00' to Pisces 3°20'
Uttara Bhadrapada Pisces Saturn Ahirbudhnya Pisces 3°20' to 16°40'
Revati Pisces Mercury Pushan Pisces 16°40' to 30°00'

Yoga Depending on the positions of the Sun and the Moon, there are a total of 27 yogas in the Panchang. Each of these has a unique nature and position. Of these 27 yogas, nine are extremely inauspicious and doing any auspicious work during those is prohibited. As for the remaining Panchang Yogas, they are capable of yielding favourable results according to their characteristics. Hence, we always consider the yogas while calculating Muhurat 2020. Let us find out about the different specifications of each of the 27 panchang yogas:

Panchang Yoga Nature Degree Range Various Tasks & Specifications
Vishkumbha Inauspicious 0 Sign 0 Degree 0 Minutes to 0 Sign 13 Degree 20 Minutes Vishkumbha means a pot filled with poison. Hence this is an inauspicious yoga, and doing anything at this time will be unsuccessful.
Preeti Auspicious 0 Sign 13 Degree 20 Minutes to 0 Sign 26 Degree 40 Minutes Preeti means love. Tasks done during this yoga helps one earn name and respect. Natives resolve their differences and win the hearts of their loved ones back.
Ayushman Auspicious 0 Sign 26 Degree 40 Minutes to 1 Sign 10 Degree 0 Minutes Ayushman indicates longevity. Tasks that are done in this yoga give favourable results for a long time.
Saubhagya Auspicious 1 Sign 10 Degree 0 Minutes to 1 Sign 23 Degree 20 Minutes Saubhagya means prosperity. Fate sides with the native during this yoga and tasks done in it offer favourable results. This yoga is also auspicious for an exemplary marital life.
Shobhan Auspicious 1 Sign 23 Degree 20 Minutes to 2 Sign 6 Degree 40 Minutes Shobhan means beautiful. Travelling in this yoga is considered very auspicious. One enjoys the trip and attain success in the reason behind it as well.
Atigand Inauspicious 2 Sign, 6 Degree 40 Minutes to 2 Sign 20 Degree 0 Minutes Atigand is a sorrowful yoga. Thus, one should avoid starting any task at this time because it will lead the native to stress, grief, depression, and despair.
Sukarma Auspicious 2 Sign, 20 Degree 0 Minutes to 3 Sign 3 Degree 20 Minutes Sukarma means one who does good things. Tasks done in this yoga are successful. Any auspicious functions at home or beginning of a job should be done at this time.
Dhriti Auspicious 3 Sign 3 Degree 20 Minutes to 3 Sign 16 Degree 40 Minutes Commencing any task in this yoga is considered exceedingly favourable. Laying the foundation stone, doing yoga for Bhoomi Pujan, etc. tasks done in this yoga yield beneficial results.
Shool Inauspicious 3 Sign 16 Degree 40 Minutes to 4 Sign 0 Degree 0 Minutes Shool means a thorn, which gives pain. Thus one should not commence any tasks in this yoga, because not only it will be unsuccessful but will also be painful throughout life.
Gand Inauspicious 4 Sign 0 Degree 0 Minutes to 4 Sign 13 Degree 20 Minutes Since this is an inauspicious yoga, one should avoid doing any good deeds during it. It only creates and increases complications and problems which do not get resolved quickly.
Vriddhi Auspicious 4 Sign 13 Degree 20 Minutes to 4 Sign 26 Degree 40 Minutes Vriddhi means growth and brings promotion in life. This yoga is very favourable for beginning a new business or job, and natives advance in their professional life.
Dhruva Auspicious 4 Sign 26 Degree 40 Minutes to 5 Sign 10 Degree 0 Minutes One should undertake tasks that offer Stability in the Dhruva yoga, like laying of foundation stone or construction of a building. This yoga is not suitable for works of an unstable nature.
Vyaghata Inauspicious 5 Sign 10 Degree 0 Minutes to 5 Sign 23 Degree 20 Minutes This yoga gives pain and suffering in life. One should not undertake any new tasks in this yoga or interfere in other’s tasks because that only increases the possibility of pain and problems.
Harshan Auspicious 5 Sign 23 Degree 20 Minutes to 6 Sign 6 Degree 40 Minutes Harshan yoga gives happiness. Thus, any task done at this time will bring you joy. However, no tasks concerning one’s ancestors and pitras should be undertaken in this yoga.
Vajra Inauspicious 6 Sign 6 Degree 40 Minutes to 6 Sign 20 Degree 0 Minutes Vajra is harsh and is therefore considered an inauspicious yoga. No such task should be done at this time, which may give you pain. Buying of vehicle, precious metals, and new clothes should also not be undertaken.
Siddhi Auspicious 6 Sign 20 Degree 0 Minutes to 7 Sign 3 Degree 20 Minutes Siddhi signifies success. Any tasks undertaken in this yoga will be successful. It also offers auspicious results if one wants siddhi in mantra chanting.
Vyatipata Inauspicious 7 Sign 3 Degree 20 Minutes to 7 Sign 16 Degree 40 Minutes Doing anything in the Vyatipata yoga will lead to a loss. Thus, one should avoid starting any good deeds in this yoga because its results will not be in your favour.
Variyan Auspicious 7 Sign 16 Degree 40 Minutes to 8 Sign 0 Degree 0 Minutes Variyan yoga offers success in all tasks. All auspicious deeds should be started in this yoga, but none related with one’s ancestors.
Parigha Inauspicious 8 Sign 0 Degree 0 Minutes to 8 Sign 13 Degree 20 Minutes Parigha yoga is inauspicious in general but proves to be favourable for specific tasks. Mainly attacking your enemies or filing a case in court in this duration gives success to natives.
Shiva Auspicious 8 Sign 13 Degree 20 Minutes to 8 Sign 26 Degree 40 Minutes This yoga, named after Lord Shiva is extremely auspicious. Religious and auspicious tasks can be undertaken at this time. Shiva yoga is the best yoga for worship.
Siddha Auspicious 8 Sign 26 Degree 40 Minutes to 9 Sign 10 Degree 0 Minutes Siddha yoga is most favourable for commencing tasks where you need to learn. Beginning one’s studies or initiation for mantra initiation can be done in this yoga.
Sadhya Auspicious 9 Sign 10 Degree 0 Minutes to 9 Sign 23 Degree 20 Minutes Sadhya yoga offers the best results for learning any discipline. Due to this, one attains success in their tasks as they are able to concentrate better.
Shubh Auspicious 9 Sign 23 Degree 20 Minutes to 10 Sign 6 Degree 40 Minutes This yoga is considered very auspicious, like its namesake and offers success in all tasks. Doing tasks in this yoga brings success and fame to people and they become powerful.
Shukla Auspicious 10 Sign 6 Degree 40 Minutes to 10 Sign 20 Degree 0 Minutes In this yoga, all kinds of work get accomplished. God’s grace and success in mantra siddhi are received in this time. Additionally, one enjoys the tasks they undertake in this duration.
Brahm Auspicious 10 Sign 20 Degree 0 Minutes to 11 Sign 3 Degree 20 Minutes Brahm yoga is an auspicious yoga. Tasks which need patience and peace can be done in this like winning over a loved one or resolving a dispute.
Aindra Auspicious 11 Sign 3 Degree 20 Minutes to 11 Sign 16 Degree 40 Degree Aindra yoga is very auspicious for all royal works as well as for tasks that require restraint on the senses like Yama, Niyam, and Asanas. Tasks done during morning and afternoon in this yoga are more fruitful as compared to those done at night.
Vaidhriti Inauspicious 11 Sign 16 Degree 40 Degree to 12 Sign 0 Degree 0 Minutes While this is an inauspicious yoga and no tasks should be undertaken in this time, however, if necessary one should prefer tasks of stable nature. Activities of movable nature will not yield favourable results in this yoga.

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