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Astrological Analysis of Evil Houses : A New Outlook

Author: Suchitra Das | Last Updated: Sat 2 Oct 2010 2:35:20 PM

By Suchitra Das

The learned readers may kindly recall that I had in one of my previous articles captioned ‘Astrological Analysis of House for Enemies’ appeared in this website in the recent past dwelt at length the need for a strong 6th house to wipe out enemies from the life of an individual nativity. I am confident that the learned readers have liked that article.

In the current article, I have made an attempt to critically analyze all the three evil houses with case studies and illustrations, which are house 8th (the house of death amongst other significations), house 12th (the house of expenditure amongst other significations) and to some extent house 6th (the house of enemies amongst other significations). These three houses (8th, 12th & 6th) have been defined as ‘Trika Houses’ i.e. evil houses in astrological terminology. Some times astrologers while analyzing a Natal Horoscope do not pay much importance to these ‘Dusthanas’ and concentrate them mainly on Ascendant, Kendras, Trikones and Upachaya houses as these houses contain mainly the positive traits in one’s life. But, dusthanas (the evil houses) are also equally important and more often their results are felt severely in one’s life. These dusthanas and their lords are capable of giving both bad and good results according to their setup in natal horoscopes.

The 8th house and its lord is the most malefic one in a Natal Horoscope more so in the event if it contains a Mooltrikona sign of any planet. The bad sides of the 8th house primarily include suffering from chronic diseases including undiagnosed one, sudden accident and calamities in our life as well as the source of termination of our wonderful life. No body would definitely relish such things, but these are the hard realities, which everybody should accept. Being the 3rd from 6th, it is the house for manifestation of acute diseases taking the shape of a chronic one. On the positive sides, the 8th house being a mystic house signifies success in research and analysis as well as gain through unearned wealth like lottery, dowry, gift and inheritance, etc. However, I delete dowry from the positive side of the 8th house since it is bad practice. The chart given below is in respect of a female nativity born on 27/05/1984 at 02-00 PM at Uttar Para, District Hooglee, West Bengal, India.

In the above natal chart of this female nativity, the Mercury and Moon are together in the 8th house from the Ascendant. Incidentally, it may be mentioned here that the 8th house is one of the best places in a natal horoscope for the Mercury to get into. In such a dispensation, the native possesses many good qualities like courteousness, earns huge wealth, learned, scholar and long lived amidst weak body constitution. The native of the chart was saved from a drowning accident in Gangotri in the Himalayan range when she was eight years old. The watery planet Moon in the 8th is aspected by Mars and Saturn; two functional as well as natural malefic planets caused the drowning which is always sudden and sporadic in nature. Mars and Saturn are the two natural significators for accident and 8th house is the house of accident. The location of Moon in the 8th house implies accident in water, the result of which is through drowning. But the aspect of strong 8th lord (Mars in the Nakshtra of friendly Jupiter and is with exalted Saturn) in 8th coupled with association of Moon with Ascendant Lord Mercury being aspected by Jupiter saved her life from the accident.

The 12th house, which is another dusthana, rules over expenditure, imprisonment, hospitalization, mental distress, etc. However, I interpret this house also as the house for rectification and reformation for the following reasons.

  • Being the 7th from 6th (the seat for disease), the 12th house stand as opposing house for our diseases. Any benefic planet(s) posited in the 12th house ensure our speedy recovery through hospitalization and treatment. So, 12th house is the house for rectification of our diseases. Similarly, 12th house is the 5th house from 8th house and benefic influence in the 12th house ensures our speedy recovery from accident, chronic illness etc. with the divine grace on the basis of our past good deeds.
  • Similarly, imprisonment is a mode of inflicting punishment for bad deeds, which is also tantamount to a rectifying and reformative measure against the wrongdoers’ atleast in the eyes of the established laws of the lands of the respective countries.
  • Expenditure is another mode of our rectification in which our hard earned money go into waste and we feel the pinch of the same which in turn causes erosion to the result of our past bad deeds. This is the reason why charities and donations for humble causes are prescribed as propitiatory measures in astrology.

The positive traits of the 12th house are purchase of the items of luxuries, comforts of the bed which include enjoyment of happy conjugal life, enjoyment of foreign travel, long distance journey, capability of liquidating debts with ease, broadness of mind for securing materialistic pleasure as well as final emancipation, etc. This the reason why the Great Venus, planet for enjoyment and facilitator of materialistic pleasure gets exalted in Pisces, which is the 12th house of natural zodiac. 12th house is also the best place for Venus to get into for ensuring materialistic pleasure to us, which finally leads to emancipation of our soul through sustained sacrificing measures adopted by an individual nativity aftermath enjoying the extreme materialistic pleasure. After enjoying extreme materialistic pleasure, the individual nativity losses appeal of the same and turn back him from it and adopt the spiritual path, which leads to a final emancipation of the soul in a real helm of affair. An inconspicuous 12th house makes a nativity miser who becomes unable to enjoy his life. Following are a few Yogas emanated from the Dusthanas (evil houses 8th, 6th and 12th).

The 6th, 8th and 12th lords if related without aspect or conjunction of other house lords, give Vipareeta Raja Yoga giving sudden elevation in status of life, good finances and happiness during the Dasa of such lords. If benefics occupy the 12th, then the native is philanthropic and spends on charity or on auspicious celebrations. Jupiter in the 12th makes one religious and helps in accumulation of money by the nativity. Similarly, a strong Mercury in the 12th gives pleasing personality, inclination towards religion and opportunity to spend money on good causes. So, it can be safely concluded that the natural benefics like Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in the 8th, 6th and 12th enhance the positive traits of the Dusthanas according to the position explained above. However, Saturn in the 8th and 6th is said to be good for longevity and wiping out of enemies, respectively. The chart given below is in respect of a female nativity born on 18/10/1920 at 09-00 A.M. at Sodepur, District 24-Parganas, West Bengal, India.

In the chart given above, Ascendant is Scorpio with Venus, Mercury, Sun and Rahu are in the 12th house with none of planets are combust as Venus and Mercury are much ahead of Sun. The native was a great scholar of Sanskrit, philosophy and religion. She was the Vice Principal of a College. She had proved her prudence and wisdom from her lectures on the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. She had deep penetration in this Holy Subject and her own objectivity to explain the same. She used to visit abroad every year to deliver lectures on the holy sermons of Gita. In the process, this great lady used to earn a huge sum, which she diverted towards financing the education of needy brilliant students. Look, her Venus is in 12th house in its own Mooltrikona sign Libra and is thus very strong. Two strong natural benefics viz. Venus (lord of 12th MT) and Mercury (lord of 11th MT) in the 12th house made her philanthropic and spent money on charity. Mercury in the 12th gave her a pleasing personality. 12th lord Venus in the 12th in its own Mooltrikona house caused very strong and auspicious Vimala Yoga. She had also malefic Ketu in the 6th house of her natal horoscope. It is said that malefic Ketu in the 6th house wipe out enemies.

Adi Sankaracharya was born on 25th March 44 BC at about noon at 8N29, 76E59 with a balance of 14 years, 6 months and 29 days of Rahu Dasa at birth. Rasi: Aries – Sun 8.12, Mercury 24.6 and Venus 3; Taurus - Rahu 11.18; Gemini – Moon 9.12; Cancer – Ascendant 9.22; Scorpio – Ketu 11.18; Sagittarius – Saturn 25.30; Aquarius – Jupiter 3.36 and Pisces – Mars 2.36.

The 6th lord Jupiter and 8th lord Saturn have exchanged houses in the chart of Adi Sankaracharya. The 6th lord in the constellation of Yoga Karaka Mars who is placed in the 9th, the best trine and the house for religious pursuit. The Jupiter (the planet for wisdom and knowledge as well as religion) is in sextile to the Sun (soul), Mercury (analytical intelligence) and Venus (creative intelligence). Moreover, Jupiter is in trine to the Ascendant lord Moon who is in the 12th house (the house for spirituality and emancipation). Jupiter in the mystic and intellectual sign Aquarius aspecting the Ascendant lord Moon (the Karaka for mind) in an intellectual sign Gemini. Moreover, 8th house itself is a mystic house. In addition to these, exalted Ketu (a mystic planet) is in 5th house (the house for knowledge and wisdom), which happens to be Scorpio (the 8th house of the natural zodiac – the house of innovation as well as mystical) is aspecting the Yoga Karaka Mars in the 9th house. The net coupling result of the above planetary configuration gave Sankaracharya a profound spiritual knowledge and a penetrating mind with religious blending. It was during Jupiter Dasa that he wrote commentaries on Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita and had a triumphant tour of the country. The 6th lord Jupiter in the 8th in the constellation of Yoga Kara Mars in the instant case, which is also an aggressive planet, helped the revered preceptor Sankaracharya to conquer opponents. The strong 8th and 12th houses nurtured his spiritual aspirations.

The table below shows the generalised result of the planets according to their placement in the evil houses viz. 6th (Enemy Bhava), 8th (House of Death) and 12th (House for Expenditure)


6th House

8th House

12th House


Few enemies

Long life

More expenditure


Many foes


Spiritual bend of mind


Success over enemies

Not good for longevity




Long Life

Spending on good causes



Long Life




Analytical and innovative intelligence

Good placement



Long Life

Poor, many enemies


Few enemies


Many financial reverses



Piles and similar troubles

Spiritual knowledge

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