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Astrology Remedies To Bring Back The Happiness In Your Life

Author: Pt. Hanumman Mishra | Last Updated: Mon 27 May 2013 5:15:37 PM

astrology, astrology remedies

Remedies of Astrology have always been a difficult topic for an ordinary man. Some Astrologers talk about worship, some about Gemstones. Whatever the Astrologers say, we have to follow. Why? Because - we want to get rid of all troubles. But, our question remains in dark - Where do these remedies come from? Pt. Hanumman Mishra reveals the secret. Read this article to know.

9 Astrological Secrets of Blissful Life Revealed

Astrology as a science can reach to its perfection only when an Astrologer is able to recognize the upcoming trouble in advance as well as suggest some effective methods to prevent them. In the absence of solution, Astrology could be counted in the category of intimidating sciences. For example, the Kundli is predicting that the native is going to be terribly sick; you told the native but didn’t suggest any solution. In such condition, native will be terrified and inner strength will be shattered. Most probably the sickness will start immediately. Hence, it is justified to predict the trouble without terrifying the native as well as suggesting a remedy.

According to some people, whatever is decided by fate cannot be changed. I agree with their belief to some extent, but as there are two types of diseases – Curable & Incurable (Curable diseases are those that can be cured by medicines and incurable diseases cannot be cured by medicines or their chances of getting cured are negligible.). Similarly, many troubles can be prevented by these remedies. However, some are not preventable.

In the middle of an ocean, when a ship malfunctions, nobody can stop it from drowning. In spite of knowing this fact, the first duty of the Captain is to decrease the loss. Similarly, no matter how difficult are the troubles, remedies give relief to some extent. Hence, I am in favor of remedies.

I would like to mention the series of the remedies determined by the scholars. Amongst all, the first method is considered the best; and with the decrement of the series, last one is considered as the least effective.

The Astrological Remedies

Till date, you must have heard about numerous remedies of Astrology. However, you would have never thought that these remedies could have some order. Yes, there is an order of remedies as per their effect. I have mentioned the remedies in descending order based on their importance. Below mentioned 9 remedies compiles all those numerous remedies of Astrology you have heard of.

  1. Performing Havan with Mantra
  2. Japa (Chanting) & Stuti (Commendation)
  3. Dana (Donation)
  4. Pujan (Worship)
  5. Greetings to the related planet or deity.
  6. Yantra, Ratna (Gemstone), Rudraksha and Dravya-Snana (Medicated Bath)
  7. Obeisance to Lord Vishnu & Shiva
  8. Serve the elderly people.
  9. Respect those people, living-beings and relatives who are signified by respective planet.

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Knowing this series and following the remedies as per the capability, anyone can reduce the troubles of life. One more thing that I would like to mention here is that these remedies don’t result in any miracle. It’s just that the doors of intelligence widen up and you become more balanced as well as experience the ways of conquering over trouble. Walking on this path, you get rid of your problems. Hence, remedies should be followed with zeal. At present, some anti-human elements are doing huge swindles in the name of remedies. I condemn it. Amongst the aforementioned 9 methods, none of them is difficult to perform for an ordinary man. If you are not able to perform chanting of Mantras then may select any one of these 9 methods to reduce your pains. One more thing to be noted is that – if you are unable to perform these methods then any of your closed ones may perform them. The preference is given to the mother and wife/ husband. In the matters related to chanting, priest can perform the remedies after taking pledge.

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