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Astrology Remedies to Eliminate The Effect of Your Bad Karma

Author: VGR Pavan | Last Updated: Tue 18 Jun 2013 4:14:42 PM

Karma, Astrology, Astrology Remedies

By VGR Pavan

Astrology is a divine science which studies the combined nature of all the nine planets configured at the time of birth. Key is Karma and reincarnation theory. That means one will take birth to cherish various results, either good or bad, depending upon the deeds done by him in previous birth. Therefore, an ego will create an effect which the same ego has to enjoy at a different point of time. Planets are the executors of these Sanchita Karmas hence called as hands of destinys clock.

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Ancient seers witnessed these phenomena and defined various remedies that can nullify the ego developed by the same ego in previous birth. There are different schools like Lal Kitab, Mantra, Shastra and Tantric deeds, to name a few; that are in vogue till now. I prefer worship of Deities or Adhi-Devtas of planets indicating negative results for an individual. My logic is that dilution of ego can happen only with worship of God. For instance, if the placement of Mars (also, Kuja or Mangal) is indicating negative results then worship of Hanumanji or Murugan can do well.

That means the result of negative Karma done in previous birth reflected by Mars in the horoscope can be lessened through such Karmic activities. We can also find relief by praying the deities representing the combination of planets. For example, the negative effects of Saturn-Rahu can be canceled through the worship of Chhinna Masta Devi, effects of Sun-Jupiter through Suryanarayana, Mars-Rahu through Kali Matha and many more.

Planets & Related Deities

Sun (Ravi) Surya, Satyanarayana swami, Bhuvaneswari, Vishnu etc.
Moon (Chandra) Gowri, Ganga, Cow, Durga Matha etc
Mars (Mangal) Kartikeya, Hanumanji, Bhadra Kali,
Mercury (Budha) Vishnu, Ayyappa, Hanumanji, Narasimhaswamy, Ganeshji
Jupiter (Guru) Narayana, Saraswathi, Kuber, Gurujis
Venus (Sukra) Lakshmi
Saturn (Sani) Balaji, Sanidev, Shivji, tantric deities
Rahu Dhumavati, all deities with Tamo Gun, Nagaraj
Ketu Chitra Gupt, Ganeshji, Avadutas or sanths like Sai baba, Dattatreya etc

We have to do the worships with the materials or locations denoted by the planets with peace of mind and concentration. One should approach a wise astrologer who can identify the exact nature of results one is going to enjoy and suggest propitiations to relevant malefic planets.

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