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Career Horoscope 2019 Predictions

Last Updated: 11/14/2018 4:36:42 PM

Career is an important aspect in our life as it gives a direction and purpose to our life. It is by means of our career that we get to mould our life the way we want. Nowadays, career is more than just making a living. It is a journey undertaken by us so we can make money and fulfill our professional goals. For some, it can be an easy one while for others, it can be a road embedded with obstacles. In today's era, career is one of the important things that people care about.

We bring you the Career Horoscope 2019 which will help you to unveil the events that you may encounter in your career. With the help of Vedic Astrology, you will be able to make your career better.

Note: The predictions given below are based on Moon Signs. To know your Moon Sign, you can check out our Moon Sign Calculator .


Image of ARIES zodiac sign etc You will have a favourable year in terms of your career. Your professional life will go on smoothly if you are dedicated towards your job. An increment in your salary or a hike may fall in your lap during the stretch of this year. Doing your work sincerely will help you to bag a promotion as well. You need to be careful about your reputation. Your opponents and competitors might plan to tarnish your image. You may fall the victim to the conspiracy of your colleagues. Adopting a professional approach will be the right choice for you. Do not let yourself get entrapped in the whirlpool of office politics. Good news will arrive in the dull life of government employees as well.


Image of ARIES zodiac sign etc The year may bring about a series of rises and falls in your career. However, it will totally depend upon you how you make use of every opportunity that knocks your door. You will work hard and look forward for the desired results. You are advised to be patient as haste makes waste and impatience will lead you to problems. The expected results will arrive for sure, sooner or later. Hard work will help you to bag a promotion. You will garner praise and respect from your seniors and colleagues respectively. Do not spill any secret that may be detrimental to your career growth and development.


Image of ARIES zodiac sign etc Geminis will be required to put an extra effort in the field of their career during this year. Your growth rate in your profession will be average. To boost it up, you will be required to invest your hard work and time in whatever you do. Shortcuts will lead you to nowhere and will end up blowing in your face. Depending on expert advice will be a good option for you. Stay away from the conspiracies and politics as they will pollute your work environment. Those who are looking forward a job will be able to lay their hands on one. Do not let a temporary failure affect your success. Be confident and keep moving towards your goal.


Image of ARIES zodiac sign etc Career Horoscope 2019 predicts an amazing year awaits you in terms of career. You will reap the sweet fruits of your labor. The months of February, March, November and December will pan out to be favourable for you. You should keep yourself away from controversial matters if you want to keep problems at bay. The last quarter of the year will bestow many good opportunities for you. You are advised to select whatever floats your boat. Starting a novel venture or expanding an existing one seems to be a good idea. Do not utter a word that may trigger a fight or argument at your workplace. Think well before switching your job. Haste will lead you to problems so it is better for you to proceed gradually towards your goal.


Image of ARIES zodiac sign etc Leos need to focus on their goals if they want to achieve the desired results. Those who are still studying will be required to concentrate on their studies. They should not let their mind deviate, otherwise, their academic records will be affected. You will find yourself lucky when the new year kicks in. Ample number of job offers will fall in your lap. You will be able to strike it rich if you perform your work with dedication. You will earn respect and praise for your deeds at your professional front. Do not let your rivals succeed in making you a part of controversies. Keep your image clean of any blames. Try to maintain good relationship with your colleagues if you want to end your year on a good note.

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Image of ARIES zodiac sign etc According to the predictions of Career Horoscope 2019, the year seems to be promising for you. You will achieve a number of your goals but you may feel dissatisfied and have the urge to gain more and more. Your diplomatic skills will take care of problems at your work. Your communication abilities will act as cherry on the top for you. You may have mood swings that will affect your work. Trying to control them is recommended for you. You should not trust everything you hear. Avoid believing rumors as they can lead you to problems. At times, you will feel that you could have done better. In such a situation, treat failures as lessons and keep moving forward with an optimistic approach.


Image of ARIES zodiac sign etc You will have a wonderful year, which will give a new direction to your career. Owing to your innovative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking, we will stand out of the crowd. You will make an everlasting impression in your office and your colleagues will sing songs of praises for you. You need to be very clear and precise when you communicate. Avoid using confusing words or a harsh tone. A bright career lies ahead for people working in the public sector as well as in the private sector. A trip is on the cards for you. Balance your personal life and professional life.


Image of ARIES zodiac sign etc During this year, Scorpios will do good in their career. You will be able to hit the milestones of your career in a gradual manner. In no time, you will realise that you are close to your close and this will be the time when you gear up. Your brilliant performance coupled with self-confidence will fetch you many exciting job offers or monetary gains. You may land your foot on a foreign land because of your job. You should make the optimum use of every opportunity that you find. You will have the support of your seniors, which may make your colleagues jealous and as a result, they may end up causing troubles to you. Thus, you are advised to stay careful.


Image of ARIES zodiac sign etc Your lucky stars will shine bright as the year 2019 commences. You will witness the tables turning for your growth and development at professional front. You will have many opportunities to shape up your career. A new job offer might come to you as a surprise. Chances of promotion or a hike in salary are high as well. Support of your seniors and colleagues will keep you motivated. Teamwork will be your key to maintaining good relationships at your workplace. Procrastination will make a negative impact on your career and therefore, you should try to avoid it. Do not let your ego become the obstacle on your way to success. Avoid taking criticism in a negative way. Adhering to your code of conduct, you should look forward to achieving your goals.

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Image of ARIES zodiac sign etc You will have a promising growth in the year 2019. The situations will be favourable for your career development. The first quarter of the year will bring a wave of joy and happiness in your career life. The mid-year may bring about a change in place or position in your career. As a result, you may get a transfer or may bag a promotion. You will be a gem in the organisation where you work and your skills will turn out to be extremely beneficial for the organisation. You will have the jealous eyes of your rivals all the time. Hence, it is important that you do not make mistakes. Avoid trusting others blindly.


Image of ARIES zodiac sign etc Aquarians have the golden chance to achieve their career goals during this year. The year will be favourable for you. Those who are laying the foundation of their career should do it properly. No carelessness should be observed on your part if you do not want to face problems in the future. Missing an opportunity may cost you a big deal. Thus, keep your eyes open and welcome such opportunities with open arms. Do not get blinded by your success, otherwise, calamities might befall. Be professional in your approach when dealing with professional matters. A transfer in job location or changes in your job are likely.


Image of ARIES zodiac sign etc The planetary positions as per Career Horoscope 2019 predict a bright year for you. You will be packed with energy and enthusiasm, which will help you to perform well at your workfront. You may get a new perspective about your job, which will help you to do better in terms of your career. You should not let your ego hamper your professional relationships. If you find that someone is trying to pull a fight with you, you should sweep the matter under the rug. Do not get yourself involved in arguments because unless you make a move, a fight will not start. Try to resolve the issues with the concerned person. Expanding your business during this year seems to be promising.

We wish you all the best for your career. May you thrive and prosper in the year 2019!

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