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Moon Sign Calculator: Know Your Moon Sign

Want to know what is your moon sign? At AstroCAMP, our Moon Sign Calculator gives you the most accurate calculation of your Moon sign on the Internet. To know your Moon sign, please provide your birth details in the given below form.

Enter Your Birth Particulars

What is Moon Sign?

Moon Sign Calculator: Know Your Moon Sign Vedic astrology gives more importance to Moon Signs than Sun signs when evaluating horoscopes. In fact, Vedic astrology declares that Moon sign should be treated as the center of birth chart in place of ascendant or rising sign, in case the Moon is stronger than the ascendant. Moon Sign kundli or horoscopes reveal many hidden personality secrets which cannot be disclosed by Sun signs.

Moon sign, in simple language, forms when Moon is placed in your kundli or birth chart. This planet represents peace, tranquility and mind of a native. As per Vedic Astrology, the "karma" and reactions of a person can be identified through Moon and its position in the natal chart. Known as a crucial planet, it is considered to be useful when analysing Birth Nakshatra because of it signifying a person's mental stability.

Planet Moon in Vedic Astrology

Moon is considered to be the second most important and significant planet in Vedic Astrology. It represents the feelings, emotions and mind-set of a native. On one hand where Moon signifies the mind, Sun signifies a native's soul. It helps to maintain a peaceful relationship in one's life and denotes emotional prosperity and ability to tackle any case whatsoever. It rules the zodiac sign "Cancer" and exalts over "Taurus".

Known as the "queen", Moon is a feminine planet and considered to be the "Mother" in celestial cabinet. Jupiter helps to evaluate the strength of Moon, as when combined, these planets represents wealth, prosperity and wisdom. They are naturally friendly, therefore cause happiness in one's life.

Due to its closeness with the planet Earth, it affects and marks a huge impact on women due to its femininity. It doesn't have its own light and illuminates with the help of Sun, the "Father" in celestial belt. When Moon is positioned positively in one's horoscope, it derives happiness and mental peace. Also, in case it is afflicted, it brings depression, malnourishment from Mother and stress in one's life. This planet is all about providing life, nourishment and joy to the native in the form of "Mother". When carrying out horoscope matching, Moon sign horoscopes are mainly preferred.

Calculating Moon Sign

Moon Sign Calculator helps to evaluate and find out which zodiac sign is ruled by Moon at the time of birth. Birth date is not necessary to calculate the Moon sign only. Sun completes a cycle around twelve zodiac signs in twelve months, which is why it remains in one sign for one month only. On the contrary, Moon stays in a sign for about 2.5 days (50 hours), resulting in a 28-days cycle around the zodiacs.

This calculator has been designed under the guidance of expert programmers and astrologers to ensure it provide accurate results. Just fill in your details and get the right answer.

Moon Sign: Astrological Significance

How Moon Sign is important than Sun Sign in Vedic Astrology? How to calculate it? How it affects one's life as per astrology? Here are some pointers highlighting its astrological importance to make you understand better:

  • It reveals the personality, nature, characteristics, attributes and behaviour of a native in detail.

  • It determines one's fate and help you to drive towards your life's goal.

  • It helps to analyse horoscope compatibility between two natives, be it with family members or partner.

  • It enables one to sustain a long, loyal and happy relationship with everyone.

  • Astrologers in India offer predictions for day-to-day events and life scenarios using Moon signs.

  • It determines mental compatibility, luck and life path of a native with the other person born under a specific Moon sign.

12 Zodiac Signs Based on Moon Sign

There are 12 zodiac signs in Vedic Astrology which defines the characteristics and attributes of a person. With Moon placed in these signs, one gets to know more about emotions and mind of the native. Similarly, with Sun & Moon both placed in your sign, the benefits get doubled.

On this note, let's see how Moon in your sign describes your personality:

  • Aries: With Moon in this zodiac sign, the native becomes impulsive, active learner and highly determined. Although, they can be impatient at times and brew desires for success. They are passionate about their calling and like to be straightforward than just hiding back.

  • Taurus: The most likable place for Moon to stay in, it makes the native mentally stable. It shares a special loyal bond with friends. Although they tend to lose their head at times, they possess high patience. They are firm when comes to decision making skills.

  • Gemini: If Moon is placed in this sign, the native can be very dual-minded. Their behaviour can be changeable and they can be witty and talkative at times. It is possible that they might not be able to attain their goals due to their unpredictable mind, but nevertheless, they are highly talented.

  • Cancer: If Moon is placed in this zodiac sign, it means that the native will possess motherly feelings towards people and would love to take good care. They become emotional and love to store memories. Moon in Cancer makes them socially adaptable. They are highly imaginative.

  • Leo: With Moon in Leo, the native possesses a natural leadership quality. They have a royal mind and approach towards the situation. They enjoy the limelight, thrill and excitement.

  • Virgo: Your approach towards situations will be more clear and practical. These natives are clear-minded and know what to do and how to do. There can be times when they seem to be a bit confused, but they find their way. They remain mainly busy and planning.

  • Libra: LIbrans have a balanced mind as well as personality. They like clarity and expects the same from others, hence attaining emotional assurance. They can be careless at times but financially stable and look for long-term relationship.

  • Scorpio: Moon's position in Scorpio creates a lot of fluctuations in the native's mind. The natives can be intelligent but rude sometimes, positive and confident. They choose their own path and are emotional and powerful. They can face difficulties in relations. Sometimes, they tend to be mysterious.

  • Sagittarius: Being the house of "Dharma", a native feels inclined towards religious ceremonies and tasks. They are risk-takers, enthusiastic and kind of perfectionist. They prefer to work with excellence as they possess a brilliant mind and vision and generates balanced decisions.

  • Capricorn: When Moon resides in this zodiac sign, it makes a native stable with their thoughts and possess a rigid approach. They are manipulative, have strong managing skills and can be somewhat selfish in nature. They like to be on the safer side and do things which make them feel secure.

  • Aquarius: Aquarius natives become socially active, communicative when Moon is in this sign, which is why one likes to be a part of social causes, activities and gatherings. They are very helpful, caring and loyal for people. They do not cheat, are honest and like to explore the world and opportunities.

  • Pisces: Moon in Pisces means a native becomes spiritually inclined and his/her mind starts getting involved into some other world. They can be very down to earth, sensitive and trustworthy.

Hereby, Moon Sign is considered a significant aspect when it comes to astrology. Your actions or "Karma" is based on your mind and heart, which the Moon represents. If you're happy, you become capable of sharing and spreading that vibe in the world.

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