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Chinese Calendar 2020: Year of the Rat

Last Updated: 1/24/2019 9:27:49 AM

China and its culture are aloof of others. The Dragon festival or the golden week, the festival of boats or the spirits; there’s something in Chinese festivals and traditions that are missing in every other country. Modern techniques and lifestyle have swiped away the ancient way of living. But still, the Chinese people have kept close to their roots. At the same time, they aspire to develop one of the strongest economies in the world. The growth of China, albeit of the fact that it is the most populated country in the world, is mesmerizing.

In Chinese Astrology, there are specific animals who represent the zodiac signs and also are the name given to different years. For instance, 2020 is the year of the Rat. Just like every zodiac sign has characteristics of its own, the year of the same will also be strong in some aspects while weak at others. Before we dig in deeper to know about the year of the rat, let’s have a look at the holidays in the year 2020 as per chinese calendar system.

Chinese Calendar 2020: List of Chinese Holidays

Holiday Date Day
New Year's Day 1 Jan Wednesday
New Year's weekend 2 Jan Thursday
Spring Festival Eve 24 Jan Friday
Chinese New Year 25 Jan Saturday
Spring Festival Golden Week holiday 26 Jan - 30 Jan Sunday - Thursday
Lantern Festival 8 Feb Saturday
Zhonghe Festival 24 Feb Monday
International Women's Day 8 Mar Sunday
Arbor Day 12 Mar Thursday
March Equinox 20 Mar Friday
Qing Ming Jie 4 Apr Saturday
Labour Day 1 May Friday
Youth Day 4 May Monday
Children's Day 1 Jun Monday
June Solstice 21 Jun Sunday
Dragon Boat Festival 25 Jun Thursday
CPC Founding Day 1 Jul Wednesday
Maritime Day 11 Jul Saturday
Army Day 1 Aug Saturday
Chinese Valentine's Day 25 Aug Tuesday
Spirit Festival 2 Sep Wednesday
Teachers' Day 10 Sep Thursday
September Equinox 22 Sep Tuesday
National Day 1 Oct Thursday
Mid-Autumn Festival 1 Oct Thursday
National Day Golden Week holiday 2 Oct - 7 Oct Friday - Wednesday
Double Ninth Festival 25 Oct Sunday
Journalists' Day 8 Nov Sunday
December Solstice 21 Dec Monday
Christmas 25 Dec Friday

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Rat - the Chinese Zodiac

Intelligence, imagination and curiosity are the characteristics found in a person born in the year of the rat. This animal sign rat is charming, energetic but sometimes aggressive as well. The personality of a rat is so that they will quickly offer advice but never share their problems with you. The overall health of a rat seems good. But they have a tendency to get stressed to extreme levels.The ability of a rat to see the bigger picture and make long-term investments keeps them going in matters of career. They possess creativity, management skills, love for art, and administrative capabilities as well. Rats have a high level of activity in their basic nature. Keeping up with them is not an easy task. They make a good match with Monkey and Dragon, while Horse and Rabbit never gel up with them.

The Five Elements And Chinese Rat

The year 2020 is going to be the year of the metal rat. It is known for its obstinate nature as a metal rat gets what it wants at any cost. The table below depicts the years in which a specific type of rat native is born.

Rat Element Years of birth
Metal Rat 1900 1960
Water Rat 1912 1972
Wood Rat 1924 1984
Fire Rat 1936 1996
Earth Rat 1948 2008

From January 25, 2020, the year of the rat will begin. It will last until February 11, 2021. One of the most venerated signs of Chinese Astrology, a rat is intuitive and highly intellectual. Particularly, the metal rat is known for its love for flawless perfection. They are stubborn, introverts, and cunning.

Ben Ming Nian

Ben Ming Nian is a Chinese word which means living in the year similar to one’s birth year. Traditionally, as per Chinese Lunar calendar, there are 10 heaven stems and 2 earth branches. Each depicts a particular year and thus after every 12 years, the year of the same animal would come.

Chinese people believe in their system of astrology as much any other country loves theirs. More children were born in the year of the Pig, a representative of wealth, as compared to any other years. In Chinese tradition, it is believed that 12 years is the span of a phase in one’s life.

After birth, a child grows but only until the age of 12-14 he is called a child. It is this age when he is given the title of an adolescent. In next 12 years, he will be enjoying the power and strength of youth, will attain maturity and start prioritising family responsibilities. Hereby, the coming twelve years would bring the age of accomplishments, followed by retirement.

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In China, Ben Ming Nian is not considered auspicious. They say that the year of the animal in which they were born comes as a setback in their lives and things don’t go with the same pace as earlier. To avoid this, a trend to wear more of red color became an accepted practice, eventually leading to usage of color red for worshipping. Wearing red clothes for weddings, decorating things with red is lucky as per them.

Rat in Chinese Astrology

All the animals, except for rat, have something good or the other. The dirty habits and unpleasant appearance of the rat may be the reason behind, but rats are not prefered in Chinese astrology. They are the embodiment of misfortune and disaster. There are, however, three main contributions that Rats have made to humanity, because of which they still represent a whole year. These contributions are:

  1. They created the universe by separating the sky and the earth.
  2. Rats stole the sunlight to brighten up the earth.
  3. They stole seeds to feed humans as they spread them in the farms.

Chinese Year 2020

Risk needs to be taken if you wish to achieve success. Instincts are crucial while making such decisions. Rats are smart and strong decision-makers. And the year of the rat is perfect to solve your problems. It is the time to forget about the past, move ahead and make new choices. Lucky colors to wear in the year 2020 for a CHinese Rat is White and Blue.

  • Health & Lifestyle in 2020

Changes await you in the year of the Rat. There will be support, encouragement, jealousy and treachery. Hereby, patience is the key.

  • Money & Career in 2020

The year wants you to decide and take action. Opportunities need to be grabbed, talent needs to be showcased. Achievements are certain. But you need to know that doing something once is not an achievement, maintaining the positions definitely is.

  • Love & Family in 2020

Passion is symbolic of youth. This year there will be loads of passion, mixed with doubt. You wouldn’t feel sure about the future of your relationship.

The Combination Of Rat & Metal

Metal is Yang. It is used in weapons and represents strength. On the contrary, Rat is connected to cold water. It is thus going to benefit people whose basic element is water or metal. The year 2020 suggests surviving the battles of life. It depicts training and education. Water, on one hand, represents money and is a great force that can wipe away not only the shores but cities as a whole.

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