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How To Get A Job - Simple Astrology Remedies

Author: Nitin Datta | Last Updated: Sat 17 Aug 2013 1:04:03 PM

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By Nitin Datta

Time is tough and everyone is looking around for that one opportunity. Pieces of paper in hands, with the stamps of some renowned universities. Feeling looted by the institutions, youth is wandering everywhere in search of job. With no expectations on salary, youth isnt expecting the world but one job. Employment is one of the most important aspects that define an individual as successful in life. Employment gains financial independence to earn, spend and save for oneself. It can be one of the most happening things in someones life yet problematic in someone elses.

Marriage is also dependent on employment. Probably the first question asked by a brides family is about the boys profession; and sometimes it is vice-versa. So, it is a very important aspect from all the perspectives in anyones life. Expanding population, cut throat competition in the job market and rising education levels have lead to multiple problems in gaining employment for the youth. The switchover for a job appears near to impossible today. Interestingly, with rising education levels the possibility of getting a job is diminishing.

In such a situation, it is important to gain an astrological insight regarding scope and possibility of gaining employment. This can be achieved by consulting a proficient astrologer who can deliver a good reading and impart necessary information as well as remedies to counter this problem. There exists a host of simple remedies that can be attempted by everyone for gaining employment. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Worship Lord Saturn (Shani) Saturn is the key significator of servitude in astrology. His regular worship blesses and individual with employment.
  2. Worship Lord Kaal Bhairav - Lord Kaal Bhairav Nath is an extreme form of Lord Shiva. His worship is known to deliver an individual out of his/ her problems quickly. He is also the Adhipati Dev of Saturn, so his worship delivers employment.
  3. Worship Lord Ganesh Lord Ganesha is known as Vighneshwar. His worship in any form removes all sorts of obstacles and clears the path for success.
  4. Performing Rudra Abhishek - Rudra Abhishek is about worshipping Lord Shiva. His worship can gain anything to an individual.
  5. Regularly offer Jal to a Peepal tree The greatness of Peepal tree has been mentioned in our literature. Its worship propitiate Lord Shiva himself and also one of the greatest benevolent planet in astrology i.e. Jupiter. You

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  6. Worshipping the planet ruling the tenth house and the sixth house of the horoscope This phenomenon is unique to all the horoscopes. The worship of tenth house owner is always beneficial in gaining employment.
  7. Recitation of Shri Durga Argala Stotra This is a very powerful stotra to get rid of ones overall problems.
  8. It has been noted that we tend to perform the worship only of a planet causing problems. Remember that there are nine planets in astrology. Keep the focus of worship on one planet, but do not forget the rest of the planets in the worship/ Pooja.

The above mentioned remedies are well known to everyone. We tend to miss the essence while we are worshipping a deity/ planet. Never compare the results of a Pooja/ worship with others. Remember that everyones problem and its intensity is not the same.

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