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India Against Corruption : Astrology Analysis

Author: SN Rao | Last Updated: Sat 9 Apr 2011 12:57:44 PM

anna hazare

By S N Rao

In my earlier article Scam, Politics & Astrology, I had mentioned that the planetary positions were going to trigger action against corruption and the government would face difficult times in April. The wonderful initiative that Mr Anna Hazare has started has literally grown spirally in to a massive crusade.

Students and stars, retired judges and rights activists, corporates and canny politicians, In a rare consonance of idea and ideal, thousands of Indians has joined the chorus for a more stringent law against corruption, a rapidly snowballing movement.

In what has become one of the biggest mass movements in recent times, 72-year-old Hazare's fast at Jantar Mantar in the Indian capital found resonance across the country with thousands more coming forward to join the crusade against corruption - and a stronger, more comprehensive Lokpal bill to fight corruption in public life.

Gandhiji was born to eliminate the British rule from India. I feel that Gandhiji has once again come back in the form of Mr Anna Hazare to eliminate the biggest social evil known as corruption from India.

I have taken up the event chart on 5th April at 11.00 am Delhi to study and attempt to find the result of this campaign.

The Ascendant is Gemini signifying the importance of communicating the very purpose of the event to everyone. Ketu in the Ascendant signifies the old age of Mr Anna Hazare who is taking the initiative. Ketu is in the 10th house in Navamsha chart. This indicates the very purpose of the movement which is to fight against the government. As we can see Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption is a worthy pursuit for future freedom from corruption.

Sun occupies 10th house signifying the government and Saturn occupies the 4th house signifying the justice. Both are in opposition signifying the fight that is going on.

The method used for fighting against corruption is peace which is symbolized by Jupiter occupying the 10th house. Jupiter also symbolizes religion. This justifies that many religious leaders have given their support to this fight against corruption.

Moon is the chief significator for the involvement of the general public. Moon is placed in Aries in the 11th house. This is the reason why there is such a tremendous response to the campaign. Moon is placed in Gemini Navamsha which is ruled by Mercury. This indicates that there will be tremendous support and involvement from the general public for this campaign. Moon in the 11th house is also a sign that the people involved are fighting for a genuine cause and their intention is pure. 11th house is the sign of victory and one can predict victory and success to this campaign.

Mercury is the chief significator for communication and media. Mercury along with Venus is placed in Pisces Navamsha which is ruled by Jupiter. The fact that Jupiter is occupying the 10th house indicates massive involvement and coverage the media provides which will create a huge impact and pressure on the decision making bodies. Mercury is retrograde and is debilitated in the event chart, but it is placed with Jupiter which cancels the debilitation and causes neech bhanga raja yoga. This is the main reason that Media has been able to achieve and garner huge support from the common man. The fact that Mercury is with Jupiter also indicates the purity in the intention for the campaign.

Venus is the lord of the 5th house, the house of the general public in the event chart. Venus occupies Pisces Navamsha which is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is placed in the 10th house. Pisces happens to be the 10th house in the event chart and Venus is exalted in Navamsha. This indicates success for the general public and the common man is likely to victorious in the campaign.

Saturn the chief significator for justice occupies Virgo in the 4th house. 4th house is the house of the opposition. Saturn occupies Gemini Navamsha. This indicates that justice will be done and the campaign will be successful.

Sun signifying the government occupies Capricorn Navamsha which is ruled by Saturn and happens to be the 8th house in the event chart. This placement is not auspicious for the government and one can expect major reshuffles and harsh decisions being taken or enforced upon the government.

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