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Lal Kitab 2022 Horoscope - Lal Kitab 2022 Predictions

Author: Vijay Pathak | Last Updated: Tue 14 Dec 2021 2:17:52 PM

lal kitab horoscope 2022Lal Kitab 2022 Horoscope by AstroCAMP throws light on the lives of the natives of all twelve zodiac signs for the upcoming New Year 2022 based on the concepts of Lal Kitab. Read yearly horoscope 2022 as per Lal Kitab along with effective Lal Kitab 2022 remedies as per the zodiac sign for a prosperous life.

Lal Kitab itself needs no such introduction as nowadays it has become very famous as a part of Astrology and plays a significant role in guiding everyone’s life. Lal Kitab works in a different manner but we cannot deny its origination, which is Vedic Astrology. With New Year 2022 blessing us with new beginnings and opportunities, there will be a sense of curiosity dwelling in mind about what’s in store. So if you wish to read your yearly horoscope predictions 2022 as per Lal Kitab, here we present to you this full-fledged article:

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें: लाल किताब 2022 राशिफल


Aries is considered to be the first among all twelve zodiac signs of the Zodiac Circle, and as per La Kitab 2022 Predictions, this year is looking great ahead. In terms of health, this year help you develop a new way of thinking. You will be more disciplined and aware of your health, as a result of which you will become health conscious this year, leading to major improvement. The major concern will be your stomach because the whole year, gaseous or acidity reflux can trouble you. So you should be more careful in your diet for the best results.

Your professional life will be good and you will see several positive changes taking place, thereby bringing you financial stability. Your financial conditions will improve and you will earn more money. Planets are positively placed for you in 2022 as per Lal Kitab Predictions. Your imagination and creativity will remain at a high level, which will help in incurring success.

Lal Kitab Horoscope 2022 reveals that there may be few relationship issues that are possible with spouse or partner but it is better for you not to involve in any kind of argument with anyone. Half of the year will turn out to be very smooth and after mid-year, you can plan to visit or travel to a religious or any historic place with your family. In terms of marriage, those who are unmarried will tie the knot this year. For students, there will be good results incurred in exams.

Lal Kitab 2022 Remedies For Aries Natives

  • You should avoid having milk at night to nullify Saturn’s ill-effect. Moreover, always prefer having cow milk only.
  • As one of the effective Lal Kitab Remedies, you could also purchase a little ball of silver and keep it in your wallet or purse at all times.
  • You should also consume saffron daily or apply it on the naval, throat, forehead, earlobes, and tongue.


Taurus natives who are known for their hard work and efforts will face few problems in their professional life till April 2022 as per Lal Kitab Horoscope 2022. After that, their working environment will improve and you will enjoy your work.

You should better remain more aware of your health as this will be an area of concern for you for the whole year, especially after July 2022. Basically, skin issues, headaches and nerve-related problems can trouble you, so pre-awareness will make your life easy. In case you feel uncomfortable or unwell, then immediately consult with your doctor.

Career horoscope 2022 based on Lal Kitab reveals that this year is great for those who are preparing for government jobs as this year will give you great success. Professionally, Taurus natives will achieve success at their workplace this year as predicted by Lal Kitab 2022 Horoscope. After May 2022, there will be positive changes as you may come across good opportunities and better job prospects. Also, chances of travelling abroad will come your way. In terms of finance, it will be a great year for you. You will earn a handsome amount of money this year. This is also a good year for those who usually trade in stocks.

Relationship issues with your father may trouble you, as both of you can find it difficult to understand each other, thereby adding to the existing troubles. You both must try and talk to each other with an open mind while expressing your concerns. For those who are planning to expand their family, it is good year for them.

Lal Kitab 2022 Remedies For Taurus Natives

  • Keeping a square-shaped silver item in your wallet or purse also proves helpful in keeping the negativity of Venus to the minimum.
  • You should also feed black cows or horses regularly.
  • You should consume saffron daily or apply it on the naval, throat, forehead, earlobes, and tongue.
  • Completely avoid consuming Alcohol.


For Gemini natives, Lal Kitab 2022 Predictions indicate an unfavourable time in 2022, which will continue somewhere till April 2022. However, after that, your life will change drastically. If you are waiting for any project or work to get completed for a long time, then your waiting time is going to be over and this year, somewhere around May, all of your work will definitely get done. There will be an improvement in health, finance and also in your professional life.

Those who are waiting for promotion will witness the opportunities coming in their way and see a change in their role. If we talk about love relationships, then it will be a happy year and you will reach a new height in your relationship. Married natives who are expecting a baby will also get their wishes fulfilled. On the other hand, those who are unmarried will tie the knot with their beloved as per Lal Kitab Horoscope 2022.

On the health front, you should take care of your physical as well as mental health, as you may encounter nerve-related issues in the month of October and November. Overall, a good year for you.

Lal Kitab 2022 Remedies For Gemini Natives

  • If a native has been facing troubles on account of recurrent nightmares, keeping a glass of milk at the bedside would help. The next morning, the milk shall be poured into a giant tree.
  • Another effective Lal Kitab remedy is to put a crystal underneath your pillow. Switching off any electronics and gadgets one hour before you sleep is also helpful.
  • Donating milk and rice to a religious place is helpful in lessening the negative effects of any malefic planets.
  • Another great remedy is to quit meat and alcohol.
  • You could also keep a silver glass in handy and use it to drink water daily.


According to the Lal Kitab Predictions 2022, this year will be initially good for you almost till April. In these mentioned times, single natives who wish to finally settle down may find the one. Those who are running businesses in partnership will do well in 2022 as per Yearly Horoscope 2022 as per Lal Kitab.

After May, the time is looking tough for the natives of the Cancer zodiac sign as few health issues can disturb you. Fathers of the Cancer natives may face some health issues, so their kids must take good care of them. Financial conditions will also deteriorate to some extent after mid-2022. So try to save your money and do not lend money at any cost to anyone, close or not. Those who usually invest in Stock Market need to be careful, especially from June 2022 onwards as there may be chances of loss. So, it would be better to invest less amount after consulting someone who is elder or experienced. Long term investment will be good for you.

Talking about academic life, the students of the Cancer Sign will achieve sudden success in competitive exams, leading to good results. Those who are active in the field of politics will struggle for few months of the year, but this year will bless them with a respectable position as well. This year will make you more inclined towards spiritualism. You will see and face life very closely and witness the new experiences in your life. Overall, life will be good and 2022 will give you so many good memories for a lifetime.

Lal Kitab 2022 Remedies For Cancer Natives

  • Before starting any new work, take blessings from your father.
  • Do not indulge in any arguments or fights as it may be harmful to your image.
  • Feed the poor and needy
  • Mix some turmeric or saffron in milk and drink it daily before bedtime.
  • Donate almond or mustard oil to the Shani temple on Saturdays.
  • Feed Stray Dogs whenever possible for you.


For Leo natives, be ready to do some hard work in your professional life, especially those who are doing business. Starting from January to March as predicted by Lal Kitab 2022 Horoscope, you will feel very positive and energetic, and these three months will bring to you some big achievements. So be ready for that.

As per Health Horoscope 2022 as per Lal Kitab, those who are facing health issues already from last year, especially related to gastric or stomach-related issues, should take care of their health because they might suffer from liver infection, kidney stone or jaundice. So better take care of your diet, eat healthily and stay disciplined with your routine.

Those natives who want to purchase some property and are trying to invest for the past many years will finally succeed. Hence, it can be said that this year is good for purchasing property and real estate for Leo natives.

Careerwise, you will also get involved in learning new skills like Occult Science. Overall this year will give you success and you will achieve new heights in your career. For couples in love or those who are married, it is the perfect time for some outing and enjoyment in life.

Lal Kitab 2022 Remedies For Leo Natives

  • Respect Teachers, your Father and Gurus and take their blessings.
  • You should visit some religious places this year.
  • Feed the black dogs around you with milk on a daily basis.
  • Try taking the blessings from your mother also.
  • Apply a Saffron Tilak or Sandalwood paste on your forehead daily.


For Virgo natives, 2022 Lal Kitab Horoscope says that the period from January to April will be good for you. Therefore, if you want to purchase a property or invest in some real estate, you can go ahead with the idea. Also, you will get good returns from stocks. For those who are in debt and want to pay their money as soon as possible, 2022 will be a good year, and you will succeed in paying a large amount of your debt.

Those who are working will most probably get a promotion before May 2022, and for business-managing people, it seems a perfect time for a new investment to expand their business. Those who are looking to pursue higher studies will also come across good opportunities somewhere around April-May 2022. Some of you may even fly abroad for completing your studies.

May onwards, as per Lal Kitab 2022 Predictions, need to take a break from work otherwise back pain can trouble you. Therefore, take care of your postures while working. So basically from June to October, take care of your health and relax well in order to keep away from any kind of health issues. Old-aged natives need to take good care of themselves more as health issues can trouble in between October to December of the year.

For couples in love, you will get the opportunity to visit some romantic place. So you should plan a good outing and take a break from your work. Those who are looking for the right match will get the partner of their choice this year and a chance to tie the knot. So this can be said as a good year for unmarried natives. Overall, you can expect a mix of results this year.

Lal Kitab 2022 Remedies For Virgo Natives

  • You could use silver-made utensils and wear silver jewellery to empower the planets present in your horoscope.
  • Contributing milk and rice to a religious place is helpful in lessening the negative effects of any malefic planet.
  • Do not accept any tawiz or amulet with an incantation from anyone.
  • If possible, then take out some time out of your busy schedule to visit sacred rivers and take a bath in them.
  • Avoid wearing red-coloured clothes.
  • Taking the blessings of eunuchs will be very auspicious.


According to 2022 Lal Kitab Predictions, Saturn is your Yoga Karaka Planet responsible for growth and success. Therefore, due to the positive placement of Saturn, you can expect favourable results in 2022. This is also a good time for investing in property and gaining from the Stock Market. In 2022, legal issues may crop up, but with the impact of Saturn, you will win over ongoing legal matters. This year seems good in terms of finance, as the period from May to October will be very profitable in terms of financial gains in your life.

Avoid borrowing money from others, otherwise, you can get yourself in large trouble and major debt can pile over your head. Relationship wise, lovers may encounter some troubles in paradise. On the other hand, those who are planning for a baby will get good news this year.

Avoid overeating as it can become the cause of obesity. This year, you should focus more on your weight as immense weight gain can trouble. Also, take care of the health of your mother this year as knee pain can trouble her.

For job-seekers as per Career Horoscope 2022 as per Lal Kitab, you will get a new job. Also for those who are looking for a change in their job will also get a good opportunity to make substantial progress. Also, those who are working in MNCs will get new projects and a golden chance to go abroad and pursue their projects.

Lal Kitab 2022 Remedies For Libra Natives

  • You should not use mustard oil as hair oil.
  • Keeping a square-shaped silver item in your wallet or purse also proves helpful in keeping the negativity of Venus to the minimum.
  • Do not indulge in any arguments or fights as it may be harmful to your image.
  • Whenever you get free time, serve the needy people.
  • Another one of the effective Lal Kitab Remedies 2022 is to be faithful to your lover or spouse.


As per Lal Kitab Horoscope 2022, Scorpio natives will get some good news related to travelling at the starting of the year as January to March is looking good for natives to travel or embark on a journey. Also, you will get a chance to go abroad before May 2022. Students will clear their exams and qualify for good college in order to pursue higher education.

This year is also good for selling property as well as for those who need to reinvest in the property. Hence, you can sell a property before May and after May, you can purchase or invest. So property seekers are most likely to witness favourable outcomes this year. For Scorpio natives, the year 2022 will be good financially, as they will be able to clear all their debts. Health will be good this year and small curable diseases related to the skin will come and go but not trouble Scorpio Natives much. Health issues to the father are very much possible, so it is important to take care of your father’s health and seek proper medical consultation for them.

Chances of professionals getting a transfer or changing their jobs are most likely. July to October will be the time for the expansion of business. Children who are living far from their grandparents will enjoy their company once coming back for sure. Budding aspirants seeking job opportunities will succeed in campus placements. Those who want to do some social work or serve the nation through politics in their life will get the opportunity to fulfil their dreams.

A new relationship may bloom if talking about love life. Also, your kundli is showing favourable signs of getting married as per Lal Kitab 2022 Predictions. Your relationship will get a new height as couples in love will enjoy travelling to new places this year. In June and July, you will travel to some rainy places which will excite you the most. With the positive impact of Jupiter, married couples will be blessed with a baby this year. So overall you can expect good results in 2022.

Lal Kitab 2022 Remedies For Scorpio Natives

  • You should consume saffron daily or apply it on the naval, throat, forehead, earlobes, and tongue.
  • Try to wear gold in some way, be it a ring or a chain.
  • You should also take care of siblings and help them as and when required.
  • You should also make it a point to never take anything for free, not even from family, particularly brothers and sisters.
  • Feeding the monkeys with grams, Jaggery on Tuesdays will bring auspicious results.


Lal Kitab Horoscope 2022 indicates the year 2022 will be good for financial gains, promotion and increment for those who are working professionals before March of the year. Also, there are chances of getting a promotion. From May to August, you will get the opportunity to go abroad due to professional reasons. You will get a very good opportunity to travel all around the world. In 2022, you will also influence the public with your thoughts, approach and influencing power if you are a Public Speaker. People will be motivated by you and also praise your work. For people working in the legal department, you will get good achievements this year and win a few important cases in the court.

Those who are in business will carry out successful business tours between May to August 2022. Those who are in the Export and Import business will gain more this year. 2022 Lal Kitab Predictions also show property gains through parents for Sagittarius natives.

In terms of family life, Sagittarius natives will feel relaxed and happiness and peace will prevail in their life. They will get to spend a good time with their family as well as friends. Learning new things this year will be more beneficial for you. There may be few issues with siblings, especially legal. So if you think such an incident may happen, then prepare for such matters with all legal documents intact.

Health will be good for the whole year but between June to September, take care of yourself as small diseases like cold, flu, headache can disturb you. But do not worry as this year will be good for you healthwise. Also, you will take more interest in Yoga and Meditation.

Love and married relationships will be good as per love horoscope 2022 based on Lal Kitab. Married couples trying for a baby will succeed in conceiving. August to November will be a tough time for those who will get involved in a new relationship. So take care of your love and do not argue with your partner.

Lal Kitab 2022 Remedies For Sagittarius Natives

  • To mitigate Jupiter’s negative influence, you should wear something yellow on your head, like a cap, scarf, or turban.
  • You should always clean your nasal passage before commencing anything new.
  • You should also try to wear gold in some way, be it a ring or a chain.
  • Another workable Lal Kitab remedy for Sun is to feed an ox, worshipped in Hindu mythology and religion.


This year will be very fantastic for people in terms of career, especially those in the field of Network Marketing. Because you will meet a lot of new people who will praise your work as well as appreciate your efforts. So this is the time for making huge money and profits. New opportunities such as a change in job or official transfers will also come in your way at the beginning of the year, but for that, you need to work hard and give it your best. For business-managing people also, this year will be good and you will get few more investors or investment proposals for your business. Your partner will be fully supportable for business.

Those who are single will get married this year as auspicious yogas are being formed as per the 2022 Lak Kitab Predictions. And also after marriage, you will travel to new places or plan a journey for the both of you. In the same year, you will also get good news such as conceiving early after marriage. As a result, you will also be blessed with a baby soon. Health will not be a major concern this year and you will enjoy good health, but mental and unnecessary stress can dominate your life. Hence, try and meditate and avoid getting into things that aren’t useful.

Winning in competition and getting admission to a desirable college is very much possible as this year is completely favourable for students of this sign. Financially, all debts will be clear and also you will win in impending legal matters. Overall this year will be good for financial matters.

Lal Kitab 2022 Remedies For Capricorn Natives

  • If you donate pure cow ghee to any religious place and start using it regularly in your own kitchen, it really helps to calm down Venus’ effects.
  • You should use perfumes and silver ornaments.
  • You could chant the mantra of planet Venus - ॐ शुं शुक्राय नमः/oṃ śuṃ śukrāya namaḥ 108 times daily.
  • Avoid wearing dark or Red-coloured clothes or Yellow clothes.


Initially, almost till the first quarter of the year, Lal Kitab 2022 Horoscope warns you not to take any tension or mental stress or do not involve in any argument or legal matter. If involved, several health issues or depression is possible in 2022. However, after May, you will feel relaxed and completely powerful and energetic in your work. Few health issues can trouble you till half of the year but after that, you will feel better and healthier in comparison to the starting of the year.

Those who are working should take care of their professional surrounding and avoid getting into any kind of argument with their boss. They must have patience as January to March is crucial for them, and any kind of carelessness can cost them their job. Those who are looking for opportunities for going abroad will succeed this year. Father of the Aquarius natives will travel a lot this year for work purposes, which can cause them to spend less time together. Natives of Aquarius sign will financially gain a good amount this year, and witness enhancement in their work such as expansion in business etc.

In terms of love and married life, those who are already in the difficult phase of their relationship will face more challenges as chances of legal matters and separation may arise in their relationship. Hence, try to save your relationship and find out a middle ground so that both of you will live a happy life.

Lots of responsibilities are waiting for you this year in terms of family life, in which you will succeed. People will praise you for your role and responsibility. You can go on a long-distance journey with your family members or friends.

Lal Kitab 2022 Remedies For Aquarius Natives

  • You should use a silver glass to drink anything.
  • You should also keep an idol of an elephant made of silver.
  • Another effective Lal Kitab remedy is to keep a solid silver ball in the pocket.
  • You can also keep fennel seeds under the pillows to sleep peacefully.


According to Lal Kitab Horoscope 2022, the time will be good for your earnings and financial stability. You will feel relaxed and witness success this year. The investment in stocks can also earn you a good income this year, so you can also try to go ahead with your idea. Try to avoid taking Debt or Loans as this can create trouble in your life and can remain pending for a long time. Also do not lend money otherwise you will not get it back and the chances of losing money will be high.

For job holders, you will get great opportunities this year and complete all your projects with full responsibility. So this is the time to achieve success in your job, for which you have to work hard. Unemployed natives will get the desired job before March and land a good salary package. Also for students, if you try hard and put in all your energy this year, then you are most likely to succeed in competitive exams.

In terms of marriage, this year seems favourable for singles due to the positive placement of Jupiter as per Lal Kitab Predictions 2022. 2022 will be a good year for relationships as planetary positions are in your favour and you will enjoy a long-term relationship. Also, few married couples will be blessed with a baby this year, and those who are planning will conceive without many hurdles.

Healthwise, you should take care of your stomach, liver and kidneys and try to avoid overeating as it can create issues in health related matters, which can prove to be a challenging area. Hence, you need to take care of yourself.

In terms of family, Your parents will support you this year much. Pisces natives will be close to their mother. You will also serve your Mother with full devotion this year and feel proud in doing the same as well.

Lal Kitab 2022 Remedies For Pisces Natives

  • Keeping a honey-filled vessel made of silver in your pantry is considered auspicious for natives affected by malefic planets.
  • Another workable remedy for you is to keep a ball made of silver in your wallet or purse when going to work.

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We hope that this article on Lal Kitab 2022 Horoscope proves to be useful for you. May you have a happy and blessed year ahead!

NOTE: These predictions are provided by our esteemed astrologer Acharya Manish Pandey. You can click and call him for any astrological assistance.

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