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Lunar Eclipse 2021: Lunar Eclipse Time, Sutak Kaal & Rituals

Last Updated: 2/24/2020 5:49:29 PM

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Lunar Eclipse in 2021 includes lunar eclipse date, time period and detailed information about its occurrence. Know where this phenomenon is visible, and what is its astrological impact on the lives of natives. This article reveals religious and astrological beliefs associated with Lunar Eclipse, and what precautions must be taken in order to escape its malefic effects and impact. Also, find out what remedies must be performed and Sutak Kaal timings during the Lunar Eclipse.

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Lunar Eclipse in 2021: What Is It?

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the planet Moon hides behind the Earth. Explaining further, it is a celestial phenomenon where the Moon, Earth and the Sun align in a straight line, with Earth in the middle and the Moon being covered in the Earth’s shadow. In such a way, the visibility of the Moon is reduced to a minimum. Also known as Chandra Grahan in Hindi and Vedic Astrology, this event is safe to witness from naked eyes, and occurs only on the night of the Full Moon. Unlike a Solar Eclipse, which lasts for up to a few minutes, a Lunar Eclipse can stretch up to hours. Sutak Kaal begins nine hours before the actual event, and the environment is said to be contaminated for initiating any auspicious task. Three types of Lunar Eclipses 2021 occur, which are as follows:

Total Lunar Eclipse

When the planet Earth completely covers the Moon with its shadow, hereby giving them a red tint, it is known to be a Total Lunar Eclipse, or Blood Moon, at times. In this situation, all three planets, i.e. the Earth, Moon and the Sun, are in a straight alignment. In the year 2021, the Total Lunar Eclipse is occurring on 26 May.

Partial Lunar Eclipse

When the planet Moon passes through the Umbra of the Earth’s shadow but isn’t fully covered by its shadow, that placement is known to be a Partial Lunar Eclipse. In such a case, all three planets aren’t fully aligned, and only a portion of the Moon gets obstructed.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

When the planet Moon moves through the Earth’s penumbra, i.e. outer shadow of the Earth, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse occurs. In such a case, the Moon isn’t fully covered in the Earth’s shadow, and a subtle and faint part of it is visible.

2021 Lunar Eclipse Time - First Lunar Eclipse 2021

Date Lunar Eclipse Begins Lunar Eclipse Ends Type of Eclipse 2021 Visibility
26 May From 14:17 Till 19:19 Total Lunar Eclipse India, Southeast Asia, Australia, Oceania, maximum areas of Alaska and Canada, all the lower 48 states, Hawaii, and almost the entire South America

Note: Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak, NASA's GSFC. All timings are in IST. This Eclipse will be visible as a Penumbral Eclipse in India, hence Sutak Kaal will not be observed.

Second Lunar Eclipse 2021

Date Lunar Eclipse Begins Lunar Eclipse Ends Type of Eclipse 2021 Visibility
19 November From 11:32 Till 17:33 Partial Lunar Eclipse India, Completely visible over Asia, Australia, and the Americas, Visible from some regions of Alaska and Hawaii on 18 Nov. 2021)

Note: Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak, NASA's GSFC. All timings are in IST. This Eclipse will be visible as a Penumbral Eclipse in India during Moonrise, hence Sutak Kaal will not be observed.

Planet Moon in Vedic Astrology

Moon isn’t considered a planet in astronomy, however, it is regarded as one in Vedic Astrology, and forms a significant part of the Navagrahas. Feminine in nature, it represents one’s mother and is the ruling planet of Cancer. A strong Moon in one’s kundli makes him/her prosperous in family affairs, sharp, emotional and possessor of great personality. On the other hand, an afflicted Moon can hinder physical growth of a native.

When either of the shadow planets, i.e Rahu and Ketu, gets posited in a kundli with Moon, Lunar Eclipse occurs. Rahu represents the North node, whereas Ketu represents the South node. As per mythology, Rahu and Ketu signify the upper and lower body of the demon Swarbhanu, who was killed by Lord Vishnu when he was caught by Lord Surya or Lord Chandra during the distribution of the Immortal Nectar of Life.

Lunar Eclipse in Mythology

As per religious Hindu scriptures, the Moon is worshipped as a deity and rules over Monday. It signifies the element “Water”, and is worn by the Mahadev Lord Shiva in its crescent form on his head. This is the reason why this planet is considered sacred in Hinduism. Worshipping this planet incurs serenity and calmness in one’s life. Also, venerating the great Lord Shiva helps to seek the blessings of Lord Moon. One can chant the above mentioned mantras to either nullify or reduce the malefic effects of Lunar Eclipse.

Sutak Kaal During Lunar Eclipse 2021

During the Lunar Eclipse in 2021, an inauspicious period begins nine hours before the actual celestial occurrence and ends with the event, which is known as Sutak Kaal. it is commendable to note that the Sutak Kaal is followed only where the eclipse is visible. Experts advice natives to refrain from carrying out certain tasks, whereas performing some can help eliminate the malefic effects.

However, from a spiritual point of view, natives undergoing certain astrology doshas such as Kaal Sarp Dosha as per their kundli details can worship the Lord Moon in order to eliminate the malefic effects of the eclipse or other planetary combinations. Since Moon represents emotions and mother, natives can face several related obstacles during the Sutak Kaal. From emotional distress to conflicts with mother, several changes can be witnessed during the Eclipse, since this event affects every zodiac sign individually.

Lunar Eclipse 2021: Do’s & Don’ts

  • No new task or project must be initiated during the Lunar Eclipse, since the outcome may not be favourable.

  • Avoid cooking fresh food during the Eclipse. In case of pre-cooked meals, add Tulsi or Basil leaves in it beforehand.

  • Avoid bathing or using the toilet during the Lunar Eclipse in 2021.

  • It is prohibited for the pregnant women to even go outside or look when the eclipse is occurring, since it can hinder the child’s mental and physical growth.

  • Also, minimal or no use of sharp objects must be done by women who are expecting.

  • Avoid touching the idols of sacred deities.

  • After the Lunar Eclipse in 2021 is over, sprinkle Gangajal all over the premises and clean the house while chanting the mantra.

  • Bathe yourself as well as the idols of the deities after the Eclipse ends.

Unlike Solar Eclipse, natives can view the Lunar Eclipse without using any glasses or mirror. From both astrological and scientific point of view, the rays during the Lunar Eclipse aren’t harmful, and the phenomenon can be seen with naked eyes.

Mantras To Recite During Lunar Eclipse 2021

  • Chandra Tantrik Mantra

ॐ सों सोमाय नमः
oṃ soṃ somāya namaḥ
  • Beej Mantra for Moon

ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः चंद्रमसे नमः
oṃ śrāṃ śrīṃ śrauṃ saḥ caṃdramase namaḥ

  • Reciting the mantra mentioned below 108 or 1008 times helps to escape malefic effects of Lunar Eclipse.

ॐ क्षीरपुत्राय विद्महे अमृत तत्वाय धीमहि तन्नो चन्द्रः प्रचोदयात्
oṃ kṣīraputrāya vidmahe amṛta tatvāya dhīmahi tanno candraḥ pracodayāt

The article on Lunar Eclipse in 2021 by AstroCAMP includes several informative aspects and remedies as per astrology. Read in detail and come back for more.

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