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Profession through Astrology

Last Updated: 7/22/2011 3:37:01 PM

Profession through Astrology

By S N Rao

This article is in continuation to my previous articles
Planets in 10th house, lord of the 10th house, those influencing Lagna, lord of lagna, the Sun and the Moon, are all significators of profession. The signs occupied by the significators of profession also influence the nature of the profession. Consideration of all the three lagnas - Janma lagna, Chandra lagna and the Surya lagna is necessary. The tenth house is a very important house in the horoscope of a person. It is the house which determines one's rank, social status, and profession of a person.

In this article I have tried to include the importance of the planet Sun on profession related matters.

If the Sun is placed in the tenth house and is strong by being in friendly sign, Moolathrikona or exaltation. It produces outstanding success in life. One gets a patronage of highly placed officials and noble men. It also denotes much success in government circles and embassies. The person enjoys good reputation and credit. He has steady success in his undertaking. In middle life, he may expect honors and eminence.

The Sun indicates government service, trees, timber, chanting of hymns, gambling, wool, medicine, metalwork, gold, father, kings, fire arms, fire, poisons, and forests. The Sun denotes employment in the State Service, administration or management. It indicates people having much authoriy and power. The Sun denotes government offrcials, kings and administrators. One may be in a government service, or in the senrice of a noble man or king.

The Sun indicates one's father. When the Sun is connected with the 10th house one may have income through his father. Or he may use his father's property as capital and thereby prosper. This can be so when the influence of the lords of the 9th house or 5th house falls on the Sun. The Sun indicates medicine, and medical profession too.

If it is a significator of profession, by being connected with the 10th house, and other significators (like Mars) also denote the same, one may take to medical profession. Influence of Mars, Ketu etc. would indicate professions connected with fire and fire arms. Influence of Jupiter, as lord of 9th house would point out to chanting of hymns and the profession of a priest. He may be associated in religious activities or organisations. Or he may be employed in a mutt or a religious institution. The reason for this is, that the Sun is a satvic planet. Influence of the 12th house is also to be considered here. For the twelfth house is said to have close connection with temples. The Sun indicates timber. When it is connected with the lord of the 4th house, one may be supplier of timber for house construction.

Or he may be a furniture merchant as the fourth house signifies such matters. Sun ruIes over business in grass or straw, medical profession, embassy, trade in pearl and gold. All positions of trust and authority, prominent positions in government, commanders, bankers, noblemen, association with rulers, goldsmiths etc are also associated with Sun.

The Sun indicates medicine, medical profession, trading in wool, grass, corn, gold, pearls, and the profession of a messenger. The Sun indicates profession of father (caretaker) also. The Sun is a fiery planet. If it is connected with Mars, and Ketu, the profession may be related to fire arms, electricity, radio engineering etc.

Some of the professions related to Sun in combination with other planets is given below:
Sun-Moon: mechanic, sculptor, Manufacture of various instruments, and machines, one working on stone.
Sun-Mercury: clever, expert, intelligent, happy, engineer, mathematician, inspector, astrologer.
Sun-Jupiter: cruel, doing other's jobs, a teacher, judge, good physician, magistrate, bank agent, principal.
Sun-Venus: dying, use of weapons, transport, women's hospital.
Sun-Saturn: expert in metals, minerals and the manufacture of vessels, geology, coal, mines, dentist.
Sun-Mars: police, military, factory, able surgeon, mechanical engineer a great officer, factory manager

Each profession is signified by one or more planets. It is also signified by one or more houses. Thus the two indications (i.e., of the planets and the houses) have to be blended together. Consideration should also be done w.r.t. Lagna and Chandra lagna. In the present article, the significance of the planet Sun is being given. It should be properly synthesized with the indications of houses and alter accordingly. Only after a thorough analysis and careful judgment the final conclusion may be arrived at.

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