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Tamil Calendar 2019: Tamil Panchangam, Festivals

Last Updated: 11/15/2018 11:44:51 AM

It can be said without a doubt that our country India is a rather beautiful country which has a number of charms. And some of the many charms of our beautiful country are its people, our various cultures, religion, and many other things. Tamil Nadu is one such state in our country which was earlier known as Madras and has the largest city Chennai as its capital. This state is further located in the southernmost part of our country. The language spoken by the majority of individuals located in this particular state is also known as Tamil. They follow their own calendar, also known as the Tamil Calendar.

Tamil Calendar 2019

Date Day Occasion
5 January 2019 Saturday Hanumath Jayanthi
14 January 2019 Monday Bhogi Pandigai
15 January 2019 Tuesday Pongal
16 January 2019 Wednesday Mattu Pongal
21 January 2019 Monday Thaipusam
4 February 2019 Monday Thai Amavasai
12 February 2019 Tuesday Ratha Saptami
19 February 2019 Tuesday Masi Magam
4 March 2019 Monday Shivaratri
14 March 2019 Thursday Karadaiyan Nombu
21 March 2019 Thursday Panguni Uthiram
6 April 2019 Saturday Ugadi - Telugu New Year
13 April 2019 Saturday Rama Navami Smarta
14 April 2019 Sunday Rama Navami Iskcon

15 April 2019 Monday Vishu
19 April 2019 Friday Chitra Pournami
4 May 2019 Saturday Agni Nakshatram Begins
7 May 2019 Tuesday Akshaya Thiruthiyai
9 May 2019 Thursday Sankara Jayanthi

Ramanuja Jayanthi
18 May 2019 Saturday Vaikasi Visakam
29 May 2019 Wednesday Agni Nakshatram Ends
31 July 2019 Wednesday Aadi Amavasai
3 August 2019 Saturday Aadi Perukku

Andal Jayanthi
5 August 2019 Monday Garuda Panjami
9 August 2019 Friday Varalakshmi Vratam
14 August 2019 Wednesday Avani Avittam Rigveda
15 August 2019 Thursday Avani Avittam Yajur Veda
16 August 2019 Friday Gayathri Japam
19 August 2019 Monday Maha Sangada Hara Chaturthi
23 August 2019 Friday Ashtami Rohini
24 August 2019 Saturday Gokulashtami
1 September 2019 Sunday Avani Avittam - Samaveda
2 September 2019 Monday Vinayagar Chaturthi
11 September 2019 Wednesday Onam
18 September 2019 Wednesday Maha Bharani
26 September 2019 Thursday Magha Shraddha
28 September 2019 Saturday Mahalaya Amavasai
29 September 2019 Sunday Navarathiri
7 October 2019 Monday Ayutha Poojai

Saraswati Poojai
8 October 2019 Tuesday Vijaya Dashami

27 October 2019 Sunday Deepavali

Lakshmi Puja

Kedara Gowri Vratham
2 November 2019 Saturday Soorasamharam
2 December 2019 Monday Subrahmanya Shashti
10 December 2019 Tuesday Karthigai Deepam
26 December 2019 Thursday Hanumath Jayanthi

Know more about Telugu holidays: Telugu Calendar 2019

The Tamil Calendar 2019 is one of the oldest calendars that has been present in our culture since the appearance of the entire human race. This particular 2019 calendar of Tamil contains the details or the list of all the major festivals and holidays that are celebrated by the individuals living in the state of Tamil Nadu. The months in Tamil Panchangam starts when the sun basically changes its position from one of the zodiac signs to the position of another zodiac sign. This clearly shows that this particular calendar is a type of Solar Calendar. However, after going through the Tamil Panchangam 2019 we would like you to gather some more information about the different days and months that are actually present in the Tamil Calendar.

The Days of the Tamil Calendar

There are basically seven days which are used in 2019 Calendar of Tamil. And the list of all those seven days is mentioned below.

  • Ravi Vaasara, also known as Sunday
  • Soma Vaasara, also known as Monday
  • Mangala Vaasara, also known as Tuesday
  • Budan Vaasara, also known as Wednesday
  • Guru Vaasara, also known as Thursday
  • Sukra Vaasara, also known as Friday
  • Shani Vaasara, also known as Saturday

These are all the days that appear in the Tamil Panchangam.

Download and plan your holidays: Printable Calendar 2019

Months of the Tamil Calendar

There are a total of twelve different months that appear in the Tamil Panchangam 2019. Every single of those months consists of a total of 29 to 32 days. The list of all those months is mentioned below.

  • Chithirai

This is the first month of the Tamil Calendar. And this month further starts with the Tamil New Year. This month starts from 14 April and ends of 14 May which makes this day consist of a total of 31 days.

  • Vaikasi

This is the second month in the Tamil Calendar 2019. And this month consists of a total of 32 days which means that it starts from 15 May to 15 June.

  • Ani

This is the third month in the 2019 Calendar of Tamil. And this month begins from 16 June and stretches till 16 July.

  • Adi

This is the fourth month in this calendar and it is further considered as the month that is not considered auspicious for carrying out any number of marriages. This month begins from 17 July and ends till 17 August which makes this month a month of 32 days.

  • Avani

This is the fifth month in the calendar and this month is considered extremely auspicious to carry out a number of different celebrations. This month begins from 18 August and it ends on 17 September, which makes this month consists of a total of 31 days.

  • Purattasi

This is the sixth month in this calendar and during this month it is dictated that the Tamil people should stay away from meat. This month starts from 18 September and it ends on 17 October.

  • Aippasi

This is the seventh month that is present in this calendar. This month is often filled with rain and heavy showers. This month starts from 18 October to 16 November.

  • Karthikai

This is the eight month and a large part of the individuals living in the state of Tamil Nadu indulge in fasting during this month. This month begins from 17 November and it ends on 16 December.

  • Margazhi

This is the ninth month in this calendar. And this month starts from 17 December to 14 January.

  • Thai

This is the tenth month that is present in this particular calendar. This month largely requires individuals to conduct marriages as it is an incredibly auspicious month. This month starts from 15 January and it ends on 12 February.

  • Masi

This is the eleventh month that is present in this calendar. And this month begins from 13 February to 14 March.

  • Panguni

This is the last month that is present in this particular Tamil Panchangam calendar. And with the end of this month the Tamil people again get to celebrate a New Year which marks a new beginning in their Tamil Panchangam 2019.

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