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Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal Anti-Corruption Movement Fate : An Astrological Analysis

Author: SN Rao | Last Updated: Mon 15 Aug 2011 2:28:32 PM

Anna Hazare, Anti-corruption movement

By S N Rao

This is in continuation to my earlier article on India against corruption astrology analysis At the centre of the movement is the respected social activist Anna Hazare who has begun a hunger strike that he says will not end till the government proves its commitment to the Jan Lokpal Bill. If Mr Hazare is commanding the attention of the average Indian, it is not just because of his considerable reputation as a crusader for basic rights for the aam admi or average Indian. Since the last year the country has confronted an epidemic of corruption within the government. The Commonwealth Games, a massive telecom scandal, and the appropriation by politicians and bureaucrats of a high-rise in Mumbai meant to house war widows and veterans have provoked public outrage. The government has been tested in Parliament by a reinvigorated Opposition. Current hot topics are 2G, CWG, Adarsh Society etc. etc. Anna Hazare's demand on drafting of Lokpal Bill has given us new reason for debates, talk shows, editorials and blogs.

With the Sun maha dasha dasha and Jupiter antardasha period beginning from Sept 2011, there may be major changes coming in the near future.

Sun represents the government and its placement in the 4th house gives a difficult time for the government. Transit Jupiter is in Aries which happens to be the 12th house. This is not a favorable position as well. Jupiter represents religion and religious heads of different communities. The importance and involvement of such people are bound to increase in the coming months. Transit Saturn will enter Libra in Nov 2011. Libra is the sign of Justice and Judiciary. Let us pray and hope that justice will be served to all the corrupt persons during the next 2 ½ years.

Transit Rahu is in Scorpio. This happens to be the 5th house from the Moon. Moon signifies the general public. Transit Rahu here creates dissatisfaction and dissent. Hence the general public will get involved and may vent their ire against the working of the government.

Today the government is looking very powerful. But transit Jupiter in Aries opposing its own position in the independence chart will try to bring strong opposition from the general public. The placement of Transit Saturn in Virgo in the 5th house indicates a dubious approach by the government and their lack of intention to implement strict disciplinary actions against the culprits. How else can we explain the lack of tough measures being implemented against the wealthy and powerful? Transit Mercury is Retrograde in Leo indicating that the government will try to manipulate things in their favor. Transit Sun with Venus in Cancer indicates the sweet talking measures (carrot and stick policy) which the government has been using since the movement began. They may be successful in these tactics and a compromise may be reached by amending and making minor changes here and there leaving behind some loopholes in their favor. As far as the common man is concerned he may be successful in venting his ire against corruption.

But the real question for this crusade to become successful is - Do we have the courage to oppose people who are corrupt in the society, in the Company we work for, in the neighborhood, in the club, the association we are in? I have not seen too many do that. We attend fancy wedding receptions, cocktail and dinners hosted by our friends, neighbors and associates fully knowing he or she cannot afford this from legitimate source of income. We do not say anything because we not want to become unpopular or attract the wrath of people with money power.

Nothing will change, unless "we the people" change. We all talk about 2G scams are foxed with new sets of mind boggling figures in scams which crop up. We talk about CWG scam and point our fingers. But in reality, politicians and officers are corrupt because we are corrupt. We talk about the magnitude of scam in 2G or CWG but have we ever made an attempt to add up the small scams in private business enterprises. I can assure you it will not be very small. If all of them are put together, annual magnitude I am sure will be bigger than CWG.

From the bottom of my heart I wish Anna Hazare wins and the government is made to accept his demands and a bill is drafted in a manner that people think it will benefit everyone. Let the civil society have the satisfaction of achieving something great. But remember nothing will change, unless "we the people" fight against corruption. We need to have change in heart.

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