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Anna Hazare's Lokpal Bill & Its Fate

Last Updated: 8/25/2011 12:28:26 PM

anna hazare, lokpal bill

By VGR Pavan

Astrology analysis through KP System

Will history repeat? The answer is yes. Anna Hazare is the proof. Some time ago we fight hard to get our independence; several young and old people took part in that fight. But now only one “old” man is trying to get the independence for the second time. Will the nation follow him or not is yet to reveal. Here I was interested to find the future of this “historical moment” i.e. the Anti-corruption movement of India 2011. The following is the random horary chart for my analysis through KP.

Firstly the Ascendant denotes “Hazare” the 7th house there from represents the Govt. One may ask whether the 10th house denotes Govt., true but here he is fighting against the Govt. hence the 7th house becomes Govt.

The motive of this fight is to pass the “Lokpal Bill” which is the duty (10th house) of the Govt. (7th house). The negotiation between Hazare and the Govt. are represented by 3rd and 9th house respectively.

If the 9th cuspual sub lord is connected with 3rd house then the Govt. will accept the terms of Hazare. If the same sublord is connected with 4th house (10th from 7th) house bill will take shape as per the negotiations.

The second condition must satisfy as accepting the term is different to the implementation of the accepted term. Further the 4th sublord should also signify 11th house to show whether the act of the Govt. is up to the will/ desire of Hazare (11th house show desire fulfillment) or not.

Now, the 9th sub lord is Moon, she is in the star of Mars and sub of Rahu. She is in rapt conjunction to Kethu and posited in 3rd house. Mars is in 4th house and Rahu was in 9th house in Mercury star. Therefore the 9rd sublord is connected with 3-4-9 houses through Mars.

Therefore the Govt. will accept the terms of Hazare with some “Leftouts” why? Note Mars was aspected by Saturn from 7th house (Govt.) being lord of 12th house (self undoing) thus the intension of the Govt. must to avoid further catastrophes. Guruji Sri.KSK said that Saturn shows lie whereas Mars denotes miss-chief or intentional misleading. If both these significations are connected with the sublord of the 9th cusp, then what might be the intension of the Govt. is left to the readers to decide.

The second condition is that whether the 4th sublord is connected with 11th house or not. 4th sub lord is again Moon. Therefore 4th sub lord is connected with 3-4-9 houses and we have to include 11th house also why? Note that Saturn the 11th lord aspecting Rahu the node. The 11th house was unoccupied and none in the stars of Saturn hence he becomes full significator and transfers all his energy to the magnetic node Rahu. But remember Saturn will always give less than the anticipated. Hence we can say that the bill may be up to the expectation of Hazare but not entirely he may have to compromise in some issues as

The present dasa lord is Mars and he rules till Apr-2017. The current bhukthi is that of Rahu till 02-Oct-2011. Rahu as said earlier connected with 3-4-5-7-11-12 houses. As the dasa lord Mars being in Rahu star denotes that by the end of Rahu Bhukthi the Govt. will agree to the terms of Hazare and start working with the committee.

Govt. may make the first move either on 25th or 27th this month. The first date is when Moon in Aridra later she will be in Pushyami.

After Rahu Bhukthi, Jupiter Bhukthi will start from 02-Oct-2011 to 07-09-2012. Jupiter is lord of 1-10 in 2 in the star of Venus and sub of Moon. Here Jupiter is 11th sublord and strong by ownership and occupation but Venus is lord of the 8th in 5th house which shows Govt. will try to take advantage. This continues till the completion of Saturn anthara on 07-Jan-2011. There may be arguments and abusing during these antharas.

The drafting may speed up during the antara of Mercury, from 07-Jan and takes a good shape when Sun transits around the 11th cusp, i.e. during the last week of Jan or first week of Feb-2012. As Mercury is in own star and sub of Rahu, he in his period will finish the drafting by 23-feb. Remember that both Jupiter and Mercury are strong Ruling Planets at judgment.

After completion of drafting there may be a lengthy debate about the finalization of the “Bill” in the coming antharas and lastly it will be presented in the “House” between 26-Jun-2012 to 07-Sep-2012 because Mars and Rahu are strong Ruling Planets at judgment. Jupiter by that time will transit close to Moon and trine the 11th house. Mars the dasa lord will transit close to Saturn the 7th occupant and in trine to transiting Jupiter as well as radical Moon. Both of them will transit in the star of Moon.

Therefore as per my analysis the “Lokpal bill” may be passed in the parliament during Jul-Sep 2012. As Mars (ferocious and adult aged) is the dasa lord in Gemini (Man and woman symbol as per Vedic astrology) the support of youth (both male and female as depicted by the sign) will fuel the movement.

The above analysis is purely an attempt to apply the principles of KP to an interesting question. No doubt the corrupt less country is cherish of each one of us. Let us support and promote this movement which is like a plant now and let it grow like a tree and feed our next generations with spotless fruits.

Respects to the old (experienced) man with young (passionate) spirit and childish (innocent) smile. May God bless him with health and success in his march.

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