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Which Is The Best Astrology System?

Author: Surbhi Gloria | Last Updated: Wed 24 Jul 2013 11:21:23 AM

Best Astrology System

By Surbhi Gloria

Astrology is an occult science, which deals with the relationship between the celestial bodies and human beings. Over the years, in order to enlighten people about the wonders that Astrology can do for the Earth, Astrologers engrossed themselves in deep study; and thus, evolved different systems of Astrology.

According to the universal concept, Astrology can be widely differentiated between Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology. Vedic Astrology has several systems. Some of the Astrology systems are KP, Lal Kitab, Jaimini, Parashari and Ashtakavarga. Each of these systems of Astrology has been developed by well acclaimed Astrologers who dedicated their lives to Astrology. Owing to the endeavor, intellect and persistence of these Astrologers, Vedic Astrology has regained its glory and is all set to serve mankind in every aspect of their lives.

There was a phase in history, when, due to different cultures settling in India, Vedic Astrology had been buried deep within. But, our Astrologers struggled to keep the systems of Astrology alive and now the world recognizes us for these systems and the factuality displayed by the various systems of Astrology. Vedic Astrology is known to make precise predictions. All the systems of Astrology are highly efficient and deliver results that are accurate. Each of the systems of Astrology is special. Every Astrologer sets a preference to a system of Astrology.

So, the first question that would crop up in your mind is - what would be the best Astrology System?

Well, all the systems of Astrology are excellent and to decide the Best One would be a difficult task. So, to erase your dilemma, we have some highly intellectual Astrologers with us, who would be able to pacify you with their response.

Even though there are several systems of Astrology, it would be difficult for a layman to discern the best Astrology system. Only highly accomplished Astrologers could be bestowed that right. So, through this article, we will provide you the suggestions of experienced Astrologers who will fathom the mystery of the Best Astrology System that has been lingering in your mind.

G K Adith Kasinath has ocean deep knowledge of Astrology. He is highly accomplished in KP System. All you have heard of him speak of his excellence in this field. Let us gain from his words of wisdom.

Best Astrology System # 1: KP System Is The Best Method To Know The Destiny

Traditional Vedic system is a basic system, wherein most of the times the predictions seem to be the same for those born with same ascendant/sign. Also, the predictions are vague and most of the times go wrong.

For example, lets take those twins who are born within few minutes interval. A traditional astrologer would erect the birth chart wherein almost all the planetary positions, the ascendant and other house positions would be the same for both the babies in both the signs and Navamsa charts. But, in real life, each baby would experience different results in each event of life like health, education, marriage, married life, profession, etc... - Why?

In another case, an astrologer would have predicted that the native who was running through the period of exalted planet who was favorably posited in the natal chart would definitely bring him gain and success. But, the native would have struggled and lost all his money in that period. How?

The traditional astrologers would take the same ascendant for two people born approximately within two hours interval. Even if you give approximate time , they won't bother . They just fix up the ascendant and give predictions. That is wrong. If we cast the chart as per KP principles, the planetary and the house positions would vary. Further, the planets would be traveling in the star of other planet and in the sub of other planet which is the deciding factor. So, the role of a particular event is controlled by its star-Lord and decided by its sub-Lord. Hence, only through this method the destiny and the exact role of each planet could be known.

We can daily watch in media that many traditional astrologers are giving predictions just based on ascendant or Moon sign. Are they correct? No. If so, there would be only twelve types of people in the world. Is it not? Hence, do not just trust those predictions or forecasts that are general predictions. People must first find the destiny, the right period and the correct steps to be taken in the process. For which, they need to find an expert KP Astrologer with good knowledge in the advanced systems like scientific stellar and sub-Lord theory (KP).

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~ G. K. Adith Kasinath

Now, let us see what Pt Hanumman Mishra, who is also a walking encyclopedia of Astrology has to say about the best system of Astrology.

Best Astrology System # 2: Vedic Astrology Is The Best System Of Astrology

What is the best system of Astrology? The fact of the existence of the Systems of Astrology is evidence enough of their importance and noteworthiness. Now to select any system that is cut above the rest is very difficult for me. From my experience all the systems of Astrology have proved to be very precise and effective. For instance, if one needs to carry out the naming ceremony then it would be good to do so, on the basis of constellation/ Nakshatra of Vedic Astrology. But after deciding the first alphabet of the name, I have observed that name correction using Numerology yields good results. I would use this system too. So now if I have to say that Vedic Astrology is better than Numerology or vice versa, then that would be a difficult choice. But yes, the basis of Numerology has been derived from Vedic Astrology. I even use the K P System. As per my experience, the prediction and accuracy of the time of event is clearer in this system. That is why I am inclined toward this system of Astrology too. But once again, the roots of K P System are from Vedic Astrology. The concept of Vedic Astrologys sub lord has been given more prominence in K P System. Therefore it is very important to have a vast knowledge of Vedic Astrology. For remedies, I look up to Lal Kitab. Though principally Vedic remedial measures are used to reduce the malefic effect of a planet, but Lal Kitab remedies are more comprehensive and convenient. Due to the simplicity of Lal Kitab remedies, I would advise everyone to use them. Hence, you can always decide for yourself the best Astrology system, as per your experience. But if I have to decide on one particular system then I would say that Vedic Astrology is the best system of Astrology for it gave birth to all the other systems.

~ Pt. Hanumman Mishra

Let us now seek Astrologer S. N. Rao opinions on Best Astrology System. S. N. Rao is a renowned Astrologer and has experience of over ten years. His expertise is in Vedic, K P, Palmistry systems of Astrology.

Best Astrology System # 3: Western & Vedic, Both The Systems Give Amazingly Accurate Results

There are two different Zodiacal systems which are used in Astrology. Western Astrology uses Sayana type Zodiac (Tropical Zodiac) and the Vedic Astrology uses Nirayana type Zodiac (Sidereal Zodiac). Since there are two different systems being used confusion naturally arises as to which is to be used.

Some astrologers may consider one to be the true zodiac, the other to be in error. Some may consider both to be valid but to different degrees. Some may try to use both together. If we are unbiased, I believe that we can find examples of accurate astrological readings using either of these systems. This may depend more upon the practitioner than the system. Some say that the Tropical system is for westerners, as it was developed there, and that the Sidereal system is for Indians, as it originated from here. The method to predict is different in both the systems and Vedic astrology can give good and accurate readings even for westerners who believe in the Tropical system. Western astrologers can make sense of the Vedic Charts...

Astrology came originally from India and its astrology has remained fixed throughout its long history. Ancient cultures within us, which maintained the continuity of their civilizations over thousands of years, would quite naturally have to reckon with the precession of the zodiac. This is why the ayanamsa is deducted from the Western chart to determine the positions in the Vedic chart.

Western astrology can be accurate. To analyze a Western chart the principles mentioned in Western Astrology needs to be applied. The degrees of a planet in a sign have a special meaning to read the charts. Vedic astrology considers the Sidereal zodiac to be more important as it has existed for over many thousands of years and also predictions using dasa system are based on the Nakshatras. From my personal experience both the systems are correct and can give amazingly accurate results. I usually try to confirm the results from both the methods before deciding the outcome of the prediction.

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~ S. N. Rao

Acharya Raman has many years of experience in Astrology. His expertise lies in Satyacharya Nakshatra application and traditional Astrology. He will now reveal to us his preference.

Best Astrology System # 4: Vedic Astrology Is The Most Spiritual In Approach

There are many ways of predictions in the world prevailing currently which includes reading of the Palm, Numerology, tarot, vastu, panch pakshi, nadi of South India, astrology, laal kitaab, etc etc .From my experience of 10-12 years I have found that ancient Hindu Astrology which is also called Vedic Astrology is most accurate to decipher the future events. Now trending systems like KP, KB etc are all based on this ancient science only but with a modification, they claim, they have done for the betterment but still there are loopholes in it.

This system is most precise and is very simple to understand. Its foundation lies in the constellations and their positions along with planets and signs. The time of birth and place with date plays a vital role in erecting a horoscope of an individual to maintain its accuracy. This system takes various dashas of planets and the most important is vimshottari dasha which is based on the quarter of the constellation of moon at the time of birth.

This system is the most spiritual in approach as it not only talks about the present birth of the native but also his past and future births. Vedic Astrology tries to move him towards attaining moksha which is supposedly the sole purpose of getting a human body as no other body can attain moksha because of various reasons.

The remedies prescribed are mostly related to appeasing deities who in turn make one god fearing and god loving person .I have not seen any other system which such multidimensional approach for human beings till date.

~ Acharya Raman

Nitin Datta is a renowned Astrologer of the present time. Though he has immense knowledge in Science, he diverted his attention toward Astrology. A follower of Ashtakvarga system, his expertise is in Vedic Astrology, Vastu and Ashtakvarga. Let us know his opinion over this pertinent issue.

Best Astrology System # 5: Parashari System Of Astrology Scores Over All Other Systems

Just like a particular medicine does not suit everyone likewise a particular system of Astrology does not suit everyone. I believe that every astrologer has his/her own genius and command over different systems of Astrology. Parashari system of Astrology, KP System, Jaimini, Ashtakvarga, Prashna Astrology, Lal Kitab etc is the popular systems of Astrology. Based upon suitability and ease of learning an astrologer learns the governing principles in a particular system and masters the art of prediction.

It is interesting to learn that all the systems of Astrology would yield the same result if they are attempted properly. If the Parashari system is depicting a promise for marriage in the horoscope to a native then rest of the systems would also yield the same result.

Desh.Kaal and Patra apply to the learning astrologer too. For instance, someone born in south India is more likely to have an inclination towards Jaimini Astrology as it is more prevalent there as compared to the rest of India.

It is worth noting that the available literature on a particular system of Astrology is also a deciding factor upon the choice of a relevant method. Probably the Parashari system of Astrology has the most abundant literature available on earth. Maharishi Parashar has attempted the most descriptive and illustrative yet simple method of Astrology. Lal Kitab too illustrates many workable and result oriented remedies but their method of functioning is yet to be researched upon.

Comparatively, almost 90% of the Jaimini sutras are still to be located and deciphered. KP System is a relatively new system of Astrology and it is still developing. Prashna Astrology is a very higher order of Astrology that is perhaps not meant for all. Ashtakvarga is again a work by Maharishi Parashar and it has its roots from Vedic Astrology only.

In light of all this, probably the Parashari system of Astrology scores over all other systems of Astrology. Relative easy understanding of the principles, simple methods of analysis (Bhava, Bhavesh and Karaka) and simple remedies lead to a simple dictation of the prediction to a native in a simple language.

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~ Nitin Datta

V. G. Ramachandra Pavan is a renown Astrologer. He has a vast experience in K P Astrology. Let us move forward by knowing this great Astrologers point of view on Best Astrology System.

Best Astrology System # 6: KP Is The Most Reliable & Authentic System Of Prediction

Advanced Stellar Astrology which is otherwise known as KP is most reliable and authentic system of prediction. Prof. K. S. Krishnamurti advocated this system and popularized as sub-lord theory. Under this system even minute zodiacal arc is considered for offering prediction. This is based upon sound logic of the difference between close births. Twins are born within a very close range of minute or some seconds. In other systems of astrology, we dont find any technique to cover such important factors. We merely depend upon the directions or progressions under western astrology and in Vedic Ashtakavarga or Shashtyamsa that are not convincing in all cases.

KP gives more credence to sub-lords. A star or constellation is divided into sub-divisions as per the ratio of planetary Dasas in Vimshottari Dasa System. These subdivisions are ruled by planets known as sub-lords. They are the deciding factors of the fate of the native. Especially, the sub-lords of the houses or cusps are most influential in deciding whether native is blessed with any comfort in life or not. For example, the sub-lord of 7th house decides whether marriage is promised or not, love or arranged, pleasant or violent marital life, union or separation etc. The judgments or dictations of the sub lords are executed by the rulers of the periods. These planets are termed as significators. Key is that significators for a house will be present in any horoscope but an event will happen only when the cusp sub lord permits it. Transit is also considered along with Ruling planets while offering prediction. In this way, this most scientific and lucid analysis made astrology predictions into astrological findings. Long live KP.

~ VGR Pavan

Rajeev K Khattar is such a versatile astrologer. He has a firm grip over various systems of Astrology as well as Numerology. Currently, he is practicing his skills in financial astrology, especially share market. Lets see what he says on best astrology system.

Best Astrology System # 7: KP For Predictions & Lal Kitab For Solutions

I have been professionally practicing astrology since 1995. As per my experience, people normally want to know two things:

  1. When their miseries will come to an end?
  2. What to do to get rid of their burning problems?

For minute predictions, even in the absence of birth details, stellar astrology works very well. It provides a pinpoint and precise answer in the form of Yes or No. It even answers very minor questions like when a particular sms/ email will be received or when Mr X will arrive at home, etc.

99% of the clients consult the astrologer hoping to get an astrological solution to solve their problems. As far as remedies are concerned, I guide my clients from Lal Kitab. I have my personal experience of getting benefits from Lal Kitab. Bringing back harmony in the married life or sorting out business/ job problems can easily be tackled from Lalkitabs remedies. The remedies makes us behave in a socially correct manner like respecting elders, not to have illicit relationships, not to do any kind of illegal work and helping the widows, etc.

One can predict from Lalkitab also. In the recent past, I had successfully predicted death of close family friend from his sons horoscope from Lalkitabs Varshphal method. Film actor Priyanka Chopras father death was also predicted from her horoscope by Lal Kitabs Varshphal method of predictions.

Lal Kitab not only helps in diagnosing and neutralizing previous births negative Karmas but also guide us how to behave in this birth to live in a satisfactory manner. The remedies are affordable (unlike performing expensive Homams or wearing expensive gemstones, etc.) and easy to carry out (unlike performing Sadhanas at cremation/ burial place). My regular clients get Lalkitabs Varshphal chart prepared every year, a month in advance to their birth-date, and stay protected & benefitted throughout the year.

What is the use of diagnosis if there is no cure available? Stellar astrology can successfully predict when the rains will stop but Lalkitab suggests not to wait for the rains to stop, use an umbrella instead and go to work!

In light of all this, probably the Parashari system of Astrology scores over all other systems of Astrology. Relative easy understanding of the principles, simple methods of analysis (Bhava, Bhavesh and Karaka) and simple remedies lead to a simple dictation of the prediction to a native in a simple language.

~ Rajeev K. Khattar

In this article we have tried to guide you through the Best Astrology System that you can use. We have, with the help of accomplished Astrologers, tried to differentiate between all the systems of Astrology, so that you comprehend them better.

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