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Horoscope 2016

"राशिफल 2016" हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें - राशिफल 2016

Horoscope 2016 is a key that will help you unlock success in 2016. It is written by astute astrologers keeping principles of Vedic Astrology in mind. These predictions cover different aspects of your life such as health, love, finance and family etc. Check it out now to tread the path of prosperity...

Aries Horoscope 2016

Aries horoscope 2016

Arians, the upcoming time is ready to give you a bag of mixed fruits, some sweet and some sour. The time is indicating that it may remain a bit difficult for you to maintain harmonious relations with family members. But, don’t take any stress because you may maintain them well if you want. On the other hand, the time is equally encouraging and supportive for getting financial profits. Some delays may occur, but you will get the desired results. Businessmen are advised to avoid excess of expenses and investements. Also, keep a safe distance from stock-market, because chances of profit are a little difficult. As far as relationships are concerned they need love, care, and time to flourish, and all these things will be required by your romantic and sexual life this year. Just give more time and love to your sweetheart, otherwise you may not be able to enjoy your relations to the fullest. Time will come in your favor and things will start improving immensely after the month of August. But, caution would be required throughout the year. So, keep on working hard for a better tomorrow.

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Taurus Horoscope 2016

Taurus horoscope 2016

If we have to measure the goodness of time, the New Year 2016 is looking highly in favor of Taurus. Your life-partner or sweetheart will become the driving force for your hard work and achievements. He/She will encourage and support you a lot, and it will make you overcome all the problems very easily. You will enjoy romance a lot. Minor problems are possible for those who are in job at the initial stage, but everything will be alright in the second phase of the year. Whereas, everything will remain smooth and favorable for businessmen. This year, there are certain things that you need to take care of, like your sexual arousal. Control your thoughts, otherwise its excess may distract you and create unnecessary hurdles in the path of success. You may also think of getting into some illegitimate relations, but try to avoid this completely. As far as your financial life is concerned, the whole year is favorable for that and you will get the result of your efforts. Overall, the time is favorable, just there is a need to follow certain precautions.

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Gemini Horoscope 2016

Gemini horoscope 2016

Minor ups & downs, some hardships and favors, you will experience them all in the year 2016. Your relations will remain good with life-partner. But, only this would not be enough for a harmonious family life, this time you also need to take care of your spouse’s relations with other family members. Try to maintain a balance between relations at home, otherwise unnecessary tensions may arise. Your health may remain a bit weak. Regular exercise and healthy diet are the only ways that can help in overcoming different health problems. You are advised to avoid taking money on debt in any situation. As the inflow of funds is also going to reduce a bit, so control expenses as much as possible. Some great benefits are likely to come for businessmen, and some tempting illegal tihngs might attract. As far as your love life is concerned, you will enjoy it a lot and spend quality time with your sweetheart. Overall, if minor flaws are ignored, you will experience the goodness of time.

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Cancer Horoscope 2016

Cancer horoscope 2016

Cancerians, this year in 2016, caution may be required in every field; but you will also get equally rewarding results for your efforts. Your relations will remain good with the life partner and you will enjoy your personal life. But, there would be a need to work on relations with other family members. Your health may also remain a matter of concern, take care of it. As far as your financial life is concerned, your presence of mind and intellect would be required to increase the amount of funds. You are advised not to trust anyone blindly in these matters, otherwise harm is possible to your accumulated funds. Also, stay alert from your business partners, as chances of controversies are there against you. Those who are in job will get some good chances of growth. Either they will get a better job oppurtunity or a promotion in the existing one. You may fall for someone, if you are single, and your relations will improve, if you are already committed. At last, you are advised to restrain your libido for a better sexual life.

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Leo Horoscope 2016

Leo horoscope 2016

Lions, the upcoming year 2016 is ready to give you some great rewards. You will get positive results from most of the things and enjoy the goodness of time. This time will create a good influence on all the spheres of your life. You will enjoy your relations with friends and family. Personal life will also remain great and your life-partner will support. Heavy food items and alcohol should be avoided this year because health problems related to weight gain may create trouble. If we talk about your financial situation, improvement will be visible and your funds will increase. Businessmen and those who are in job will enjoy these financial benefits. Your reputation will improve at workplace. Seniors will praise your efforts and your name as well as fame will increase. You will enjoy your love life a lot. Marriage proposals are likely to come for those who are unmarried and looking for a mate. You will also enjoy a lot of sexual pleasures. Overall, the time is favorable, just give your best to recieve the best.

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Virgo Horoscope 2016

Virgo horoscope 2016

Virgos, the upcoming year 2016 is bringing a platter of different flavors for you. Some of them are going to be sweet, but some may also remain sour. Your relations may not remain as cordial with life-partner as they should be. Problems are also possible with other family members. Avoid ego and arrogance, and put some extra efforts to make things work. Also, take good care of your health, because your carelessness may become a reason for different health troubles. For you, Jupiter is posited in the twelfth house, it is an indicator of financial loss, so take care. Don’t take any financial decision carelessly, also take the suggestions of elders or more experienced people for preventing any loss. Virgo natives may feel the maximum influence of upcoming time. Time may also remain a bit weak for businessmen, they might not get much profits before the month of August. But, things will improve tremendously after that. So, don’t lose hope in any situation, just keep on giving your best, you will surely get highly favorable results in future.

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Libra Horoscope 2016

Libra horoscope 2016

The upcoming year 2016 is bringing a fabulous mix of events for you. Minor problems may come in every sphere of life, but you will face them with courage and come out as a winner. If you live in a joint family, more caution would be required, as some indications of disturbances are there. But, things will remain smooth in nuclear ones. Try to increase the quotient of trust between you and your life-partner. Don’t lie to him/her and also listen to him/her carefully. Some problems are also possible from children. The time will give some special rewards to those who are in job, they will get promotion, salary hike, and many other professional benefits. But, businessmen may have to try hard to gain the desired results. Situations might deteriorate further after August 11, but there is no need to worry, your efforts will help you keep going. Caution would be required while spending money. Also, take care while exchanging money and try to keep a written proof of everything. As far as your love life is concerned, you will spend a lot of time with your sweetheart, but mutual-coordination may remain missing. Try to maintain it as much as possible and also don’t ignore other important things for your love life. You will enjoy physical pleasures a lot, but don’t ignore your health.

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Scorpio Horoscope 2016

Scorpio horoscope 2016

Overall, the upcoming year will remain favorable. But, you need to take care of your personal relationships. Try to maintain a good coordination with life partner, ups and downs may come, but you will face them with courage. Don’t lose your patience and hope even in the worst times. Your parents, especially father, will support a lot. Behavior of your children may disturb you a bit. As far as your professional life is concerned this year, there is no place for laziness and lethargy. Avoid them completely, because they will not let you use your talent to the fullest and some unnecessary losses are also possible due to them. The time till August is a bit weak for making investments. If you have to make any, do it after August. Also, completely avoid doubting your partner and maintain patience in your love relationship till then. Some extra-marital affairs are possible, but you are advised to avoid them completely, otherwise defamation is possible.

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Sagittarius Horoscope 2016

Sagittarius horoscope 2016

The upcoming time will bring mixed results to you. Some health problems, financial or business related problems are possible, but the good thing is that they will not be able to stay for long. You will easily resolve them with your intellect and presence of mind. Disputes or ideological differences are possible with family members and friends. Don’t let them increase beyond a limit. You may experience problems like body stiffness and infections due to polluted food. This time you have to take care of your diet and avoid heavy food items as much as possible. Those who are in job will enjoy this year a lot, they will get some great benefits like promotion, salary increment, and new job oppurtunities. The auspiciousness of time will further increase after the month of August. All will remain smooth for businessmen, but they are advised to stay alert from cheatings and frauds. Overall, the financial situation is looking good, so there is no need to take much stress. Just keep on doing your best and stay away from illegal activities.

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Capricorn Horoscope 2016

Capricorn horoscope 2016

Capricorns, you will enjoy the favors of time, but certain caution would also be required in some matters like your family life and health. Chances of probelms are there in your personal life. Everything may not remain very cordial between your spouse and family members. You need to handle everything very carefully because your dear ones are involved in this matter. Control your speech and don’t speak anything without giving a proper thought. Avoid taking work stress, as it will not do any good, but will become a reason for headache and other health problems. Indigestion is also possible, so take care of your diet. Those who are in job, their efficiency will increase and they will get appreciation and promotion at workplace. Some better job oppurtunities are also likely to come for them. Businessmen will get new oppurtunities of gaining profits or any government contract. Overall, the time is favorable, you need to work hard to get the best out of it.

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Aquarius Horoscope 2016

Aquarius horoscope 2016

This year is ready to give plenty of benefits. You will enjoy a lot and get the best out of time. Minor problems may come, but overall you will get the goodness. The year is a bit sensitive for domestic matters; you need to handle them carefully. Your involvement can reduce these problems, but ignorance may increase them, so take care. Couples who are looking for separation will also do it peacefully. But, the good thing is that transit of Jupiter in seventh house will help in improving things. You may face some problems related to genitals and mind. Your financial situation will remain great, many benefits are likely to come your way. Friends will also support physically as well as financially. But, excess of generosity should be avoided. This is a good time for experimenting something new in business, you will get success in your efforts and business expansion is also possible. Servicemen will get fame, respect, and appreciation at workplace. Love relationships will remain normal and your efforts will make it even better. Overall, all your endeavors will produce positive results, so keep on doing your best.

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Pisces Horoscope 2016

Pisces horoscope 2016

The upcoming year may give mixed results. You will get name and fame, but some complications will also be there. Your efforts would be required to turn the things in favor. If we start with your domestic life, it is does not look easy. You need to stay careful on your own level, so that all the problems can be avoided. Family members will support, but some unpleasant situations may come your way. Some health problems may also disturb like problems related to intestines, liver, kidneys, etc. Financial situation will remain normal throughout the year. Money will keep on coming with a normal pace, but its arrival will increase after the month of August. Businessmen will also gain some good profits after August. Those who are in job may have to face some problems at the initial stage, but later everything will turn favorable. This dimension of your life will remain very effective for you. You will experience the auspiciousness in your love life after the month of August, but it would be a bit difficult to get favorable results before that. Overall, you are advised to apply patience in every situation, because favorable results will surely come, but with some delay.

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