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The Astrological Truth Behind Kuja Dosha: Effects on Marriage

Author: G.K.Adith Kasinath | Last Updated: Sat 7 Sep 2013 3:23:13 PM

Mars Dosha, Mangal Dosha, Kuja Dosha, gk adith kasinath

Kuja Dosha or Mangal Dosha, its believed, impacts ones married life negatively. Several Manglik Dosha remedies are performed by people on astrologers suggestion to ward it off. But, whats the truth behind Kuja Dosha? Is it just a hoax or true? Know the truth through this article by Dr. G.K. Adith Kasinath.

What is Kuja Dosha?

What is Mars Dosha? Our sages said that when Mars is posited in 2th, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses from Lagna or Moon or Venus, it is said to be Mars Dosha or Mangal Dosha and the native is called Manglik But most of the astrologers take the placement only from Lagna (Ascendant). This is not perfect. Such placement of Mars from Venus is the strongest and from Moon is stronger than from the Lagna. If we consider the placement, many of the natives will have such Dosha. And the same sages have said the rules of cancellation of Mars Dosha which include when Mars is exalted/debilitated, in own signs, its friends sign, aspected or conjoined with Jupiter or other benefic planets and so on. If we carefully look at these rules for cancellation or modification of Mars Dosha, most of the Mars Dosha will get cancelled through any one of the said rules. Hence Mars Dosha may be cancelled by itself in the chart in most of the charts.

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Why Mars has been given much importance and all are frightened with Mars? Mars is an arrogant, adamant, rash and courageous planet, it could cause disharmony, dispute and difficulties and also injuries, accidents and blood related troubles. Hence when Mars is not well posited (malefic) in a chart it could lead to above mentioned difficulties and unpleasant things in life.

Of course, not only Mars but also other planets that are badly posited and malefic in a chart could result bad incidents and troubles in life. But Mars with its nature and qualities can be expected more severe than any other planet. Hence the position of Mars in 2nd house (family happiness), 4th house (domestic environment), 7th house (legal marriage, the longevity and health of partner), 8th house (duration of marital life, hurdles), 12th house (bed pleasure, deception) is considered malefic pertaining to the marriage.

An Insight Into Manglik Dosha / Kuja Dosha

It is believed that a chart with Manglik Dosha would match with other chart with Mars Dosha since there is compatibility through blood chemical parameters. Also there is mental compatibility both are under the influence of Mars. But we have to realize that Mars alone does not determine any result in the chart on the marriage. There are many other planets involved as well. And as per KP many parameters like destiny by the 7th rulers and Venus along with significations of the running Dasa and its sub periods will play their role.

Even natives without Mars Dosha not having strong favorable significations (2,5,7,11), connected to detrimental significations (1,6,4,8,10,12) creates disharmony, dispute and ultimately separation. So Mars Dosha alone does not decide the married life.

It has been just followed mere placement of Mars in 2,4,7,8,12 houses. Suppose, if Mars is lord of 6th or 4th or 7th or 8th or 12th but posited in the said (2,4,7,8,12) houses, and its starlord is also owner of say 6th or 7th or 8th or 12th and posited in 6th or 8th or 12th or 4th, then Mars would become a strong malefic for marriage and marital life. Suppose if that native is also matched to another Manglik with the one whose Mars is also detrimental in the chart then how we can expect the marital life will be smooth ? Both will be arrogant and uncompromising and thus it would result in separation with violence.

Hence disharmony caused by Mars will be severe and arrogant and violent whereas if it is by Saturn it will be smooth and silent, if it is by Jupiter it will be gentle. Hence disharmony can be signified not just with Mars but with any planet. Only the nature of the disharmony would differ by the presence of other significations and also the nature of the planets involved.

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Truth Behind Kuja Dosha: The Final Verdict

Hence, giving importance for Mars in a chart for its malefic significations is always good. But fixing up the marriage just on the basis of Manglik Dosha is not advisable. A thorough study on the whole chart especially the 7th sign lord, its starlord and its Sub-lord significations and the significations of Venus, Dasa periods are more important to know the real picture on the destiny of the marriage and marital life. More importantly we have to find the weakness or malefic planets that could cause trouble or hurdles to the happy marital life in the chart. We should also find the chart with the planetary significations which could be better or could balance the weakness of other. This would help the couple to run a smooth or less troubled marital life. And just matching a Manglik to another Manglik without proper studying the said parameters will not solve the purpose. If the destiny is not favorable then terrible disputes and disharmony are bound to arise.

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