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Rising Sign Calculator: What Is My Ascendant

Want to know what your Ascendant tells about you? Find it using Rising Sign Calculator presented by AstroCAMP and explore more about life, personality, attitude, health, wealth and much more. Unravel your potential by exploring different aspects of your life through this analysis. Fill in your birth details and find your ascendant:

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Rising Sign or Ascendant: Astrological Analysis

Vedic Astrology tells that the rising sign determines one’s behaviour, inclination towards certain areas, possibility with success and achievement in life. It is said to be the sign which rises from the eastern horizon in a horoscope at the time of birth. The Ascendant symbolises the true nature and approach of native towards the world and his/her influences within the surroundings.

Rising Sign Calculator is an analytical tool used to find the degree of ascendant in one’s horoscope and its effects on one’s life. Out of 12 zodiac signs, Rising Sign, also called as Lagna in hindi, emerges from 30 degree east to the point of intersection with ecliptic at the time of birth.

Descendant: The Opposite Face of Ascendant

Rising from the opposite of Ascendant is the Descendant, which identifies the mind of relationships we feel attracted towards along with people we like to love around. It represents a section of our personality we are unaware of or suppress but tend to identify those qualities, positive or negative, in others.

As they both differ from each other, their approach in astrology differs too. Unlike Ascendent which reveals our deepest desires and characteristics, Descendant highlights what’s lacking in the life or the missing link. It offers solutions or ideas to handle the demanding situations and represents what needs to be learned and made better. It can be found in the Birth Chart or Kundli of a native and symbolises external influences and how a native reacts and interacts when under its influence.

Importance of Rising Sign

Rising Sign helps the native to explore and find its true identity and with what element does s/he label itself. It represents the dreams and desires of a person and what possible ways can they be achieved. How events will be executed in one’s life, and what might be the favorable and unfavorable time period can be judged by evaluating the strength of Rising Sign. Here’s how Vedic Astrology signifies the Rising Sign in the horoscope:

  1. It implies the generic appearance, temperament and nature of an individual.
  2. It narrates about the physical frame, constitution and outlook of a native.
  3. Rising Sign reveals important facts about one’s fitness and health conditions, and put light on the fact that whether the person is in good physical shape.
  4. It represents the struggles, success and failure in life and what paths one must undertake to overcome or embrace them.
  5. It highlights the auspicious and inauspicious time in one’s life along with misfortunes and fortunes coming in through.
  6. Additionally, it depicts the success, luck and profits one can receive through their siblings.
  7. Ascendant tells about the level of success a native will reach in his/her entire life.
  8. It unfolds the story behind a native’s birth residence or any place far from the birth place. It also reveals the amount of success earned by the native in foreign places.

Ascendant in Zodiac

The Rising Sign or Ascendant affects all zodiac signs in different manners if placed. These 12 zodiacs are further divided into 4 elementary ascendant signs. Here are some:

  • Ascendant Fire Signs
  1. Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
  2. Features: Energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic, friendly, non-hostile

When a fire sign comes under the ascendant, it comes out as friendly and socially acceptable. They give out competent signals, which seems to be perfect on a professional font.

  • Ascendant Earth Signs
  1. Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
  2. Features: Practical, secure

When an Earth sign comes under the ascendant,as shy, cautious and serious from the outside. Although, they are very practical in their approach and secured as a person.

  • Ascendant Air Signs
  1. Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
  2. Features: Good communication skills, friendly, independent and sociable

When an Air sign is on the Rising, the native becomes socially aware, friendly in his/her approach and independent. Although, s/he might feel a little detached from the crowd at times.

  • Ascendant Water Signs
  1. Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
  2. Features: Emotional, intuitive, highly protective of themselves

When a Water sign is on the Rising, the native hides its inner feelings and become highly protective of themselves from the world. What you see isn’t the reality sometimes and how they react is entirely based on their consciousness.

Twelve Rising Signs in a Horoscope

Let’s read how these rising signs contribute to the formation of your personality and makes you different from others:

  1. Aries Rising Sign: In case your ascendant is Aries, it makes you a dynamic person who is well-organized and bold enough to make their own choice. Sometimes, it can make you a bit aggressive or overwhelming.

  2. Taurus Rising Sign: You establish a strong presence in case your ascendant is Taurus. It enables you to develop an eye for design, music and art. You might be a little tough at times, but you’ll last long.

  3. Gemini Rising Sign: In case your ascendant is Gemini, you come up as a natural speaker and not afraid of bright patterns. You’re a multi-tasker, juggling millions of acts at a time.

  4. Cancer Rising Sign: In case your ascendant is Cancer, you come out as a caring person who knows how to react tactfully in a certain situation. You can be deeply sensitive and classic in your approach.

  5. Leo Rising Sign: In case your ascendant is Leo, it makes you warm, powerful, leader and dynamic. You can be impossible to ignore due to your eye-catchy attributes and habits and trademark “mane” hair. You inspire people to be confident.

  6. Virgo Rising Sign: In case your ascendant is Virgo, you look for mental incitement, are observant, lost in thoughts and analytical. You seem to be a big fan of white or neutral colors and possess cute, baby faces.

  7. Libra Rising Sign: In case your ascendant is Libra, it makes you charming, well-dressed and soft-spoken. At times, you hate being in a conflicted situation and go to extreme measures in order to prevail peace.

  8. Scorpio Rising Sign: You exude power in case your ascendant is Scorpio. Scorpio rising sign have a remarkable and intense presence, and seem drawn to spirituality.

  9. Sagittarius Rising Sign: In case your ascendant is Sagittarius, it makes you blunt in your approach, crass at times and wise. You seem attracted to big projects and possess a colorful style.

  10. Capricorn Rising Sign: You come across as polished and hard-working in case your ascendant is Capricorn. You possess a sharp business brilliance and enjoy social pursuits.

  11. Aquarius Rising Sign: In case your ascendant is Aquarius, it makes you slightly rebellious and passionate in terms of social justice. You make plans and even go to the extent of executing it.

  12. Pisces Rising Sign: Your eyes become the window to the world in case your ascendant is Pisces. You seem sensitive, soft, at times helpless and prone to numerous addiction.

Concluding, we can say that Rising Sign or Ascendant represents life and way of living, and Rising Sign Calculator helps to determine it in the horoscope to understand the strength of Lagna.

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