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Shani : Sade Sati Upay & Legend

Author: Pratik Pandey | Last Updated: Tue 17 Aug 2010 12:10:58 PM

Pratik Pandey

“Sade Sati of Saturn” – people get scared the moment an astrologer utter these words. Actually, if Saturn is powerful in ones birth-chart and if it’s giving the negative results, obviously it makes one fearful. This image of Shani Dev gives him a unique stature among all other gods and planets. According to the scriptures, Shani Dev or Saturn is son of Lord Sun and brother of Yama, the god of death. The ancient text Shri Shani Mahatmya describes the glory of Shani Dev and tells that he has black color and his look is very lustrous, his cast is Taili and he worships Kala-Bhairava.

There are many stories related to Shani found in various Hindu scriptures. According to the Brahmavaivarta Purana, all the planets went to the mount Kailasha to see Lord Ganesha after his birth. The moment Shani Deva set his sight on Lord Ganesha’s face, it fell down on the floor. The head of an elephant was placed on the torso of Lord Ganesha in order to resurrect him. These mythical stories are also mirrored in astrology. According to astrology, Saturn is the cold planet, which gives diseases, miss fortune and laziness. However, if it is positive in one’s birth-chart, it changes the direction of karma toward benefits and bestows the native with super-consciousness and Nirvana. It can also make the native see the heights of his or her career. There are various misconceptions about Saturn. Many people believe that Shani Dev only gives problems and creates hindrances. But according to the scriptures, on the one hand Shani tests a person with various problems, while on the other it gives all the worldly pleasures and spiritual gains if one has his blessings.

Saturn is considered to be the reason of Sade Sati and Dhaiya. If, at present, Saturn is posited in the natives Moon sign, before one sign of that or after one sign, then it is known as Sade Sati. It is believed that fortune gets dissolved during this period. Though, Shani is considered to be the king of planets that gets happy with the native with little efforts. If one worships Saturn regularly, donates oil and sesame seeds, Shani Dev gets happy and blesses the devotee by fulfilling all his desires in no time.

As per the Hindu scriptures, Lord Hanuman saves his devotees from all the problems created by Saturn. According to a legend in Ramayana, once Ravan occupied all the planets and put them into his jail. At that time, Lord Hanumana saved Shani Dev and rescued him out of Lanka. Shani Dev promised him that he would never create any trouble for those who worship Lord Hanuman, indeed he would protect them from all evils.

There are many famous Temples of Shani all across India. One of such temples is in Devnaar near Mumbai called “Shani Devalayam”. It is believed whoever donates oil to Lord Shani here gets freedom from evil effect of Sade Sati at that very moment. The oldest temple of Shani Deva is in Shani Shengnapur. According to the folklores, Shani made this place is abode from the beginning of Kaliyuga. Whoever worships Shani Dev here with full faith gets the desired fruits.

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