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Sade Sati Calculator

What is Saturn Sade Sati?

Do you want to know if you are undergoing Shani Sade Sati? Sade Sati is a period of seven and a half year that affects every individual greatly. Check out if you are under the effect of this phenomenon:

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Is Sade Sati that much horrible? Are you afraid of it? Please read this article till its end to understand what is Sade Sati and its impact on us. Planet Saturn aka Shani is a planet which is known for its huge impact on human lives. It is among the farthest and biggest planet of our solar system.

As per Vedic Astrology, Saturn is the Lord of Capricorn and Aquarius signs. It becomes exalted and gives many auspicious results when it is placed in Libra and becomes debilitated and shows some malefic results when it is placed in Aries. Saturn signifies longevity, old people, servants, discipline, justice, limitations, Karma, service, sorrows, etc. It has control over legs and nervous system of human body. Pneumatic diseases, pains, gastric troubles, rheumatism and long-term diseases also have connections with Saturn.

Understanding of Saturn Sade Sati

Meaning of the name Shani is one, who walks slowly i.e. Shanai Shanai. So it is the slowest one among all the nine planets and takes two and a half years (approx) to move from one sign to another sign. That is why, its impact on us is more deep and for a long time period. When Saturn starts its transit in the 12th house from the natal moon sign, this period is known as Rising or First Phase of Saturn Sade Sati.

After around 2.5 years Saturn again changes its sign and when Transit Saturn move over Natal Moon Sign, it is called as Peak or mid phase of Sade Sati. Thereafter, when Saturn transits in the 2nd house from natal moon sign, it is known as Setting or last phase of Sade Sati. Thus Saturn remains in 3 signs during the total duration of 7.5 years. This period is called as Sade Sati.

Saturn completes its orbit of zodiac i.e. 360 degrees and after a span of 30 years, it again moves into the same sign, therefore, in human life, mostly 2 or sometimes 3 sade sati period came. It is often heard that Sade Sati is very bad as it delivers troublesome time during its tenure and therefore, people around the globe are somehow afraid of Saturn Sade Sati which is not totally correct.

Saturn is a tough teacher and unbiased. He gives results based on the deeds committed by humans. If deeds are good, it gives positive results such as promotion, luxuries, rise in job or profession, success in politics, etc. but, if bad deeds have been done, it punishes and give bad results.

Sade Sati is a period when Saturn especially delivers results based about deeds in past. It also checks whether the person is learning a lesson from its past or not. Accordingly the results, changes and vary person to person. It is a period of self transformation and to learn through mistakes done in past.

Effects of Saturn Sade Sati

Now let's see the different effects of Saturn Sade Sati during its phases.

Effects of Rising / First Phase of Sade Sati

When Saturn starts its sojourn from the 12th house from the natal moon sign, the rising phase of sade sati starts. When Saturn transits in this house, it aspects the Second House, the Sixth House and The Ninth House. Thus, delivers varied kind of results.

  • You may feel a little bit low and sometimes you may lose hopes.
  • You would experience some delays or obstacles in your tasks and you would find it difficult to meet the deadlines.
  • You would suffer from mental restlessness and would find it difficult to enjoy sound sleep.
  • There would be excessive expenditure and it is likely that it would be over medical treatments of self and spouse.
  • Probability of hospitalisation would be there so, you should stay alert.
  • Do not think much and don't stay alone as chances of depression would be there.
  • Undesired travelling would create expenditure and mental instability.
  • You may feel lack of support from your loved ones.
  • Tensions pertaining to your children would be there.
  • There would be a chance of change in your place and you may have to stay away from your family for many a reasons.
  • Chances of abroad travel or may go to foreign countries due to professional purposes.
  • You may also get transferred from your current place of work.
  • Unwanted fears, doubts and pessimistic thinking would increase in your behaviour.
  • You may face obstacles in getting your share in family inheritance.
  • If you wish to go for higher studies, there might be some hurdles in your way during this period.
  • If you have committed any unethical deeds, chances of going into prison would be high.
  • Anger and frustration would increase in you and it would come out in many ways and at many places.
  • You would start loving solidarity and it would become a reason for lack of familial bliss.

Effects of Peak / Mid Phase of Sade Sati

When Saturn transits over Natal Moon or Moon sign, the peak phase of sade sati starts. When Saturn transits in this house, it aspects the Third House, the Seventh House and The Tenth House. Therefore different type of results can be experienced.

  • There will be an increase of irritation in your behaviour during this period.
  • Over and deep thinking would cause mental anxiety.
  • You may start doubting yourself and sometimes may feel guilt for something.
  • You would gain a bit but after putting lots of efforts.
  • Misunderstandings or separation in marital life would be likely during this phase.
  • There would be a possibility of lacking of physical pleasures with spouse.
  • If you have deep effect, chances of divorce would be there.
  • It gives troubles and stress in relationships with your siblings.
  • Health issues might occur during this period which you must be well taken care of.
  • Development of new disease or aggravation of the existing one is also possible during this phase of sade sati.
  • You would crave for the past time memories and that will become a reason of your sadness.
  • Your health would fluctuate and problems related to bones, pains, joints, spine, metabolism, nervous system and chronic diseases are likely to develop during this period.
  • Your opponents would rise and they will try to tarnish your image or harm you.
  • You may have a sense of revenge and would afraid of your loss of reputation in the society.
  • You would feel uneasiness in life and therefore try to run away from current situations.
  • There would be a probability of sudden theft or loss of belongings.
  • Someone may become a reason of trouble or interference in your marital life.
  • Do not take loans or debts from banks or any other financial institution as you may be under the burden of the same for a very long time.
  • There may be some differences in relationship with your senior officials.
  • You may lose your job or may have slowness in business.
  • You may not get recognition of good work and efforts.
  • Hurdles in fulfillment of wishes and heartache due to the same.
  • You should take care of yourself as well as your parents as during this period they may face some major health issues.

Effects of Setting / Last Phase of Sade Sati

When Saturn enters in the Second House from Natal Moon or Moon sign, the setting or last phase of sade sati starts. When Saturn transits in this house, it aspects the Fourth House, the Eighth House and The Eleventh House. This phase is quite relaxed as compare to past two phases of Sade Sati. Therefore, you may experience various results:

  • Your relationship with your immediate family members might be stressful.
  • If you have any connection with foreign land, you would be able to accumulate wealth however; loss of money is also indicated during this period.
  • You may face difficulties in paying off your bank loans and other debts taken in past.
  • A habit of skipping meals and having unhealthy food would bring various health complications.
  • You may develop bluntness in your speech that could affect your relationships adversely.
  • Health of mother might give you hiccups. However; on the other hand, benefits from property would be indicated.
  • Expenditure over house, vehicle is also possible during this period.
  • Health issues to spouse are likely and tensions in marital relationship would be seen.
  • You should maintain peaceful relations with your in-laws and with elderly people of family and society as well.
  • Do not give money to anyone as a loan or debt and the same might be stuck.
  • Lack of support from friends and you would enjoy solidarity.
  • There would be development of spiritual and religious interests.
  • You may seek knowledge related to occult sciences, archeology, history and other related subjects.
  • Your secret affairs might come out in light and that could affect your relationship with spouse and other family members.
  • Problems and hurdles in acquiring inheritance and chances of fraud in relation with it are likely.
  • You may have some shyness, hesitation in your behaviour, it could affect your professional life.
  • You may have to stay away from your family and that is why you may feel sadness or mental pressure.
  • You may experience slow growth and slow fulfilment of accomplishment. Therefore, it is advisable to have patience as the right time will come soon.

Note: If saturn is positively placed in your horoscope, or is exalted, or in its own sign or is a Yogakaraka planet for you, in such cases, negative effects of Saturn Sade Sati would be diluted and you would enjoy some better results as expected.

Remedies to be done during Sade Sati period

Remedies are nothing but an effort to control your negative effects of Saturn Sade Sati. Although you have to fulfill your Karmas, but these remedies would help you to dilute your Sade Sati ill effects. You can perform remedies from the following:

  • Respect elderly people of your family or society.
  • Treat your servants or subordinates with dignity and offer them a helping hand.
  • Go to any religious place early in the morning and perform mopping and cleaning work at the passage to that place.
  • Light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree every Saturday in evening.
  • Wear a natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone in your middle finger on Saturday in a asht-dhatu ring.
  • You can also wear Amethyst as a substitute of Blue Sapphire.
  • Practice meditation daily and increase its duration day by day to attain mental peace.
  • Accept changes that are coming to you during Sade sati phase, as they are there to teach you lessons that will work in future.
  • Respect yours as well as others time and complete your work within specified time frame.
  • Accept your shortcomings and area of improvements.
  • You can wear Horse show iron ring in Middle finger on Saturday.
  • Chanting of Saturn Beej mantra would be beneficial.
  • You can also chant Lord Hanuman Mantra or recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Chanting of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra would also very fruitful during this period.
  • Worship Shivalinga everyday and perform Shri Rudrabhishekam.
  • Worship Shami and Peepal tree and pour water in their roots.
  • Avoid consumption of liquor, eggs or non-vegetarian foods.
  • Do service to help others and especially the needier especially on Saturdays.
  • It is advisable that do not drink milk at night during Sade Sati period.
  • Avoid wearing black, blue or dark coloured clothes.
  • Wear Dhature Root in a black thread around your neck or arm on Saturday.
  • Establish Shani Yantra and worship it everyday.
  • Go to Navagraha Temple and perform rituals to appease Lord Shani.
  • Offer Black lentil, black sesame seeds, sesame oil, black cloth, leather or iron products on Saturday.
  • Go to any blind home or differently abled people shelter home and offer your service there.
  • Recite King Dashrath created "Neel Shani Stotra" every Saturday in a temple or under the Peepal tree.

We do hope, this article would prove to be a source of your understanding of Saturn Sade Sati, its forming and effects on our lives. Just remember one thing, Do good karmas so that Saturn will give you Boon and if not, get ready to fulfill your punishment.

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