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Venus Transit In Aquarius - March 7, 2016

Author: Acharya Raman | Last Updated: Fri 23 Jan 2015 12:00:56 PM

Venus is transiting in Aquarius on March 07, 2016. Venus is the planet of love, beauty and luxuries, its transit will surely affect everyone’s life. But, what kind of effects these could be? Get excited and read below..

Venus will enter into Aquarius on March 07, 2016. Venus is a benefic sign and will enter into sign of his very good friend. Venus loves travelling, beauty, cinema, show-off, attitude, lavishness and Aquarius is an airy sign of knowledge. Air spreads what ever comes into contact with her. Thus people running Bhakuti - Antara of Venus will feel good during this time, they will mostly be having a romantic musical feeling. It will pass through Dhanishtha Satabhisha and Poorvabhadrapada constellations.

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The effects of Venus transit in Aquarius on various ascendants will be:


You might try to have pleasure of the union secretly. There could be some health hazards but, those would be temporary ones. Spendings will occur on lavish things. You will consume heavy food. An attraction will be there toward natives of opposite sex. You will use a variety of sprays and deodorants this time. Women will use their beauty products in a great amount. You may also do some beautification restoration and repair of your home during this period. You may perform some religious acts and a pilgrimage is possible with family. Expenses will be on a higher side.

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Your spouse will make new friends and enjoy some new happenings. He/She will gain money too. Your professional sphere will get better and you will come into limelight in your circle. Many short trips are possible to nearby places for excursions, amusements or for work. You will enjoy a good time with kids and family. You will share good terms with your cousins and communications with them will also remain good. You may show an aggressive attitude and become successful in getting your goals.

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You will visit to temples of different goddesses. You will get some new responsibilities in job or get promoted or may get some increment during this period. You may also go for a change for higher paying job. You will accumulate money and will buy new things related to technology like mobiles, memory cards, cameras, multi playability systems etc. Your spouse will cooperate and help in purchasing things. You may think to sell out your paternal property. Positive news will come from court cases if there are any.

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There could be some genitals related disease for men and fluid discharges to women. You will do some meditation, try to improve your eating habits and change lifestyle. Some short journeys are also possible in this time. You will be having a good feeling throughout the transit and will try to accompany your partner whenever it is possible in case you are unmarried. Married people will enjoy the usual happiness of married life. You will consume many sweet soft drinks from colas to shakes at costly places. You may develop some secret platonic relationships.

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You will enjoy your love life – personal life at large. There will be harmony between you and your spouse. You will spare time for him/her. You might indulge in various experimental acts of union and relearn Kamasutra. Expenditures might increase but will be on useful things. You will also do charity but, to show off. There are chances of wrong speculations. There will be chances of theft in your home. Electronic gadgets may give some trouble. You will consume a lot of sweets. You may party a lot in this time.

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You may bring home a new pet. Your housekeeping staff will be helpful. You might do bad deeds secretly and behind the back of those whom you hate or jealous of. There will be chances of defamation also. You might face problems due to your written communication. Be careful using it. Myriad thoughts will revolve in your mind related to opposite sex. Married people will enjoy marital bliss for the time being. Your vehicle will work properly and you may think to upgrade or modify it.

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Legal matters are going to be unfavorable for you. You may have disputes with co-workers for short time. You will excel in your work sphere. Personal life will remain good. You may develop new love affair or liking for someone in this period of time. You will spend a good amount of time with family and kids. You may have to go out of town for work related issues. Take care of your eating habits otherwise you may land in some stomach related issues.

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Venus will transit in your 4 th house which is the house of Moon in Kaalpurush Kundali and it (Moon) is friendly to Venus. You may change your sleeping habits for good. Either your spouse’s responsibility will increase at workplace or he/she may get a promotion. But, something is happening behind his/her back. She/He may scold the kids a lot many times because of having problem with the way they speak. A sudden good news is coming your way, almost unexpected things will easily be done for you.

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This is a fiery sign of Jupiter and is a dual sign. Venus is transiting in your third house. In this transit you might go away from your beloved but, it will be temporary. Some financial losses are possible. You will do a lot of walking in parks during this transit. You will read many books and try to gain knowledge on different subjects. You may develop thoughts of writing articles or a book. You might face hurdles in your work sphere and there might be sudden setbacks.

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You will become systematic in your approach towards opposite sex, you won’t let your feelings come on your face despite a deeper liking. You will listen to old songs and may keep humming some old tunes. Your behaviour will turn a bit soft towards everyone. You will like sense of humor and wit. Married couple will enjoy this time as things will be cool in general. You will make some extravagant purchases to impress others. Your expenses may outrun your income, so take care.

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You have to remain cautious about your health this year. In this period also you may acquire diabetes so your love for sweetness may turn sour for you. Try to control it. Work front will be good and you will make new friends. There will be discussions with new people and your communication skills will get better. You will earn few quick bucks by luck, not all of you but those in speculative trades. You may try to get the pleasure of the union through unscrupulous ways. Your pet may get sick. Your housemaid may take off for some days.

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You will enjoy a good time during this transit. You will see that your inclination is getting deeper towards spirituality but, it will not last for long. Personal life will be good and so will be professional life. Many good family functions may take place in this time. You will travel to some beautiful places. You may have to move out of town due to work. You might develop strange views about people for some days and there could be some minor issues related to sexual organs. You get infections very soon so, better avoid getting into dirt.

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