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How Venus Controls Love Life Misc
Venus stands for love, beauty and marriage. Know all about your love life and married life, with the beautiful Venus. In the given article we have analyzed effects of Venus from different aspects. Read the article to understand the Venus in your horoscope.
Turmeric: The Magic Herb Misc
Nitin Datta
Turmeric is the herb that is a scientifically proven natural antiseptic. Turmeric is not only beneficial for its medicinal properties, but also for astrological properties. Haldi, the significator of Jupiter, is very powerful and can bring changes to your life. Read this article to know - how?
Surya Namaskar: The Way to Ultimate Ecstasy Misc
Sun Salutation or ‘Surya Namaskar’ is an ancient Yoga technique. Surya Namaskar consists of 12 different Yoga poses. Sun Salutation is great way to stay healthy and fit. Sun Salutation is extremely useful for those who have an asthmatic condition because of the positive effects of what is essentially an aerobic workout.
Astrology Remedies to Eliminate The Effect of Your Bad Karma Misc
VGR Pavan
ASTROLOGY REMEDIES can eliminate bad Karma. Everybody wants to know how to get rid of it. ASTROLOGICAL REMEDIES can be used as an effective tool to wipe out the effects of past bad Karma. Read more to know about connection of ASTROLOGY REMEDIES & KARMA.
Mystery of Astrological Remedies Revealed! Misc
Surbhi Bhadauria
ASTROLOGY REMEDIES have always been a topic of debate. Some Astrologers suggest ASTROLOGICAL REMEDIES and some say they are useless. In this argument, a layman becomes confused about ASTRAL REMEDIES. We have brought this article summarizing the views of world class astrologers on ASTROLOGY REMEDIES.
Astrological Secrets of Happy Married Life Misc
Acharya Raman
Are you worried of your wife’s behavior? Is married life not moving well? So, it seems like the end of your marriage. Wait a minute! Don’t call it off so early. Give it some time. Astrology predicts the reasons of some women becoming bad wives.
7 Lal Kitab Tips for a Better Life Misc
7 Lal Kitab tips given here will change your life. These Lal Kitab tips will bring you success and prosperity. Put an end to all your miseries and look forward a new life with Lal Kitab tips given here.
The Secret of Richie Rich (Part – II) Misc
Nitin Datta
The Secret of Richie Rich Part - 1 explained you astrological significance of eleventh house and second house for financial stability. Now, comes the Part - 2, which centers on the second house in Kundli. Let’s see what Astrologer Nitin Datta says about it.
Astrology Remedies Vs Karma Misc
Ram Hari Sharma
Astrology Remedies are meant to convert the curse into boon. Really? So, a bad man (who is also rich) will never suffer the curse of bad Karma, as he will perform remedies after committing a sin. Indeed, it sounds pathetic. But, what’s the truth? Do anybody know that? This article may answer your questions. Read it...
Will India Win Match Today Against South Africa? Cricket
The question I asked to myself is "will India win today's match against South Africa in first match of Champions Trophy" and draw the time chart. Sixth house is the house of competition and the most important house for match predictions. For India, Sixth cuspal sub lord is Rahu. Rahu is with Saturn in Venus' sign and aspected by Moon. Rahu and Saturn both are situated in 1st house which is very positive for Indian team.
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