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Determining health through Astrology Astrology
SN Rao
For a native to have sound constitution and robust health the lagna and its lord should be strong and the lord of 6th should be weak. Sun is a natural atamkaraka and gives health and energy. i e should be strong and free from malefic influence (especially from Saturn or Rahu) to give good health. Moon the planet of mind should also be frees from afflict ion for a clear and sound thinking.
Importance of wearing the correct Gemstone Astrology
SN Rao
From the very dawn of civilization, man has been fascinated by brilliant, shiny, colourful shells, stones and crystals. Their possession made him more important than others. Gems have always been regarded as bringers of peace, prosperity and happiness. Favourable gems bring about name, fame, power and make life easier.
Determine your compatibility - through Astrology Astrology
SN Rao
It is always interesting to determine your compatibility with various individuals of other Signs. Being born in a Sign gives you certain inherent traits. These are common for various individuals and can create a bonding with other individuals. The Hindu / Indian system of examining compatibility is based on horoscopes. Horoscope matching is an art of the highest ingenuity of an astrologer.
Surya Grahan on 9th March & 1st September 2016 - Solar Eclipse Astrology
SN Rao
Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan) occurring on 9th March & 1st September, 2016. On the 1st September 2016 it is not visible in India. Read more to know about the Surya Grahan 2016.
Astrological reading of Telecom and CWG scams National
Suchitra Das
The scams with regard to allotment of telecom spectrum and financial irregularities in recently concluded Commonwealth Games, 2010 involving high Government officials have become hot news along the length and breadth of the country. Simultaneously, demands from the cross sections of the people especially the social-groups are gaining momentum to bring back the money to the inland allegedly stacked by the unscrupulous and dishonest elements in the foreign banks.
West Bengal Elections : Dadi or Didi this time? National
VGR Pawan
This is the ironic phrase which we find everywhere in the internet regarding the West Bengal elections. After reading an interesting article regarding them, I tried to figure out the outcome of this battle. I want to know “whether Mamata Banarjee will become the CM of west Bengal or not?”
What might be the fate of Gaddafi? International
VGR Pawan
Libya is witnessing a severe wreck as there has been a serious fight between the stylish dictator Gaddafi and his rebels supported by UN. Billions of dollars of assets and innocent civilians were smashed into ashes. Forces made it clear that this tug will continue till they pin down the dictator, whereas the later is trying hard to repel ferociously and retain his reign. In this scenario an urge came to my mind to know the fate of Gaddafi and immediately I took the horary map for analysis as follows:
The importance of Moon in the birth chart Astrology
SN Rao
The Moon is in a new constellation every couple of days, and its location on the Zodiacal wheel at the moment of your birth is your Moon sign. The Moon's position when you were born sheds light on the interior life of a person.
Air India Strike : When they will call off National
VGR Pawan
Air India pilots declared a strike 4 days ago regarding their salaries. As per the news caste we find that the problem is intense and passengers are facing a lot of inconvenience.
Astrology vis-à-vis Gain & Achievements Astrology
Suchitra Das
In the modern age, majority of the people put their all efforts for materialistic achievements and successes in life even at times by risking their most precious health and life. When the question of materialistic achievement and gain comes to the fore, the one thing firstly strike the mind of an astrologer is the strength of 11th house and the planetary promises emanating there from. The high materialistic achievers have always a strong 11th house. The astrological categorization of the 11th house is in Upachaya/Cadent/Trishodaya housing groups of the horoscope...
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