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Quick Job Promotion at Work : Astrological Remedies Astrology
Pratik Pandey
Astrology can help you in getting a promotion in job. Job promotion at work is something most people want, but they seem to have stuck due to some unknown reason. Astrological remedies can eradicate this unseen barrier and bring you the desired job promotion.
Surya Grahan 2016 Dates & Time Misc
Bala Mishra
Surya Grahan in 2016 will be on March 9, 2016 & September 1, 2016. When Moon comes between Sun and the earth, it’s called Solar eclipse and Surya Grahan in Sanskrit.
Marriage Astrology: Yoga for Love Marriage Misc
Hanuman Mishra
Marriage astrology can predict the possibilities of love marriage. In Vedic astrology, love marriage is considered as “Gandharva Vivah”. Let’s have a look at the yogas of Love marriage in this article.
Earthquake Prediction : Chances in India Astrology
VGR Pavan
Find earthquake prediction 2012 for India using horary astrology. These predictions of earthquake are made for academic purpose. In India during this year, we had witnessed tremors or earthquakes on two occasions (luckily without much death toll). The first one occurred in Northern India and the other in South India within two months.
Fundamentals of Horary Astrology Astrology
SN Rao
A Horary Chart is a chart cast for the moment that a question is asked. It is calculated just like a Natal Chart but at the moment the specific question is asked and not at the time of birth. Horary is a predictive branch of astrology, meaning, it can make predictions with amazing accuracy.
Luck Astrology : Fortune Bringing Planetary Transits Misc
Suchitra Das
Luck astrology, also known as fortune astrology, gives a lot of importance to planetary transits. Planetary transits are important for predicting timing of an event or ups and downs in our life within the overall scope of the planetary promises of the birth horoscope.
AstroSage Cloud: Astrology Software in Cloud Business
We are pleased to announce AstroSage Cloud – the most advanced online Astrology System ever.
How to be Lucky through Astrology Misc
Suchitra Das
Do you want to know how to be lucky? Astrology can help you in enhancing your luck. It can be done by Muhurta or auspicious time. Read this article to know how it can be done.
Mahadasha and Timing of Events in Astrology Misc
Suchitra Das
Dashas have special importance in Vedic Astrology. There are numerous Dashas of which some Dashas are conditional Dashas and are applicable in those charts fulfilling the specific conditions. The conditional Dashas are more effective in precisely predicting timing of events. Amongst all the Dashas, Vimshottari Dasha is commonly known Dasha and popularly in use. When we speak of Mahadasha it generally refers to Vimshottari Mahadasha.
Houses and cusps in Astrology Astrology
S N Rao
"Which house system should an astrologer follow"? This is a question that most beginners ask. Vedic astrologers face this problem to a lesser extent because the ancient texts use whole house system.
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