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Jupiter transit into Pisces from 2 May 2010 : Prediction for all sign Astrology
Ankush Khungar
Jupiter is going to change its sign on May 2nd 2010 and will enter into Pisces from Aquarius, and it will stay here almost for one year till May 8th 2011. It will retrograde in the month of July and again enter into previous rashi Aquarius in Nov.
How to find the direction of your future spouse? Astrology
Ramhari Sharma
In every individual’s life, marriage plays a very vital role. It is the pious day on which you vow to live your life in harmony with your life partner and love them till death parts you. When the time comes and our kids grow into beautiful adults, we start looking for their spouses who would be there for them for the rest of their lives, long after we are gone...
Know your luck in the Stock Market Astrology
Suchitra Das
I have always found that there is a strong correlation between the share market and astrology. Both are the subjects of luck and fate. My approach would therefore, be first dwell a bit about the share market basic and then correlate it with astrology.
Know everything about Guru Chandala yoga Astrology
S N Rao
In vedic astrology Guru Chandala yoga is formed when Guru (Jupiter) is in conjunction with Rahu. What is the significance of this yoga ? Whether it is good or bad ? Before analyzing the yoga it has be clearly understood that Jupiter transits a sign in one year.
Mars enters in Leo from 26 May, 2010 : Transit Results Astrology
S N Rao
Planets in their orbits around the Sun are moving incessantly since time immemorial and such movements of planets are called transits in astrology. Each planet has its own orbit around the Sun.
Know about Lakshmi & Arista Yoga Astrology
Srejal Agrawal
As the name suggest this is a yoga which bestows “lakshmi” or “wealth” to the native. It is different from dhan yoga as dhan yoga exclusively gives “money” while lakshmi yoga is the one which may grant benefits to the native not merely in cash but in kind.
Planetary combination for Engineering Avocation Astrology
Suchitra Das
The following planets are the driving force for a nativity to embark on the field of engineering and other related work.
Know about Neechbhang Rajyoga Astrology
Srejal Agrawal
This yoga exists when a planet is in the sign of debilitation but the lord of that sign in which it is placed is exalted. For example, if Sun is debilitated in libra, but Venus (lord of Libra) is in its exaltation sign pisces then the Sun placement becomes strong even if debilitated.
An astrological analysis of Operation Green Hunt Astrology
VGR Pavan
The largest anti Maoist operation in Indian history is “Operation Green Hunt”. This operation is targeted to wipe out all anti social elements gathered in forests connecting five states
Lal Kitab : legend behind the book LalKitab
Maneshwar Singh Kondal
Lal Kitab is a book which is written for the common people in easy language and in it very simple remedies are given to solve certain day to day problems occurring in life.It has its unique grammar and further its classification is great.
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