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An astrological analysis of Operation Green Hunt Astrology
VGR Pavan
The largest anti Maoist operation in Indian history is “Operation Green Hunt”. This operation is targeted to wipe out all anti social elements gathered in forests connecting five states
Lal Kitab : legend behind the book LalKitab
Maneshwar Singh Kondal
Lal Kitab is a book which is written for the common people in easy language and in it very simple remedies are given to solve certain day to day problems occurring in life.It has its unique grammar and further its classification is great.
Planetary combination for Medical profession Astrology
Suchitra Das
The Sun and Venus are the significator planets for medicine and professions connected with medicine. Rahu is the planet connected with poison. The poison is also known as venom in medical terminology. The medicine has linkages with both chemistry and herbs.
Know about Gaj-Kesari & Sakata Yoga in birth chart Astrology
Srejal Agrawal
When Jupiter is in a quadrant position (first, fourth, seventh or tenth house) to Moon, it means the native is having “gaj-kesari yoga”.
Spice up your married life with love and romance-Astrologically Astrology
Suchitra Das
What an interesting topic ! Who does not want it in these days of high marital discord? Divorce, infidelity, multiple relations, etc. have now become common way of life, though, socially disgraceful atleast in the country like India.
Which planets make you top corporate brass : Astrological analysis Astrology
Mercury and Venus are the two earthy planets in Vedic Astrology, which help an individual to sit on the driver’s seat on the track in business arena and corporate world. Both the planets confer necessary inclination, knack, aptitude and skills towards business and trade related activities.
Know about Kendra-Trikon Yoga in Birth Chart Astrology
Srejal Agrawal
The term “yoga” means “combination”. Vedic astrology talks about numerous planetary combinations which can be either auspicious and beneficial or inauspicious and harmful for the native. Kendra-Trikon Yoga is one of very important yoga.
Know everything about Rahu Kaal Astrology
S N Rao
Rahu Kaal means bad time / inauspicious time during the day to start any activity. According to Hindu Astrology a time period of about 90 minutes every day between the sun rise and the sunset is allocated to Rahu kaal.
Planetary combination for foreign travel and settlement Astrology
Travelling abroad is one of the cherished dreams of most Indians. large number of Indians are traveling abroad and realizing their ambition. But there are few people who can turn their dream into a reality.
Utilize the positive effects of Transits to achieve success (Gochar) Astrology
S N Rao
To carry out predictions in a birth chart, the first and foremost thing that is to be looked at is the birth chart. The birth chart for an individual is the blue print of the sky at the time of his birth.
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