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Weekly predictions on earning, trading & investment (31 May to 4 June ) Astrology
Suchitra Das
See how the Indian stock market is likely to pan out during the week May 31 – June 4, 2010. Know your luck in trading, investment, speculation as well as earning and income from other sources.
Reasons for delay in marriage and remedies Astrology
Ankush Khungar
The 7th house mainly refers to marriage, wife or husband and marital happiness. So any afflictions to this house or it’s lord cause delay in marriage and even sometimes denial.
What Lal Kitab says about ancestral curse and debts? LalKitab
M S Kondal
Due to the bad placement or influence of some planets in a horoscope, a native is debited in many ways in life. This also effects the native's progress in life as the evil influence of such planet stops even the auspicious planets from exhibiting their good results on the life of the native.
Know about panch mahapurush yoga Astrology
Ankush Khungar
In a horoscope, Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga is formed when one of the five planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are powerful, i.e. in exaltation, in own sign or in mooltrikona and are in a kendra from Moon or Lagna.
When will Air India strike called off? Astrology
VGR Pavan
Air India employees declared a “flash” strike on Tuesday in the advent of an air crash on Ssaturday (22 May). Of course the reason for their strike is delayed payment of salaries.
Association of third house with career : Astrological analysis Astrology
Aalok Varkhandkar
The third house in Vedic Astrology deals with all art related matters. Painting, singing, writing, films, dance, drama are matters which are governed by the third house.
Planetary positions for career in fashion industry Astrology
Suchitra Das
Fashion designing is one of the most exciting career options in today's world. When we speak of fashion designing our focus mainly goes on textile sector but, there are several other ancillary sectors also like that of jewellery designing, knitwear designing and footwear or leather designing etc., which all come under the umbrella of fashion designing.
Know basic principles of Vastu Astrology
Aacharya Ram Hari Sharma
Vastushastra is based on scientific reasoning and it has been proved. There are five basic principles of Vastushastra. The article will explain the importance of five elements at the time of construction of a commercial or non-commercial building.
Astrological factors for a career in Film Industry Astrology
VGR Pavan
The most familiar medium of entertainment in 20th century is Cinema. Thousands of people are depending on this “Film Industry’. To seek a career as an actor or actress is not an easy issue in this competitive world.
Adhi Yoga : Interpretation and Importance Astrology
S N Rao
Yoga in Vedic Astrology is a term for a combination of planets. Adhi yoga is a powerful combination which if found in a birth chart simply cannot be ignored. The result of this combination gives its result in the dasha, antardasha of the planets which form the yoga.
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