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Astrology Analysis: Importance of Moon on Professional Matters Astrology
SN Rao
According to astrology, moon plays an important role in one's profession. Astrologically, moon can determine one's success or failure in any career. In this astrological analysis, I've studies the impact on moon on profession.
Vastu for Office Astrology
Kavita Srivastava
Office Vastu plays a pivotal role in successful administration of an office. The ancient science Vastu for office, if applied correctly, can lead an office toward prosperity and success. Vastu in office can turn around things and ward off all the negativeness.
Vastu for House Astrology
Kavita Srivastava
About Vastu Shastra: Vastu is an ancient Vedic science of architecture. Vastu for house leads one toward success, happiness and prosperity in life. House Vastu is a set of rules that draws in positive energy from cosmos and creates the balance of energy inside house.
How to analyze the mental health of a native? Astrology
SN Rao
Mental capabilities of a man like understanding, intelligence and analytic powers differentiate him from animals. The power of understanding helps in learning and power of analysis/discrimination helps in developing innovating techniques and problem solving skills. The purpose of the human beings can only be achieved if they have mental capabilities. The brain is the part of the body which provides fruition of mental capabilities.
Analysis of the 11th house Astrology
SN Rao
The eleventh house is an often-misunderstood house. It is associated with gain, i.e. gain of objectives and articles. At the same time it is associated with punishment, as it is the sixth from the sixth i.e. the manifestation of punishment. These two extremes require explanation.
Profession through Astrology Astrology
SN Rao
Planets in 10th house, lord of the 10th house, those influencing Lagna, lord of lagna, the Sun and the Moon, are all significators of profession. The signs occupied by the significators of profession also influence the nature of the profession. Consideration of all the three lagnas - Janma lagna, Chandra lagna and the Surya lagna is necessary. The tenth house is a very important house in the horoscope of a person. It is the house which determines one's rank, social status, and profession of a person
The Material Trinity Astrology
SN Rao
The second house indicates the wealth of the native and hence is an important house indicating the native's sustainability in this world. A select few get enormous wealth, which is far higher than the required amount for their sustainability, whilst others barely earn enough to feed themselves.
Saturn's Sade Sati : Astrological Analysis Astrology
Suchitra Das
There are strong apprehensions in our mind about Saturn and more so about that of Saturn’s Shade Sati (7½ years period), Saturn’s Dhaiya and Saturn’s Dasha/period.
Determining health through Astrology Astrology
SN Rao
For a native to have sound constitution and robust health the lagna and its lord should be strong and the lord of 6th should be weak. Sun is a natural atamkaraka and gives health and energy. i e should be strong and free from malefic influence (especially from Saturn or Rahu) to give good health. Moon the planet of mind should also be frees from afflict ion for a clear and sound thinking.
Importance of wearing the correct Gemstone Astrology
SN Rao
From the very dawn of civilization, man has been fascinated by brilliant, shiny, colourful shells, stones and crystals. Their possession made him more important than others. Gems have always been regarded as bringers of peace, prosperity and happiness. Favourable gems bring about name, fame, power and make life easier.
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