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Become The Future Teller Of Your Career With These Tips

Author: Prof. Sangeeta Namdev Dhamdhere | Last Updated: Thu 19 Mar 2015 2:12:50 PM

Are you tired of visiting astrologers to know your career prospects? Prof. Sangeeta Namdev Dhamdhere tells you how to check the chances of job, business, promotion, or other career aspects in your birth-chart yourself. Check ‘em out!

In 21 st Century everyone feels that life is complicated. Our present and future depend on past Karmas. Many times we do not understand that why we are going through the bad phase of situation, without any reason. Astrology guides us at every stage of life with the right advice, to take right decisions at right time. It is a common practice in India to prepare birth-chart of a newborn baby and doing the matchmaking at the time of marriage. For this, people visit different astrologers for guidance. But now-a-days, the problems start in a very early age. A fifteen year old child is also stressed and going through various problems (emotional, physical, educational stress, etc). The life of an individual is becoming uncertain and insecure in terms of education, jobs, business, married life, health, personal and social life, etc.

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Parents feel insecure about their children’s future and this starts at a very early age, during their childrens’ SSC or HSC. What subjects they should choose; in which field they should enter; they will do what business or job; will they go abroad or not; and many more. In today’s life, everyone must stand on his or her feet and earn to survive in the society.

Many students prefer business or career oriented courses than traditional degree because of ease of finding job in today’s tough competition. Majority of people started feeling safe in business (own, traditional, hereditary or the business in which he or she got training) rather than job.

Through this article, author would like to give a brief idea about how one can choose his or her own business or field of work and become successful in life by using their own birth chart without much knowledge of astrology (Jyotish).

The person who was in search of happiness and who wanted to minimize the intensity of problems and bad luck in human life studied dedicatedly. He gave birth to Phal Jyotish Shastra (science for betterment of everyone’s life). This science is very helpful in guiding us regarding various angles of day to day life.

In the birth-chart of a newly born baby, the planets are placed according to exact time of that baby’s birth, given in the Panchang. If the birth-chart is accurate, one can predict the past and future of that baby with the help of this science. By seeing the birth chart, astrologer can define the quality of birth chart or Kundali and can predict that in which field the native will be successful. Which kind of business she/he will do, will she/he get the job or not, when she/he will get the job, get married or get a promotion, will she/he go abroad for study or job, when will he/she change the job etc. Let’s begin with the analysis now.

Karma Sthan/10th House Analysis

In a birthchart, the 10 th house is known as Karma Sthan (house of work). It is the house of employment, job or business. The Lord of this house is Sun , Mercury , Jupiter and Saturn . Following birth chart shows Lagnesh (first house lord) and Karma Sthan i.e. 10 th House in birth chart.

In below birth-chart, 10 th House Lord i.e. Dashmesh is Mars i.e. in Scorpio .

How To Check Native’s Profession?

To check the profession of a native, one has to check the status of Lagnesh (1 st house/ascendant lord), Rashi Swami (the house where Moon is placed in the birthchart), Dashamesh (10 th House Lord) and the planets placed in 10 th house or planets with Dashmesh.

Normally, the number of planets placed in 10 th house that many jobs and business can be done by the native. If native’s birth-chart is not favorable for job, then in spite of his/her effort he/she does not get a job. If she/he will get it after all the efforts, he/she would not be able to retain the post.

I know a person who changed about 69 jobs till the age of 30 years, but he could not maintain his position at those jobs. He had to leave the job for some or the other reason. In the end, he started his own business and now he is a successful businessman. The details are given in the article in later part.

Service/Job In Birth-Chart

If in 10 th house of native’s birth-chart, Sthir Rashi placed means Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Venus, Sun, Mars, Saturn of Aquarius sign. And if lord of 10 th house is placed in Sthir Rashi, the birth-chart of native is favorable for Service/Job. Now permanent government jobs are difficult to get and concept is changing from government to autonomy, so here we can consider a fixed job.

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Following is the example of birth-chart :

Birth date : 28/12/1975
Place : Pune
Time : 10:45pm shows chart of Permanent Job/Service.

In this birth-chart, Lagnesh is Sun, Rashi Swami (sign lord) and Dashamesh (tenth house lord) is Venus . Dashmesh is in Sthir Rashi. Sixth house lord Saturn making Navpancham Yog with Dashamesh Venus; Mars and Saturn are making Labh Yog; so native’s birth-chart shows she/he will do service and will get a government or permanent Job.

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Business In Birth-Chart

If 10 th house of native’s birth-chart belongs to Char Rashi (movable sign) means Aries , Cancer , Libra or Mars, Moon, Venus or Saturn of Capricorn Rashi. Or if the Lord of 10 th house is placed in Char Rashi then the birth chart is favorable for business and not for job.

If many planets are placed in the 10 th house or with the 10 th house lord the native can do or try those many businesses.

Let’s see the birth chart showing business and not service :

Date Of Birth : July 22, 1980
Place : Mumbai
Time : 8:10 am

Lagnesh of this native is Sun, Rashi Swami and Dashamesh is Venus. Though here Dashamesh is Venus which is Sthir, but it is still not favorable for Service or job. Because Lagnesh Sun is placed in Cancer Rashi which is Char Rashi with Rahu and making Labh Yog with enemy Venus (Dashamesh), so Venus becomes week. Saturn is placed in 1 st house and in Sun Rashi which is not favorable in this birth chart. So this native will get success in business, but not in Job. Second house Lord Mercury is making Labh Yog with 6 th house Lord Saturn. The Sun and Mars Labh Yog is good. It gives willpower, so this native will reach at very high position in his field and business.

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Service & Business Both In Birth-Chart

No matter how good is one earning, everyone is facing problems in maintaining the social status due to increasing prices of basic needs. To overcome the problem of shortage of money people go for side business. If Dwiswabhav Rashi (dual nature sign) is placed in 10th house means Gemini , Virgo , Sagittarius or Mercury or Jupiter of Pisces Rashi, or if Lord of 10 th house is placed in Dvisvabhav Rashi then birth chart of that native is favorable for both Job and business.

Every time it is necessary to check the good relation or Yoga of 10 th house Lord and planets in 10 th house with Lagnesh and Rashi Swami.

Following example is given of person whose birth chart shows he will do both job and business :

Date : April 15, 1991
Time : 1.10am Monday
Place : Pune

Lagnesh of Native is Jupiter, Rashi Swami Mars and Dashamesh Mercury which is Gemini i.e. Dvisvabhavi Rashi, Dashamesh is in Mesh/Sama Rashi. Lagnesh Jupiter is in Cancer which is Uccha Rashi, Dashamesh is posited with friend Sun but with enemy Moon. In this birth chart Rashi Swami Mars is making Labh Yog with friend Sun and Moon. So, in this birth-chart, Dashamesh Mercury is showing that it is favorable for both Job and Business.

Let’s take another example :

Date : 25/8/1966
Time : 9.01pm
Place : Saswad

Lagnesh of Native is Jupiter, Rashi Swami is Jupiter and Dashamesh is also Jupiter placed in Cancer which is an Uccha Rashi. The native will not listen to anybody. Jupiter’s nature is

Dvisvabhav so the native will do both job and business. Jupiter is posited with enemy Mercury and Venus and making Shadashtak with Moon. Moon is making Shadashtak with Venus, Jupiter and Mars. Mars is placed in Cancer (Neech Rashi). Native earns money, but it keeps moving because of these unfavorable conditions. This person is always playing with money. There are very less planets in the center, so he is a self-made man.

Here author is giving example of one native who did many jobs, but he had to leave them due to some or the other reason. He changed about 69 jobs till his age of 30. Then he started his own business and now successfully settled in it.

Let’s discuss the birth chart in detail :

Date : February 6, 1963 at
Time : 3:10 am
Place : Pune

In this birth-chart, though Lagnesh Mars and Dashamesh Sun are posited in Sthir Rashi, still this birth chart is not suitable for job or service. Dashmesh is placed in enemy Aquarius Rashi. Sixth house Lord Mars in Neech Rashi and enemy of Rashi Swami is Mercury. Rashi Swami is in Sagittarius Rashi with friend Venus. Mars is watching at and Dashamesh Sun and making Shadashtak Yoga with second house Lord Jupiter. 10 th house is in Jupiter’s sight so the native will get jobs, but not any permanent job at one place. His will power and mind is not static, because of which he will change many jobs. Dashmesh is in Char Rashi so he will do business, not job. This person will settle after the age of 42 years.

Type Of Job Or Business

As stated earlier in this article that the number of planets placed in the 10 th house of birth chart and with Dashamesh and if their relation or conjunction with Lagnesh (First house Lord) and Rashi swami is good, that native do those many jobs and businesses.

  1. If Mercury is placed in 10 th house or if 10 th house Lord is Mercury, the native will do job or business related to computer, electronics, publications, etc.
  2. If Dashamesh is Venus, native will do business of luxurious things or tourist business etc.
  3. If Dashmesh is Sun, native will do government Job or Doctor or Medical related jobs like Medical Representative or Medical Store.
  4. If Dashamesh is Mars, native will do iron related business, railway agency, construction business, military agency, steel or electrical related business, car repairing or garage, etc.

The business or job fields of different planets are different. So as per the planets in 10 th house or 10 th house lord, one can predict the field of that native, on which post he or she will work or what kind of business he or she will do.

Along with the number of planets in 10 th house, the number of planets doing Navpancham Yog or Labh Yog with them are the number of jobs or businesses that native can do.

In the birth-chart of the native, if there is no planet in 10 th house or 10 th house lord is making bad relation or Yoga (conjunction) with Lagnesh and Rashi Swami, in that case astrologers check the planets or lords of 2 nd and 6 th house to suggest other supplementary business.

When Does The Native Get Job?

When Lagnesh or Rashi Swami or Dashamesh Antardasha starts, at that time one gets the Job. In unfavorable situation, one can see supplementary 2 nd and 6 th house planets, their lords positions and relations.

Chances Of Change In Business or Job

The questions like when the native will change job or business or when he should change his job or business or when the chances are for the same, this can be predicted by checking current Gochar (planetary transit) of that birth-chart.

It happens when the lord of 2 nd , 6 th , and 10 th house seen in their Vyaya Sthan (expenditure house - one house before) in current Gochar and when the Vidasha (Antar Dasha) of that planet starts the chances of change in job or business comes.

Promotion Analysis

The chances of promotion in job comes when 2 nd , 6 th , and 10 th house planets make good relation or Yoga with Lagnesh, Rashi Swami and Labh Sthan and when the Vidasha of their friend planet starts, we observe the chances of promotion for the native.

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Increments Analysis

When the Vidasha of seventh house planet, Labh Sthan (benefit house) and 3 rd house planets start, the chances of getting increments strengthen.

Job Abroad

If the relation and Yoga of 2 nd , 6 th , and 10 th house planets are good with 3 rd , 9 th , and 12 th house planets and when the Vidasha of these planets’ friends and Lagnesh, Rashi Swami, and Bhagya Sthan (destiny house) prevails, the chances for the native to work abroad increases.

On primary level, one can get idea of the business, work field, education line of the native by checking above details in birth-chart. But, the astrologer and one who studied astrology can check the other details like planets, unfavorable conjunctions, planetary aspects, ascendant lord, sign lord, alternate houses and their relation with 10 th house lord, current transit in native’s birth-chart. With these, astrologer can predict and guide about exact area or field of work, job, and business of the native.

Human being, their luck and fate, all are uncertain. But, using the knowledge and proper guidance of astrology (The Jyotish Shastra) one can surely avoid or get strength to face the possible future difficulties and problems in life.

Author hopes that this article will be useful for the readers, practicing astrologers, students of astrology, and all who are interested in this field.

By Prof. Sangeeta Namdev Dhamdhere

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