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Gemini Horoscope 2013

It is the sign of Mercury, which states that your mental power is strong. You have strength to face the difficult situations. Gemini people are considered humorous. Flexibility can be easily seen in your behavior. You are a hard working person and doesn’t get scared from struggle, this quality of yours makes you successful. Also, you are a good advisor and planner. By nature, you are hard working, self-dependent and jolly. You utilize your money with proper planning. Savings made by you will definitely make your future bright.

Family 2013 Horoscope

This year doesn’t look positive for family matters. Your feelings might get hurt due to some of your family members’ rude behavior. Some difficult situations might also poke in, therefore, at such instance it is recommended for you to keep your rage in control while dealing with them. Some people might also behave like enemies. Your best friends might step back from their vows and relations with them might become sour. Children might suffer from some ailments. However, Ketu (Tail of the devil Snake) states that if you will put effort then your relations might get restored or will not fall in any sourness.

Health 2013 Horoscope

Position of Ketu (Descending lunar node) in sixth house and lord of the sixth house in eighth doesn’t look good for health. Therefore, some troubles related to health might come your way. There could be some strain to your brain for some economic matters or opponent. Also, your health might suffer during a journey. Therefore, useless travelling should be avoided. There is a strong need to control your adventurous spirit too. Taking tension for some legal issue could also become hazardous to your health. Keep a control over your eating habits otherwise it might lead you to some stomach related problems.

Love 2013 Horoscope

Position of Jupiter in second house doesn’t look favorable in the matters of love. It is very important to handle love matters delicately otherwise it might lead to stress in your relationship. Health of your loved one might also suffer. Your lover can also lie for some reason. After knowing the truth, you will get hurt. Some of your friends will also take their words back. However, position of Ketu (Tail of the Devil Snake) might come out positively to some extent, which will be a source of happiness from the side of friends and love at some instance.

Workplace 2013 Horoscope

Lord of your workplace is sitting with Ketu (Descending Lunar Node) in second house, hence, your creative talent will remain undercover and intelligence also decrease. Due to these factors, you will find it difficult to take your work to a final stage. Some competitors could also become barrier in your work. You might also have to work for others. Before initiating any business trip, first analyze if it is worth or not. If you are in service sector then a promotion might come your way. In social area too, you might receive respect and honor. Overall, this year will give you fewer results as per your efforts.

Money 2013 Horoscope

This year is not considered good for economic matters. You might get yourself stuck up in some matters that won’t bring good results. Money could be wasted in some useless matters. Some unexpected expenditures will also come your way. Such economic problems will keep on disturbing your mental peace. You will also have to control your habit of taking risks, for example, if you are into gambling then avoid it because big loss is being shown on your chart. However, you might get good profits through some business deals.

Education 2013 Horoscope

This year doesn’t look positive for students either. They will not obtain results as compared to the effort they put in. If you have some creative talent, it will stay hidden and you will feel a decrement in your intelligence. While selecting a course or institute, you need to be very careful otherwise you might get caught in some fraud. Management of the institution might take their vows back. Your studies might get affected due to some health problems or tension.


  • Distribute some part of the almond in shrine and bring some to home.
  • Liquor, consumption of egg as well as non-vegetarian food and illicit physical relationships should be avoided.
  • Wear an emerald.
  • Serve the saints, gurus and peepal tree.
  • Chant the Buddha mantra “Om bram brim braum sah budhaya namah!”

2013 Yearly prediction is based on your moon sign and prepared according to ancient principles of Indian Vedic Astrology. If you do not know your Moon Sign, please click Find your Moon Sign to find out it free. it free.

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