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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope


The expressive, quick-witted, amiable and talkative are people born under sign Gemini, which is ruled by the cabinet prince Mercury. Gemini, being an airy sign, bestows smartness and intelligence to natives, they are logical thinkers and can adapt themselves to any kind of situation. It is a dual sign, therefore natives belonging to this sign are flexible and have good diplomacy skills They are outgoing with excellent communication skills, which makes them friendly and good at winning hearts. They are in love with themselves and like going out on parties and dates, once in love they give their true commitments to their partners. If in the crowd, they will win the hearts of people with their cheerful disposition and attitude of celebrating life, any party is bare without these fun lovers. The day dreaming qualities make them live in their own whimsical world, enjoying every bit of their existence. The first month of the year will unfold loads of compassion, support and creativity to the natives. Your imagination will be boosted and you will be lost in thoughts. Venus will be transiting from Sagittarius during the second week of January which will uplift your mood and bring love, warmth in your life. You will have a quest of knowing everything revolving around you. There will be some conflicting thoughts about changing your job or career during this period. You will compare your income or finances with your satisfaction level and make decisions accordingly. You may receive some help or support from a senior female employee, boss or family member in your profession. You will be headstrong and have dominance in your work. This dynamism will prove to be beneficial for your work, however your arrogance may spoil your relations with your partner. Your emotions will also be at their peak, you will try to handle work and personal life with loads of emotion. Your intuition and psychic abilities will grow and your will power will improve. The recovery from past injuries and illness will be too slow but you will be strong enough to handle the pain and discomfort.


The first month of the year will bring some uncertainties and complications in the job, those who are employed will face some challenges in keeping up their profile and will consider switching the job. You will have to put some extra efforts to retain your job as there are chances of getting fired. The tenth house lord Jupiter is in eight houses debilitated therefore the employees will be at the risk of shuffling in profile or job change. You should be positive about the fact that changes are for good so do not get disheartened with an undetermined situation. The business professionals will also face some challenges in their existing work, however there is the possibility of new projects coming their way. You may get into a conflict with your co-workers or boss, or feel stuck to resolve the conflict between two subordinates at work. You will have an urge to change your approach to more of a creative one, but you will most likely fear the results due to the change, which will lead you to stagnancy and confusion in your thoughts as well as your working. The natives who are working in the field of psychology, metaphysics, mining or research will have a good time, as the planetary position will be favourable for them to succeed.


There will be financial abundance during this month, the eleventh house lord Mars is well placed in its own house, thus enhancing your earnings and boosting your income. Your hard work and efforts of past months will give results during this time. The money will flow from all the resources, you will spend an amount on buying luxuries goods for yourself. The time is favourable if you are planning to make any long term investments as during this period you will have a surplus amount. Therefore, you can secure the same for your future. There is a possibility of earnings from ancestral belongings, also if you have a family business, then expect good income from the same at this time. You may gain from some unexpected resources or projects you did in the past which did not yield profits then. You are likely to overspend and increase your expenditure on unproductive travel. Your business or job conditions are not very favourable during this month. However, the remuneration from past months are in favour, therefore, you are advised to be little cautious in spending money as this may help you to manage your finances and maintain a balance between income-expenditure in coming months.


It is the health that is real wealth but you might stay little away from this grace. You will feel lost and drained out during this month, there will be too much unnecessary worrying and insecurities. Ketu is transiting from Scorpio, which falls in your sixth house of diseases. It will bring in a period of illness and health concerns. If you have been struggling with your health since past weeks or months, then you should consider seeing a specialist as your ailment may worsen during this month. There is a possibility of injury in the leg, viral fever, chickenpox and tremors. You should keep yourself away from hot and spicy food, and intake liquids like soups and juices to keep your immune system strong which will help you to fight from the disease.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The cheerful and loving twins will be overflowing with emotions and devotion during this period. Your understanding with your beloved will grow and you will support each other. You will have a growing and deepening bond with your partner, your relation will move towards conversion into marriage during this time. Those of you who are single and searching for a good bond will be fortunate enough to meet the love of your life and begin a romantic relationship. The love life of the unmarried will bloom, however you may not have much luck in your marital life and relationship with your spouse during the beginning of the year may remain edgy. The planet of pleasure Venus will be in your sixth house of fights during the beginning of the month and will eventually move to the seventh house in conjunction with the Sun. This will lead to fights and quarrels with your better halves. You will have to put efforts into resolving your differences and coming to a point of adjustment with your spouse. You and your partner are growing together and learning about each other, and the contrasting nature of the two of you is highlighting and creating conflicts. You should try to resolve your conflicts and take advice from your elders or relationship counsellor if the fights get intense.

Family & Friends

It is the family time for entertainment freak Gemini, this month you will be all surrounded by your dear ones. You will take extra care of your family and participate in household activities. Your time will fly away in nurturing your children and serving good nutritious meals to your family. The singles will look after their elders and pay attention to all their needs. You will create a warm and healthy environment at home, your closeness with immediate family will inflate. Those who are married and live away with in-laws will spend quality time with them, going out for casual dinners and lunches. You will be able to maintain a good balance between your family and your personal needs, which will keep your family members joyful and at peace. You will be possessive for your parents and aim at spending most of the time with them. Thus, your family life will bloom during this period.


Recite Vishnu Sahasranama Path. Donate turmeric to a religious place consecutively for a week and apply Chandan tilak on your forehead every morning after bath. Chant Guru Mantra 108 times in a day. Feed Jaggery to cows especially on Sundays. Offer food to children preferably in orphanage homes. Drink water from a copper vessel. Distribute bananas to children and elders.

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