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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope


Gemini natives are of intelligent and smart nature generally. You undertake jobs to deploy your reasoning capabilities. This way, you are able to achieve better success. You are a person who tries to move ahead in any task; keeping track of each and every piece of information associated with the particular task. You not only have excellent reasoning abilities but also, are decisive. During the time of this month, you may feel lazy and lethargic, but stay quite strong and active mentally. Circumstances with regards to attaining wealth and immoveable property may remain favorable at this time. You may attain immoveable property during this month. Support of relatives will also be gained during this time. You may have to travel unnecessarily this month, due to which mental disturbance and physical fatigue will be experienced. There may, however, be some trips that will prove to be beneficial for you. You may avail better opportunities to make financial gains this month. Profits may be booked in your area of business. Your business may land up in a better condition. However, try to stay away from disputes, as otherwise you may encounter several kinds of problems. Luck may favor you more and you may also accomplish success in your business. In case you are planning to travel abroad, you may achieve better success in it. Your trip to a foreign country and your business established there may flourish at this time. Your marital life may undergo stress this month. Several types of ups and downs may be faced due to the lack of support from your spouse. You may travel frequently and face more household problems. Successful domination will be acquired over the enemies. Efforts will be made to get rid of some ongoing unnecessary dispute. Your child may be on your side at this time. There is a possibility of you enjoying the conveniences of new vehicle and house during this month. Respect and reputation will be earned in the society. You may develop a lovelier relation with your parents and gain their support in the duration of this time. In case you are a politician and wish to get a hold on the political arena, you may succeed in doing so. You may gain the support of your colleagues at your workplace. One gains strength to get rid of all one’s problems when one lives in union with one’s close ones. 8, 9, 17, 18, and 30 dates of October 2019 may land you up in stressful situations. There are chances of you developing mental problems at this time. Therefore, you are advised not to engage yourself in any important job on these dates. Act according to time and situation and luck may favor you more.


There is a possibility that your efforts to make financial gain may be successful during October 2019. Your aim to prosper financially may soon turn into reality. Mars transiting in Virgo sign offers better conditions to attain wealth. You may achieve success in every area of operation related to your business, since Jupiter is also transiting in Scorpio. In case you run business, you may succeed in your work plans; plans drawn from a business perspective. You may even emerge successful in your plan for trade expansion. There is a possibility of you gaining returns in fields related to finance. You should, therefore, be aware of your work and act with confidence. You may also plan to invest according to time and situation. If you are working and planning to run some side business, you may accomplish success in doing so during this month. Foundations of such a business will be laid down about which you have a better understanding of. Your financial condition may improve this way. It is advised not to transact unnecessarily. Refrain from lending money to strangers, as doing so may result in heavy losses.You should not trust people easily at this time, especially when it comes to monetary matters as there are very less chances of recovering your loan amount from strangers.


You may suffer from skin infection during October 2019. There is even a possibility of you facing medical issues related to stomach and blood at this time. Try to be careful about your health. Keep a check on your diet and exercise regularly. You may even consult a medical practitioner to prevent any health problems from occurring. Seeking medical advice and undertaking routine tests will help you keep better track of your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Circumstances related to your love life may remain quite favorable during this month. You may witness your love relation growing at this time. There may even be mutual involvement in love. One can resolve all kinds of problems when there is an intimacy in love. Apart from love relationship, both of you may be able to stand the test of time in other walks of life too. You may try to place full trust in your lover with confidence in you. Only then can you succeed better. If you wish to express love towards your lover during October 2019, you may propose to him or her in the latter half of this month. Additionally, a gift will also be presented to him/her while proposing. You may even show your trust in your lover. Your love relation may grow stronger this way. You may even start confiding more in your partner. Circumstances related to your marital life may undergo stress during this month. Not only there are chances of animosity between you and your spouse but also, a situation of separation may also crop up. You should try to develop a healthy bond with your life-partner in such times. Circumstances may remain favorable with Saturn and Rahu transiting in Sagittarius. Rahu’s transit in Gemini may also develop stressful conditions for your marital life during October 2019. Your relation with your spouse may deteriorate at this time. Thus, make attempts to save your relationship and please your partner.

Family & Friends

There is better possibility of gaining your family’s support during October 2019. You may gain support of everyone in your family, depending on his or her capabilities. This person close to you may extend you full support as per time and situation. Not only your relation with your parents may improve but also, they may lend their support to you. Everybody at home may help you in settling the household chores. You may even witness growth in all familial aspects. There may be development in all walks of life due to better balance prevailing at home. You may accomplish better success in your business endeavours. It is necessary for you to nurture feelings of mutual support to keep your household in a better situation. You may also have more chances of success at this time. Circumstances related to your child may remain favorable this month. His/her performance in academics and extracurricular activities may leave you happy and satisfied. You may not only have feelings of support for your family members but also, develop intense emotions for your close ones. There may be better compatibility and mutual support this way. Auspicious events may take place at home during this month and you will be seen offering your active participation in such celebrations.


Worship Lord Ganesha every Wednesday and offer panicum to the Lord on Wednesdays only. Offer fodder to cows to resolve your problems. You can donate necessary and newly purchased study materials to students. Practicing these remedies may help you to face these tough times courageously and put an end to them successfully.

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