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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope


Mixed results are in store for you this month. Good and bad circumstances, you will be at the receiving end of both. In terms of career, you will achieve some favourable results. The harder you work, the more you gain in your career. If you pitch in your honest efforts, your business can expand. After a few hurdles in the beginning of the month, your academic life will be fruitful. If you work hard, there are chances of getting success in competitive examinations too. Your family life will be satisfactory in the first half of the month, but you may face some difficulties in the second. The financial situation will also be sensitive this month. Income will improve, but there is also a possibility of loss of money. Health problems may raise some concerns, which is why you should be aware.


For the natives belonging to the zodiac sign Gemini, the month of September will prove to be quite favourable for your professional life. The ruling lord of second and seventh houses’ ruling lord, Venus is aspecting the tenth house which is the house of profession. Along with Venus, the ruling lord of the second and third house, Mercury is aspecting the tenth house. The aspection of both of these planets on the tenth house will bring joy and satisfaction to your professional life. You will climb the ladder of success gradually. If you are a job holder, then a promotion is likely on the cards your authority and responsibilities may increase. Trade ventures are also likely to get expanded. Third house of your Kundli is under the occupancy of the royal planet, Sun along with the red planet Mars. The amount of dedication and perseverance with regards to your career will decide how successful you turn out to be. This is the time to take your business forward and make the necessary arrangements for your future.


From an economic point of view, the month of September will not turn out to be favourable for natives belonging to the zodiac sign Gemini. Your financial condition will be full of ups and downs. On the 6th of September, the planet Mars will remain posited in the fourth house of your Kundli, which will bring improvements to your existing source of income. Job holders can also expect a promotion or a salary hike during this period. Self employed or business professionals are also likely to make some great amount of profits. However, when the planet Saturn remains posited in the eighth house on 15 September, when Jupiter enters the same house there are chances of incurring some economic losses. Try to avoid the unnecessary expenses during this period. Stick to a regular source of income which will ensure the constant inflow of monetary resources. Avoid taking loans from anyone as the time is not quite right for it. Also, keep your eyes and ears open while making any transactions during the month of September.


This month will turn out to be weak for Gemini natives in terms of health. Planets in your Kundli are indicating that you may have one or two health problems. The grey planet Ketu is present in your sixth house, which is the significator of diseases and debts. Saturn is situated in the eighth house, which is the significator of one’s life expectancy. This position of both these planets indicates the onset of some serious disease. Therefore, remain as careful as you can. Do not ignore any kind of health related problems. Jupiter in a retrograde motion entering your eighth house can make the situation a little worse. The health problems can escalate. Seek the guidance of a medical professional immediately.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

For your love life, the beginning of the month will not at all be favourable. There will be problems in your relationship. Both of you may also not get the right opportunities to meet one another. However, such situations will return back to your favour once the transit of Venus takes place in your seventh house. Considering the fact that this particular planet is the significator of love, you will come to terms with some favorable results. That reaction between you too will increase and so will the love. Overall speaking, you will be seen focusing on your bond and your intimacy during this period. For your married life, the beginning of September will remain favourable. Conjugal life will be blissful. You will enjoy a good compatibility which will lead to an increase in love. However, the second half of the month will turn out to be quite challenging for married natives. On the 15th of September, Jupiter in a retrograde motion will enter your house, because of which some ups and downs will remain a part of your conjugal life. Ego clashes will take place between you two along with some internal conflicts. Try to act carefully if you want to stay away from such problems.

Family & Friends

For the domestic life of Gemini natives, this month will be full of ups and downs. The initial half of the month will be quite favourable for your domestic life but the problems can usher in during the second phase. The presence of Venus and Mercury will be witnessed in your fourth house, which is considered to be quite favourable for your family environment which will remain positive during this time. The harmony between family members will increase and a joyous event may also be organised. However, when the planet Saturn will affect the second house, situations will remain topsy-turvy. Clashes and debates can take place between the members of your household. This will be primarily in relation to money or a certain kind of property. During the second half of the month, the Sun and Mars will remain placed in your fourth house. Due to this particular conjunction, your mother may suffer from health problems, which is why you are advised to remain specifically careful. You may also suffer from mental stress during the second half of the month. If you wish to safeguard yourself and your family from unpleasant situations, then remain extremely careful during this while.


Wearing a good quality Emerald gemstone will prove to be beneficial for Gemini registered natives. Apart from this, it would be auspicious to gift green coloured garments to female family members. Feed green spinach to the cow. Offer Modak to Lord Ganesh.

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