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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


November will be weak at the beginning but fruitful after that for the Taurus natives. You need to take care of your budget as it might get disturbed, and if you manage your budget well, you will also be able to enjoy your financial situation. You might even travel somewhere this month. Read the horoscope in detail to know what the month of November has in store for you in terms of family life, career, health, love and married life, etc.


The month will be favourable career-wise for the Taurus natives. You might get the desired transfer this month that you have been waiting for for a long time, that too at your favourite place where you will have to work hard, but the hard work will be fruitful and you will be known for your work at your job. Your status will rise, and your ability to think and work will give you a strong personality, due to which your dominance at the job will increase. The presence of Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Ketu in the sixth house will provide benefits according to your hard work in the workplace, but some opponents may raise concerns. However, they won’t be successful in their plan, but it will cause you stress and problem for some time. So, you need to be careful of them and avoid making any mistakes in work to be successful in your job. The beginning of the month will be weak for the Taurus businessmen. With the presence of Rahu, Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the twelfth house and Ketu in the sixth house, there will be troubles in the business. The lord of the seventh house, Mars, will be present in the second house in a retrograde state. There will be ups and downs in business due to this, but due to the aspect of Jupiter on the seventh house, your work will continue along with your daily income, and you will not face major issues. The retrograde Mars will enter your sign on the 13th and aspect your seventh house with its seventh aspect, due to which, there will be rapid progress in the business. You may bag a good big order or profitable deal, which will make you very strong, and you will also be happy with the growth of the business.


November will bring financial challenges for the Taurus natives and rapidly increase their expenses due to the presence of Rahu in the twelfth house and the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Ketu in the sixth house. Although Saturn will be present in the ninth house and its full aspect will be on your eleventh house, and Jupiter will be in the same house in its own sign, due to which, there will be no lack in your income, and you will balance your expenses well. However, you must be careful as excessive expenditure can weaken your income. The conjunction of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, in the seventh house, will reduce your expenses to a great extent and it will prove to be beneficial for you as this reduction can be used as savings and you can also make some investments which can be successful in providing you long-term benefits in the coming time and you can become financially strong.


Talking about the health of Taurus natives, the retrograde Mars will be present in the second house of the horoscope, Rahu in the twelfth house, Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Ketu in the sixth house, and Saturn will have full aspect on them, while the lord of the eighth house will be present in the eleventh house. All these planetary positions are indicating some physical illness so you need to take care of your health during this time. Pay attention to the smallest of problems, and only then you will get them treated in time and lead a healthy life. You may suffer from stomach disorders, skin related problems, boils, pimples, watery eyes or pain and physical weakness. Due to excessive anger, blood pressure problems and stomach diseases may trouble you. Follow a healthy routine for favourable health results.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Due to the influence of Jupiter on the fifth and seventh house, you might succeed in marrying the partner of your choice. In other words, you will convince your beloved to marry you. The unmarried natives also have high chances of getting married during this time. The love life of the natives will be good this month, and they will fulfil their desires. You will succeed in speaking your heart out to your beloved and making a place for yourself in their heart. You can visit a temple or a sightseeing tour together. The more time you spend together, the stronger your bond will be. Talking about marital life, due to the presence of the lord of the seventh house, Mars, in the second house in a retrograde state, the family life can be stressful but with Jupiter’s grace over the seventh house, your life partner's mood and mind will be good, and they will try their best to make you stronger. Together, you both will successfully fulfil your responsibilities. After the entry of retrograde Mars in your sign on the 13th, its full seventh aspect will be on your seventh house, which will increase the tension in your marital life. Anger can increase in your mind, and it can harm your relationship. So during this time, you should give your best shot to save your relationship.

Family & Friends

Due to the presence of retrograde Mars in the second house of your horoscope, there will be harshness in your speech and your words might hurt your close people and ruin the family atmosphere, so you should be considerate. Due to this retrograde Mercury, you might face issues related to food and you could take out your anger on your family. However, you are advised to avoid such a situation. Due to the aspect of the fourth house on the sixth house, there can be conflicts in the family, and some people might oppose you. The victory will be yours, but the situation might give rise to mental stress. After the conjunction of Sun, Venus, and Mercury in the seventh house, the family environment will improve. The married natives will be able to change the family atmosphere with the support of their life partner.


You should chant Shri Mahalakshmi Mantra with a rosary of crystals continuously for 43 days, starting from Friday. You can also recite Shri Sukta dedicated to Goddess Mahalakshmi. Chant the Beej Mantra of Venus to reduce physical problems and get good monetary benefits. You should offer Saturday's ingredients/ materials in a temple on a Friday.

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